Nexus S to get Android 4.0 soon

Nexus S to get Android 4.0 soon

Summary: The current Android flagship phone, the Nexus S, will receive an update for Android 4.0 soon.

TOPICS: Mobility, Android, Google

Now that Google has officially unveiled Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), the army of Android device owners have begun wondering when, or more importantly if, they will see the update. The standard issue affecting Android updates will be in play here as always, and not everyone will get ICS quickly (if at all). Google has stated the current flagship phone, the Nexus S, will indeed be getting ICS and soon.

This is exactly why I own the Nexus S 4G, as I stated when I first bought the phone. My recent article about using the Nexus S 4G alongside the iPhone 4S drew a lot of comments from those claiming it to be unfair that I would compare the latest iPhone to an "old" phone like the Nexus S. The fact is this old phone is still the current flagship Android phone until the Galaxy Nexus is released next month, and as such it gets every major Android release that comes along.

So while millions of Android owners have now entered the waiting game for Android 4.0, my old phone should see it before too long. That is exciting as ICS looks nice from what I have seen of it.

Topics: Mobility, Android, Google

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  • RE: Nexus S to get Android 4.0 soon

    Color me green.

    I love the look of ICS, and I really want some of the advertised features. I hope that Motorola will offer it in an update for my Droid 2 Global, but I am not holding my breath. I suspect I will be looking to XDA for help sometime next year...
  • RE: Nexus S to get Android 4.0 soon

    I hope the open source comes quickly, as cyanogenmod will give a lot of devices ICS.
  • RE: Nexus S to get Android 4.0 soon

    And I hear us Nexus One users (you know, the previous flagship) will be left dead in the water. Maybe Google will change their mind but I don't expect an update soon. Which is nice, especially since Google is forcing manufacturers to provide updates for 18 months. My AT&T Nexus One was released 17 months ago to date and if we consider all the variants, we are still at 19 months. Google, please. Give me the update!
  • RE: Nexus S to get Android 4.0 soon

    Well, any update about ICS for Nexus S?