No I am Not Getting a Verizon iPhone

No I am Not Getting a Verizon iPhone

Summary: The big announcement today aside, I have no intention of getting a Verizon iPhone any time soon. I'm not passing on Big Red's iPhone because there's little new, I'm passing because I don't need it.

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The big announcement today aside, I have no intention of getting a Verizon iPhone any time soon. Today's press event was all over the Web so I won't rehash that as you've no doubt seen it, but the short form is Verizon will start selling the iPhone 4 next month. It's pretty much the same as the AT&T iPhone adapted for the Verizon EVDO (CDMA) network. I'm not passing on Big Red's iPhone because there's little new in the phone, I'm passing because I don't need it.

I was a Verizon customer for years until last year, when I dropped the carrier and went all in with Sprint. The main reasons I made the change was the Sprint 4G (WiMAX) network that was at the time faster than Verizon's 3G network, and because I found the HTC EVO 4G Android phone to meet my needs.

I have also been an iPhone owner, having used an iPhone 3G for a good while on the famous AT&T network. I had nothing but trouble with the AT&T service, but was impressed with the iPhone 3G. Apple hit a winner with the iPhone, bringing smartphone capability to the masses in a form that is pleasing to use.

I am happy with my EVO 4G on the Sprint network, and have no reason to jump back to Verizon for the iPhone 4. I really like the iPhone, but I also really like the EVO. Android serves my needs just fine, and the truly unlimited 4G data plan from Sprint is as good as it gets. So I have no plan to grab an iPhone from Big Red, but can see why many will do so. It's a great phone on a good network, and the mobile hotspot feature that Verizon is offering is sending a raspberry to AT&T customers.

So no iPhone for me, simply because I don't need one. But if Apple and Verizon get together in the future and produce an iPhone that works on Verizon's 4G (LTE) network, all bets are off. Having spent some quality time with that network, it's a game changer.

Topic: Verizon

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  • is it necessary...

    for every blogger @ zdnet to do a story about iphone on verizon?
    • apparently so, but let's cut James some slack...

      @SonofaSailor <br>He is the 'new guy' on the block but brings a LONG history of Mobile experience. Besides this is a mobile blog, yes? (wink)
      Dietrich T. Schmitz, ~ Your Linux Advocate
    • I'm waiting. . . .


      for one of the bloggers to wonder how it looks in a bikini . . . . ;)
    • Natural if you are going to write something write about

      something people find interesting and from the popularity of the iPhone people find it interesting:)

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
  • I won't be getting a Verizon iPhone either

    This announcement doesn't change my plans to dump my iPhone for a WP7.
    • Well since you already own an iPhone:)

      That would be "SILLY" even for one such as you.

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
    • RE: No I am Not Getting a Verizon iPhone

      @NonZealot haven't you said you were Canadian at one point in your non-zealot career? I'm starting to doubt you even have an iPhone.
    • @CowLauncher: Yes, you are right :)

      [i]haven't you said you were Canadian at one point[/i]

      And I still am.

      I was waiting for someone to pick up on the humour. Glad it was you. :)
      • Yeah NonZ was not caught... He meant to say that!!!

        Playing with ya.....

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
  • Well James... I am looking forward to Sprint getting the iPhone.

    Sprint is hands down, the best carrier in the US. They have the largest network of any carrier. Unfortunatly they lease most of their bandwidth to losers like AT&T and Verizon. The only reason I left Sprint was for the iPhone... Now if sprint has more than a few brain cells to rub together, they will be next in line to carry the iPhone.

    I don't like Roid... I don't like zero quality control, malware, pain in the butt devices that own you... I like that Amazon is starting a Roid store and will actually quality controlled apps. However I think they will have a difficult time getting the numbers as I think most of the 130K in the current Roid store are dupes or will not pass quality controll.

    I will switch to Verizon.. for now... But I am hoping Sprint gets it together and are the next in line to get the iPhone.
    • RE: No I am Not Getting a Verizon iPhone

      @i8thecat - Hmm, well what I am wondering is how people will figure a way to jailbreak the iPhone 4 on Verizon and get it set up on the Sprint network and plan. Sprint's 3G data is better/faster in my experience than Verizon's, and with Sprint service you get free roaming on Verizon anyhow - and it costs less. So I wonder if that will be possible.
      • RE: No I am Not Getting a Verizon iPhone


        But... it's still CDMA. I can't use my phone's GPS while asking for directions at the same time. Or if a coworker calls and says, "Glance over this urgent email real quick and tell me what you think," I have to respond, "Sorry, I'm on Verizon and have to hang up first. Can't actually check my email while I'm talking with you in conference mode."
  • RE: No I am Not Getting a Verizon iPhone

    No one asked.

    Agree with sonofsailor, ZDNet has entirely too many articles about the iphone.
    Loverock Davidson
  • RE: No I am Not Getting a Verizon iPhone

    I agree with you, James. I got interested in an app-based smartphone approach after getting an iPad last spring. (I'd been using WinMob on Verizon.) I wanted to stay on Verizon, so I went with a Samsung Fascinate.<br><br>The thing that has surprised me (happily) is that nearly all the apps I'd been interested in from my iPad use were available on Android. Plus, Android had some benefits like mobile hot spot and non-exclusive app markets. <br><br>At this point, I don't see much point to going to an iPhone. Had Verizon brought it out last summer, I'd probably have bought one. But now? Not too compelling.
  • RE: No I am Not Getting a Verizon iPhone

    My personal 'dream-come-true' would be if there were a Sprint iPhone with 4G, with service plans mirroring what Sprint has now (i.e. no jump in service fee).

    I would be all over that in a heartbeat!
  • RE: No I am Not Getting a Verizon iPhone

    I take exception to the implication that there are too many articles on phones. These days, the smart phones approach real computer devices and eventually I might actually be able to use them for more than just text messages, scratchy voice and low-quality jpegs that cost money to transfer to anywhere else.
    I've been using Verizon (I assume 3G) with a Motorola razor for some years, and did so after nearly wanting to sue ATT Wireless for horrendous service quality. I live in a semi-rural area where Sprint's signal does not have a good reputation, or I would be quickly considering them as a lower-cost alternative. I can see the appeal of a smart phone but I'm very tired of the legendary "jails" for Apple apps and phones that you can't transfer from a vendor who treats you like you owe them something other than just money. To their credit Verizon has treated me (us) like human beings but my razors are getting old and it is probably time to trade up. I'd like a good GPS feature that doesn't cost a fortune (and travels to Canada, eh?) but so far am having trouble imagining how I would use most of the other stuff that passes for useful apps these days. So feel free to describe your diverse experiences. Some folks do read them, do care, and do value the input.
  • RE: No I am Not Getting a Verizon iPhone

    To even have that thing on the shelf near my HTC Droid Incredible makes me sick.

    How do you like them apples?
    • Way too much drama....

      Beyond that I'm good with Apples:)

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
  • RE: No I am Not Getting a Verizon iPhone

    I'll wait for the Palm Windsor, and hope it works with Verizon. If not, I may switch to whatever network offers it.
  • LTE is not better than WiMAX.

    So switching because of LTE on a iPhone wouldn't be smart, especially since Verizon will tax the crap out of you to have it. Sprint is fine, its fast, cheap and reliable.