Most important mobile gadgets in my life (photos)

Most important mobile gadgets in my life (photos)

Summary: This look into my mobile kit over the years shows the evolution of mobile devices, painting a picture of how we reached the mobile revolution underway.

TOPICS: Hardware, Mobility

It's that time of the year when I find myself another year older, flashing back to the gadgetry that has filled important roles in my life. I have been using mobile devices since they weighed 30 pounds, and have owned gadgets of all types.

It is appropriate to take a walk down memory lane and share the mobile devices that, out of all the ones I have owned, played a significant role feeding my obsession with small shiny things.

Memory lane: most important mobile gadgets I have owned

Image Gallery: Mobile gadgets that had a big impact on my life. Image Gallery: Charge Image Gallery: Charge

I originally compiled this list last year but have updated it with the year each device was released. The list covers a range of devices that I have owned over the years, from one of the first handheld computers running full DOS to the 5-inch PC I turned into a full Tablet PC that led to my meeting Bill Gates. These are by no means the only gadgets I have owned, that list would be massive, but they are the most important ones that brought me to the place I am today.

I hope you enjoy this look into my past mobile arsenal.

Topics: Hardware, Mobility

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