The Gmail app for iOS is... still not here

The Gmail app for iOS is... still not here

Summary: Two weeks after finally releasing an official iOS app for Gmail and immediately pulling it due to errors, Google is mum on when it might reappear in the App Store.


A couple of weeks ago Google finally responded to Gmail customers, and released an official app for the iOS platform. Not many people got hold of it though, as Google immediately pulled it from the App Store due to problems early adopters were facing. The few who installed it found it a less than impressive app for working with Gmail anyway.

Google assured iPhone and iPad owners using Gmail that it would be bringing the app back quickly, and leave it long enough that users could actually install it. That was almost two weeks ago and the Gmail app for iOS is still nowhere to be seen.

Usually rumors leak about folks testing an app like this in secret, but not this time. It's as if Google has decided the iOS app was so bad it would start over. Whatever the truth may be, only Google knows what it is. It would sure be nice if it decided to let us folk anxiously awaiting this app know what to expect. As Gmail users we are already Google customers, it could think of this as customer support. Although, it's not clear if Google is aware of the concept behind customer support.

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  • RE: The Gmail app for iOS is... still not here

    It was a lazy written app. Just brought the mobile web version of gmail to the app.
  • RE: The Gmail app for iOS is... still not here

    You aren't a 'customer' of Google. You are their product.
    • RE: The Gmail app for iOS is... still not here

      Seems like all Google would have to do is create an ad free version of all their products and charge $100/ month and your narrow mind wouldn't have any problems with them.

      In general, I find Google free services to be far less ad infested than Microsoft's.
      • RE: The Gmail app for iOS is... still not here

        @anono <br>I don't have an axe to grind with Google. If folks wish to use their services be my guest. I merely suggest one do so with their eyes wide open. As my departed Dad used to say... ain't nothin' free. In this instance, in exchange for the "free" services Google provides, you give them all of your data, to do with as they wish. If you are comfortable with giving Google, Facebook (insert data miner of choice here) or Microsoft your data in exchange for 'free service(s)', be my guest. Just don't pretend you are their 'customer'.<br>Buy a chrome book, you are Google's customer. Use any of the free services they provide, you are their product.<br>Don't shoot the messenger.
  • RE: The Gmail app for iOS is... still not here
  • Can't you just use Mail?

    Why can't people just use Mail? That's what I do and it works fine.
    • RE: The Gmail app for iOS is... still not here

      @jscott418 part of the issue with Mail is that if you have multiple gmail (or other) email accounts that you forward and filter to one gmail account, you are unable to send as a secondary email account in Mail unlessyou also have the secondary account set up on iOS. The nice part about Gmail is that I can have several accounts coming to one place and send as all of those accounts by default. I would have to set up all of the individual accounts in Mail and I would now be getting double the email, in my All Inboxes. Mail works fine for single accounts, but the ease of being able to send as different accounts without having to set them all up on iOS would be nice. Works great in Andriod, would be nice to see it in iOS.
  • RE: The Gmail app for iOS is... still not here

    This seems odd to me. While iPhone and iPad customers are clearly not using Android devices, they are still customers of the Gmail application, as this article suggests. I hope we see a new and improved iOS Gmail app in the near future.