Samsung Note: 5.3-inch phone with a stylus

Samsung Note: 5.3-inch phone with a stylus

Summary: The Samsung Note smartphone was unveiled today packing a massive (for a phone) 5.3-inch Super AMOLED display and pen input.


Samsung is showing off the Note in Germany today, a smartphone with a massive 5.3-inch display that works with a stylus when desired. That's right, the Samsung Note is an Android phone that has pen input for note-taking and sketching. Perhaps Samsung is having a Windows Mobile moment.

The Note pushes the limits for a phone's screen size, and pictures make it hard to tell if it is a giant phone or a tiny tablet. That's apparently the point as Samsung is touting the pen input as a game-changer in the smartphone space. The pen fits in the back of the thin phone to prevent loss, a common problem in the PDA days of old. The Samsung Note definitely looks like the PDA is making a comeback, in a smartphone form.

The phone is impressive with the same envelope-pushing specs in the newly announced Galaxy Tab 7.7: 1.4GHz dual-core processor, 1280x800 high-resolution Super AMOLED screen, and HSPA+. The Note is very thin which mitigates the overly large size of the screen.

Samsung is including software to take advantage of the "S Pen", specifically a planner app and a note-taking app. More signficantly, Samsung is making the S Pen SDK available to developers, hoping for third party app support.

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  • Are they just begging Apple to sue them?

    Looks closest to an iPod/3GS of anything so far..

    So I guess they are just going to come up with any crazy s**t throw it against the wall and see if it sticks?
  • RE: Samsung Note: 5.3-inch phone with a stylus

    Hey looks like the iPhone 5 prototypes! too funny!
  • RE: Samsung Note: 5.3-inch phone with a stylus

    The idea that a company can patent a rectangular slab with rounded corners and a screen that mostly fills the top surface is moronic. The important parts of this phone are not copied from the iPhone - the resolution, stylus, and size.

    But I personally don't think I can handle a phone this big. From photos I've seen straight on and knowing the aspect ratio and screen size, it looks to be at least 140x80mm and that is too long for my front pocket. I need a phone that comes in under 125x70 mm, preferably 120x66 mm which is still big enough for a 4.7" screen (or a bit more) using pretty small bezels and no buttons.

    But I like Samsung's efforts - I can't wait to see some more phone options of theirs using HD screens.
  • RE: Samsung Note: 5.3-inch phone with a stylus

    Oh my god! It looks like a... phone.
  • Boring!

    And I am not talking about the Samsung Phone!

    The real reason why Steve Jobs has given up his post is the delusion of fanboys posting here and everywhere that every touchscreen phone is a copy of iPhone.

    This has become ghastly and is fast becoming unimaginative.

    (P.S. IPhone 5 prototype lost in bar, again.
    Heard that before.
    These idiots are telling us that they are pervs who always are duped by people they try to pick up in some bar and end up in restrooms beaten to a pulp.)
  • I really like this

    Haven't even looked at a tablet because well with my macbook air and iphone i didn't really need one, but I would replace my phone with this. My only problem with android is you can not update the OS. Maybe the I phone 5 will come in with a larger screen.
  • This might work!

    Ever since the days when I carried a phone and a PDA, I dreamed of one device that could do both. Then came the "smartphones". First the Blackberries, then the iPhones, then the Android Army. But these were all predominatly phones first, in a phone-sized format, with some very basic PDA funtions. This thing from Samsung just might be what some of us have been waiting for. Yes, it's large, but all the better for an older pair of eyes to be viewing. Won't fit in your back pocket, kids? So what? I don't carry my phone in my back pocket. A business vest or jacket pocket will work just fine, thank you. I can't wait to check one of these thing out when they become available! <img border="0" src="" alt="wink">
  • RE: Samsung Note: 5.3-inch phone with a stylus

    I have had pda type phones in the past. Nokia 9500 was the best. Right now I'm using the 5in screen Dell Streak 5..its the perfect size. Gets a lot of attention. But its a bit underpowered. I will replace it with the note.