Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac released

Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac released

Summary: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac is out and brings OS X Lion compatibility to the virtual machine program. It is now possible to install Windows in a virtual machine by buying it within Parallels.


Mac users who run Windows or other OSes in a virtual machine using Parallels Desktop should note a new release is now available. Parallels Desktop 7 is fully Lion compatible so you can take full advantage of full screen mode, Mission Control and LaunchPad using your Windows programs installed within the new version.

There are a lot of new features in Parallels Desktop 7, and the folks at Parallels gave me a first-hand demonstration of many of them. The speed of the new Parallels version running Windows 7 in a virtual machine was impressive, as Windows programs running on the Mac desktop (Coherence mode) were as fast as native Mac programs. It is now possible to share the Mac web cam with Windows, and I witnessed a demo of both Facetime and a Windows program both using the web cam at the same time. You can also install multiple versions of OS X using Parallels for software testing.

Most users will end up installing a Windows 7 virtual machine using Parallels, and that is now easier than ever before. Previous versions of Parallels required you to bring your own copy of Windows to the installation, but that's a thing of the past. The installation process now makes it possible to buy and download Windows 7 from within the Parallels program.

Those of you running Parallels 5 or 6 can upgrade to version 7 for $49.99, and the full price is $79.99. The new version is compatible with a new version of Mobile Parallels for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch giving expanded remote control ability (Mac and Windows) to those devices. Existing owners of Mobile Parallels get a free upgrade (available around Sept. 6), and new owners can get a special price of $4.99. The standard price of the mobile version will be $19.99 after the promotion ends.

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  • RE: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac released

    When can we virtualize OSX?
    • RE: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac released

      @bargains You can with this version.
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  • RE: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac released

    FYI - Parallels 6 already worked with Lion and you could add to LaunchPad just like you added with the Dock.

    What Windows 7 options do they give you to buy within Parallels 7 and at what prices? Yes, it's more convenient, but if that convenience costs more than separate purchase of Windows 7, e.g., at Amazon, then it doesn't serve as much purpose.
  • RE: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac released

    <b>i cant believe this!! me and my sister just got two i-pads for $42.77 each and a $50 amazon card for $9. the stores want to keep this a secret and they dont tell you. go here
  • Or buy another laptop

    You can but a laptop that will run Windows 7 better than a virtual machine for almost the same price as buying Windows 7 and paying $79.99 for the virtual machine. Then you can have two machines. Sure, its more to carry, but not that much more.
    A Gray
    • RE: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac released

      @A Gray
      Or you could run Boot Camp by Apple which is free and buy a OEM copy of Windows. That's just another option. You can find Parallels cheaper then $79. I agree though if you really do a lot with Windows still buying a cheap PC laptop is probably better.
  • RE: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac released

    What I want to know is whether Parallels7 allows you to run Windows without subverting any keypresses.

    I gave up using Parallels on my MacBook Pro becuase so many Windows key combinations and function key mappings were busted. Writing code in Visual Studio, for example, became a complete PITA because Parallels/OSX kepy intercepting important key combinations.
  • RE: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac released

    I purchased the upgrade from version 6, purely on the basis of access to the iSight webcam and it didn't work. I got the Allow Access message and the green light in the iSight, but the image was black/blank.

    Worse of all, it has also messed up my existing USB webcam (which had been working).

    Not happy at all!!!
  • RE: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac released

    I regret upgrading to Parallels 7 on my 2010 Macbook Air. I ended up having to upgrade to Parallels 6 because Lion did not work with Par5. I had huge slowdowns with Parallels 6 so again I took the bait and upgraded to 7. So far I have experienced good and bad. The good is that most of the time it is faster. The bad is sometimes it has caused CPU spikes for a few minutes. I mean slow the Macbook Air to a crawl spikes. If you do not mind a reboot now and again go with BootCamp. Its more stable.
  • RE: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac released

    I've owned Parallels 4 and 5.
    Now I'll stick to Parallels 6, which is compatible with Lion.
    Why? I have to pay about $50 for an upgrade to 7.
    VMFusion owners pay $29,99 for a switch.
    Goodbye, Parallels.
    I've had it with you.
  • RE: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac released

    Hi Guys -- Just wanted to let you all know that we are giving away 3 more copies of Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac over the next 2 weeks. All you have to do is retweet the info found here: -- each tweet counts as a new vote, so vote as often as you like. :)