Most used apps on the iPad 3 (gallery)

Most used apps on the iPad 3 (gallery)

Summary: These apps are the ones I use most often on my new iPad, for both getting things done and having fun.

TOPICS: iPad, Apps, Mobility

The new iPad 3 has only been out a short while but interest has been off the charts. I am frequently getting asked what apps I use the most on my new iPad, so the easiest way to deal with those queries is to present them all together.

These are not the only apps on my iPad by any means, but odds are if you see me using the iPad one of them is on the screen. The apps include cover utilities, productivity apps, and of course games. They are presented in no particular order.

Most used apps on my new iPad 3

Image Gallery: Most used apps on my new iPad, for both getting things done and having fun. Image Gallery: Charge Image Gallery: Charge
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Topics: iPad, Apps, Mobility

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  • WHAT!?! You can't get things done on an iPad that's absurd!!!

    Scientifically proven don't you know:P

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
  • Some nice apps for the golfers amongst us

    I would like to recommend three iPad apps that I have found very useful and helpful in my pursuit of ultimate golf perfection - yeah, I know, I saw "The Legend of Bagger Vance" too.

    Anyway, for just pure instructional assistance for your golf game, the app I found beneficial was -- Golf Plan HD with Paul Azinger. This app has HD videos (well, if you opt for the ten dollar HD upgrade) along with a structured golf improvement program.

    The second I would like to recommend is -- Golfshot: Golf GPS. This app turns a person's iPad into a giant GPS golf range finder having satellite images of the golf holes on the course. A golfer can tell just how far it is to the pin or the hazard he wishes to avoid.

    I must state that I first purchased this app for the original iPad. Unfortunately, the original iPad screen displayed images in outdoor light poorly - as has been noted about a million times or more so far.

    However, something has happened since that first gen model and the new retina screen iPad. Viewing screen images outdoors in sunlight has been greatly improved. It's still no e-ink gray scale Kindle but the retina screen outdoors is not bad! I tried it today and I was pleasantly surprised. And because of this, this GPS app now makes sense for an iPad owner.

    The third app really isn't an app but rather a magazine subscription. I really enjoy Golf Digest Magazine for the iPad. The one thing traditional magazines can never do is provide the reader with interactive video content. And because Golf Digest Magazine for the iPad includes quite a bit of video in it's monthly e-magazine format, I have found the experience of reading Golf Digest on my iPad greatly enhanced over it's traditional printed format.
  • my apps

    My favourite apps for remote desktop to a PC is WYSE pocket cloud and ThinServer XP software as the back end server
  • What are the most popular apps on...

    Windows 8? Oh, that's right, Windows 8 doesn't exist. Not a single app. No store, no customers, no revenue. Nada. The nice thing is, once someone DOES write something for Windows 8, Windows 9 will be along in a month and they can write their apps all over again. Hope they have time to at least make a little bit to pay off the costs of the development effort.
    Tony Burzio
  • One other app that showcases the retina display

    Art Authority is a must have for art students and persons that appreciate great paintings through out history. The app is integrated with Wikipedia and museum links. Sounding like a sales rep but the app is priced half off today only.
  • My Favorite

    The OFF button.