Samsung CEO: No way the company will buy webOS

Samsung CEO: No way the company will buy webOS

Summary: The Samsung Electronics CEO says the company will "never" make an offer for webOS.


Update: HP is shopping webOS around the industry after shocking everyone (even employees) with the rapid shutdown of the first tablet running the OS it acquired for $1.2 billion from Palm. The company was quick to jump in and state it was looking to license or sell webOS to recover its investment. One of the companies analysts have indicated would be a good fit to buy webOS is Samsung Electronics.

Samsung has its own Bada OS that it is using in some products, but its bread and butter has been Android. The company has shot up the market share charts as a result of the Galaxy line of products that run Android. It has been so successful that it caught the attention of Apple who is suing Samsung all over Europe. There is currently an injunction that prevents Samsung from selling some of its most popular phones and tablets in Germany, with other injunctions possible. That's the reason that some analysts believe Samsung might be looking at buying webOS from HP, to do an end-around Apple.

At the big IFA show in Germany this week, Samsung Electronics CEO Choi Gee Sung clearly put those rumors to bed, according to Bloomberg. Choi stated that his company would "never" pursue a purchase with HP for webOS. Instead Samsung is working “harder than people outside think” to build up its Bada platform for internal use, and announced the Note phone running Bada just yesterday.

Updated: Laptop Magazine posted the Samsung Note is running Bada in its hands-on video review recorded at the IFA. Their post has been updated to reflect it is running Android 2.3 and not Bada, although the video still states it is running Bada 2.0.

With Samsung off the table HP must scramble to find another suitor for webOS. Some folks think HTC and even Facebook may be interested in taking the platform off HP's hands.

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  • Note phone

    That's a shame, Samsung could have made some beautiful WebOS devices.

    I thought the Note was running Android?
    • Actually, it is not 'shame'; it was obvious that the rumour was nonsense

      @bee.shepard: ... from very beginning. Samsung already has BadaOS, which is with 2.* version will be quite capable.
    • RE: Samsung CEO: No way the company will buy webOS


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    • RE: Samsung CEO: No way the company will buy webOS

      Why would Samsung want webOS when it already has Bada (which outsold WP7 devices last year). As well, it already makes Android and WP7 devices.
  • The Note

    The Note runs Android.
    Alfred Smithe
  • As a former user of a Pre

    I can attest that WebOS really is the best mobile operating system out there. What it needs is some spit-shine to do away with the lag, and some gorgeous hardware to run on. The lag issues are being addressed (although they do still rear their heads even on the latest and greatest) and Samsung could absolutely have worked wonders.

    However, no way we'll buy doesn't mean no way we'll license, so we shall see...
    x I'm tc
  • RE: Samsung CEO: No way the company will buy webOS

    The Note is running Android Mr. Kendrick.
  • RE: Samsung CEO: No way the company will buy webOS

    According to Laptop Mag's hands-on they state it is running Bada. It's confusing as I thought it was Android too.
    • Someone from HP already said they tend to sell off WebOS with PC group, so

      @JamesKendrick: ... why still all the talk about separate sale of WebOS?

      Who would be buying stagnate PC business without possible road to the future like WebOS?

      Make no sense, and HP this week confirmed that rumours about selling off to WebOS to HTC or Facebook are no less nonsensical than the rumour about selling it to Samsung.
  • Not many would try this

    How do you get approval, in a corporate environment, to buy this thing? Suppose you think WebOS is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Suppose all your propeller-heads agree.

    Now suppose you set up a meeting in the Executive Conference Room to pitch your proposal to spend $X million to buy it from HP. Five guys who all look like that fellow in the ad at the top of ZDNet who says "Show me the results" fire questions at you.

    "Didn't Palm take this to market? Didn't they go down the tubes?"

    "Didn't HP just shut down their brand-new tablet that ran this OS? And a bunch of phones, too?"

    "Why in the world do we want this thing?"
    Robert Hahn
    • RE: Samsung CEO: No way the company will buy webOS

      @Robert Hahn
      But... But... It the GREATEST.....POS