My top 3 mobile gear bags

My top 3 mobile gear bags

Summary: I recently admitted that I have a bag tree complete with a bunch of gear bags hanging from the limbs. Some asked me to share my favorite gear bags, so here are my top 3 bags.


Booq Boa XS

Booq Boa XS

I recently admitted that I have a bag tree in Mobile News Manor, complete with a bunch of gear bags hanging from the limbs. That prompted some to charge me with sharing my favorite gear bags that I regularly use, so here they are. These three bags are my go-to bags, each with a specific purpose it fills for me. I am also sharing an honorable mention bag, as one of my bags is no longer available for purchase.

My philosophy for gear bags is simple: I want the smallest, lightest bag that will serve the particular function assigned to it. I have streamlined my gear needs over the years, and the bags to carry them have evolved in form too. I immediately discard bags that are bigger than needed, and that are heavy when empty, as the full weight is going to be too much. I travel light, even when the trip is just across town for the day.

Trip bag

Boa XS w/ iPad for sizing

Boa XS w/ iPad for sizing

The gear bag I use for extended trips has been with me for over 5 years and is no longer available for purchase. The Booq Boa XS backpack is the smallest backpack I own, and it will carry all of the essential mobile gear for a trip while remaining as small and light as possible. It will carry a laptop up to 13 inches if it is thin, but nothing bigger. The various pockets are well distributed for weight and for keeping accessories organized and easily accessible. This bag has thousands of travel miles on it and due to the quality of workmanship that Booq puts in all its bags it is still in great shape.

Honorable mention trip bag: Booq Mamba Shift M. This backpack is an updated style, and just a bit bigger than my beloved Boa XS. It is a great travel bag that I purchased for a special trip to carry more gear than the Boa could handle.

Day field bag

Fossil Nevada

Fossil Nevada

When I head out across town and don't need to take a laptop, I take the Fossil Nevada field bag. No man purse this, it's a field bag. The canvas construction means the Fossil is as light as possible, and the leather trim wears well. It is a simple bag, and will carry an iPad, Galaxy Tab or even a small netbook, but not much else. It has a few pockets to keep stuff organized, along with the main compartment for the gear. This bag is no longer available from Fossil, but you can still find it online if you check carefully.

Day trip laptop bag



Many times I carry a laptop with me on day trips, and I want a comfortable bag to carry the gear. The Muzetto bag from Waterfield Designs is my favorite laptop bag, as it is stylish while serving my needs nicely. It will handle a laptop up to 13 inches or maybe a little bigger, along with a small amount of support gear. The messenger bag form makes it comfortable to carry, and the flap cover is easy to get in and out of the bag. I've owned my bag for a few years, and I see they now make the bag in 5 sizes. My bag is the 13-inch laptop size. The smaller size looks like it could replace the Fossil bag.

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  • RE: My top 3 mobile gear bags

    I know you don't want to call them purses but really... they are. Manly purses to be sure but purses all the same.

    I have taken to wearing a Cabela's Safari Vest when taking my Galaxy Tab out with me. It has at least three or four different pockets in it that will hold my Tab comfortably as well as many other pockets to carry what ever else I might need. Plus, since I'm wearing it, I'm not likely to forget it and leave it behind.|/pc/104797080/c/104746680/sc/105548580/i/104176080/Cabelas-Safari174-Vest/722816.uts
    • RE: My top 3 mobile gear bags


      You "Manly Man", you! Grin. (Yeah, I never needed a purse before either.)

      BTW, I'm sorry, James, but your going to get razzed about this blog!
  • RE: My top 3 mobile gear bags

    There was once a gadget bag called The Man Bag that I reviewed. The most feminine gear bag I've ever seen. I wouldn't be seen with it in public for the review.

    Here it is, still available:<br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>
  • Nice...

    ...Murse collection :)
  • RE: My top 3 mobile gear bags


    I have a Muzetto which is my fashion bag, but my favorite now is one from STM. It' a vertical bag, carries all my Apples. Mac Book Air 11", iPad with 3G, iPhone, the chargers for them and at least one PocketSpot (MiFi or Overdrive) and more. I can carry my keys on a built in hook safely, put a quickly needed business card case or phone in the top zipper pocket, and stash things in the pockets (one inside, one outside).

    It's a great bag, super light and easy to use.
  • RE: My top 3 mobile gear bags

    there are very MURSE'ish, i like some of the tactical guys make some pretty nifty bags that come in black if cammo not your thing, i bought this one, works pretty good for my droid and moleskine notebook among a few other "every day carry" items (like my S&W j-frame)