Splashtop Remote Desktop for HP TouchPad (review)

Splashtop Remote Desktop for HP TouchPad (review)

Summary: Splashtop Remote Desktop is a good method for remotely accessing Windows PCs and Macs using the HP TouchPad. It turns these remote systems into a touch-optimized system on the tablet.


The HP TouchPad may be the tablet with the shortest run in history, but about a million owners are happily tapping away on the screen of them. The TouchPad may be discontinued but developers are still churning out good apps, including Splashtop Remote Desktop just released for the webOS tablet.

The app is not showing on the Splashtop web site, but it is available in the App Catalog on the TouchPad for $9.99 at the time of this publication. Splashtop is designed to let the TouchPad user remote control a Windows or Mac computer from anywhere over the web. It brings a fully touch-optimized interface to the remote desktop, and is perfect for those tasks that require a PC. I have been testing the app on my TouchPad and find it to be a powerful tool in my mobile toolkit.

Check out Splashtop Remote Desktop running on the HP TouchPad

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Splashtop requires a free app to be run on any computer you wish to access remotely. The app runs in the background and provides secure access to the system from any mobile app in the Splashtop line. This currently includes iOS, Android, and webOS.

Once Splashtop Remote Desktop is installed on the TouchPad, accessing a remote system is as simple as tapping the computer in the list presented and entering the secure PIN number for access. In just a few seconds the TouchPad displays the remote system's desktop as if it was generated locally.

The app employs a number of touch gestures to accomplish various tasks on the remote desktop, including pinch/zoom, scrolling, and drag/drop. An optional hint screen is displayed each time a system is accessed to clearly demonstrate these gestures.

The remote desktop takes over the entire TouchPad display, with a small keyboard icon in the lower right of the screen. Tapping this icon opens the TouchPad onscreen keyboard with special keys added at the top row to control the remote desktop. There is even a Windows key to facilitate entering Windows key commands.

I tested Splashtop controlling both a Windows 7 system and a Mac running OS X Lion. I was able to do everything I needed on both systems, including accessing Mission Control on the Mac. Splashtop could not access the second monitor on the Mac, however.

I was able to use the HP wireless keyboard with the TouchPad while controlling these computers. This turned the TouchPad into a laptop replacement on both the Mac and the Windows 7 systems. I could do anything on the TouchPad that I would do on the remote system.

One nice feature of Splashtop is the ability to stream audio and video remotely to the tablet. I tested this with both Hulu and Netflix, and was able to watch video on the TouchPad with decent quality. There were occasional network glitches but not so bad that it wasn't enjoyable.

Splashtop Remote Desktop for the TouchPad is a very polished app that extends the utility of the tablet. It is a solid method for performing system maintenance remotely on Windows or Macs. It is also a good way to access programs remotely that are not native to the TouchPad.

The app is $9.99 in the webOS App Catalog, which according to the folks at Splashtop is half price for a limited time only.

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  • RE: Splashtop Remote Desktop for HP TouchPad (review)

    Cool. I will have to check it out.
  • RE: Splashtop Remote Desktop for HP TouchPad (review)

    Kendrick, do you think I can get ASPX ext docs to open in Acrobat Reader on my Touchpad using Splashtop? Do you think I can hear Spotify playlists on my Touchpad? Thanks for your response. This sounds like a real heavy weight app. I am impressed with the Touchpad every week!
  • RE: Splashtop Remote Desktop for HP TouchPad (review)

    Kendrick, never mind!!!!! I just downloaded Splashtop. Signed in and WALA!! my Spotify playlist blasted out on my Touchpad. My ASPX issue is now a non issue!! Very, very, cool!! Free Spotify while cruising down the highway, a life enhancement!
  • Splashtop Remote Desktop for HP TouchPad (review)

    Does this allow you to watch Netflix?
    • RE: Splashtop Remote Desktop for HP TouchPad (review)

      @sundar.nagarajan@... I haven't tested it but the Splashtop folks so yes. Hulu worked OK for me.
      • RE: Splashtop Remote Desktop for HP TouchPad (review)

        @JamesKendrick <br>What about with your Linux Mint installation? That's my choice too and if Splashtop works with Mint, I'm going out an get a Touchpad via Craigslist.
  • RE: Splashtop Remote Desktop for HP TouchPad (review)

    price currently dropped to $5, a great deal.

    I'm very impressed with it so far. It isn't 100% itself (there are some issues with the gestures and A/V lag for hulu & netflix), however, it enhances the versatility of the touchpad by leaps and bounds.
  • RE: Splashtop Remote Desktop for HP TouchPad (review)

    Thanks for another excellent tip! I got it last night and Splashtop is quite good.
  • RE: Splashtop Remote Desktop for HP TouchPad (review)

    Other than being annoyed I bought it yesterday for 9.99 and it's 4.99 today it's a great app.
  • RE: Splashtop Remote Desktop for HP TouchPad (review)

    Love it! A small problem with direct internet connect and the key pad settings for numbers, yet with the google inet connection, no problem....will let you know more.....Great app!!!! I am assuming it can also work with a VPN connection....still testing..... Thanks Splashtop!