ThinkPad Tablet on sale, shipping in days

ThinkPad Tablet on sale, shipping in days

Summary: The ThinkPad Tablet aimed at enterprise workers is now available for order from Lenovo with shipping expected in a few days.


One of the most interesting tablets in the Android world is the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet that is aimed at the enterprise worker. The ThinkPad slate has software optimized for workers and optional pen support for taking handwritten notes. There are three models of the ThinkPad Tablet now available on the Lenovo site, with shipping of August 29 indicated.

The configurations available for order break down as follows:

Wi-Fi only, 16GB - $499

3G/Wi-Fi, 32GB - $569

3G/Wi-Fi, 64GB - $669

Pen - $30

Keyboard folio - $100

These are not cheap but according to Lenovo are loaded with special features to increase productivity for professionals. These include the optional pen that rests in a convenient silo in the tablet frame, and software aimed at converting handwritten notes to digital text.

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  • RE: ThinkPad Tablet on sale, shipping in days

    This device, running Windows8, will be a killer product. Can't wait :)
    • RE: ThinkPad Tablet on sale, shipping in days

      @bitcrazed <br><br> too. Currently, I have the AcerA500, which is good, but I am a ThinkPad fan and a ThinkPad tab running Win 8 would be very good news indeed.<br><br>Btw, do these tabs come with USB and HDMI ports?
      • RE: ThinkPad Tablet on sale, shipping in days


        10.1-inch multitouch 1,280?800 display featuring Gorilla Glass
        1GB RAM
        NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor
        Dual camera
        SD card slot
        8-hour battery life
        Mini HDMI
        USB 2.0 host with micro-USB slot
        Built-in encryption and security (including SD card)
        Anti-theft and remote disable
        2GB cloud storage
        Optional digitizer pen
        Lots of apps
      • RE: ThinkPad Tablet on sale, shipping in days

        @Badgered<br>One of the recent features of Win8 and Win8 devices is the support of USB 3.0<br>Lenovo needs to add that to this <img border="0" src="" alt="happy">
    • RE: ThinkPad Tablet on sale, shipping in days

      They need to uncouple the 3g with the higher memory units. I would be more interested in the 64 but wifi only
      • RE: ThinkPad Tablet on sale, shipping in days


        Thanks for the specs. I should have checked it out. I am really looking forward to this. I just wish they could replace Docs2Go with something better (on Android) - I keep reading that Polaris is a better "office-like" app. And, I sure hope the Win 8 version (if there is one, that is) will handle a MS Office App optimized for tabs.
      • It is


        Polaris is a better app.
        I have DocsToGo, QuickOffice and Polaris

        Polaris is the best of the bunch.
        QO is second....

      • RE: ThinkPad Tablet on sale, shipping in days

        @rparker009 It appears karma heard you cause that is exactly how it is being sold on their <a href="">site</a> as of now (b4 October) :)
    • RE: ThinkPad Tablet on sale, shipping in days


      Can't understand why people are so crazed on the hypothetical Windows 8 OS. Especially on purpose built device such as an tablet.
      • Hypothetically, you'll be able to do a lot more than with an iPad or any

        other tablet, and the form factor won't be dramatically that much different.

        It's in the category of "no brainer" when it comes to features and a high-powered OS.

        BTW, is Windows 7 hypothetical? It was hypothetical before it was actually released, and Windows 8 will by as hypothetical as Windows 7 used to be.

      • RE: ThinkPad Tablet on sale, shipping in days

        @danbi<br><br>The Windows 7 (not 8) version is the IdeaPad Tablet P1.<br><br>What this does for people is to give them a fully-functional laptop computer in the form of a dockable tablet.<br><br>This is what I have wanted from the beginning. I can run software without having to be tethered to an "app store" or a wireless service plan, and I can do it with an OS that can run millions of existing applications -- not just the ones that developers have decided to create or port to a "mobile" OS. It can be used as a primary computer, not just a "companion" device, docked to a KVM or full desktop setup.<br><br>It will instantly destroy current mobile-OS tablets with the ability to run any games or applications that currently run on a dedicated PC (including Adobe Flash applications). I'm sure that this is the primary reason for the rumors about Apple considering porting OSX to future iPads, leaving iOS just for small form-factor devices.<br><br>Also, Windows has thousands of times more programmers than currently exist for iOS, making it an immediate success in the business space. Android has enjoyed a large developer base simply because it uses Java (a very widely used language in business application design). But, .NET is very similar to Java and easy for Java developers to learn. Of course, Windows can also run Java applications. Objective-C is only used with Apple products, witch don't have much of a foothold in major businesses, and is why the language has a developer deficit.<br><br>All existing, mature, reliable, corporate applications will run as-is, without needing to be ported or cloned to a mobile OS version. The P1 can also be added to the corporate Active Directory domain for centralized management. Why introduce another disparate system, when a Windows-based tablet will work just as any other corporate Windows-based laptop or PC? Why force support staff to learn a new set of specialized skills, when their existing skill can be leveraged to easily and seamlessly support a Windows tablet?<br>
    • RE: ThinkPad Tablet on sale, shipping in days

      Lier! It's Android 3.1. Why did you say Windows 8 !
    • more and more

      Win8 look like the second coming of the Messiah for the MS cheerleading crowd...
    • RE: ThinkPad Tablet on sale, shipping in days

      @bitcrazed Exactly what I had in mind :D Sure can't wait either. No OS out there stands up against Windows' swiss-army-knife like capabilities and that's currently the only thing stopping me from going for <b>any</b> tablet; they don't stand a chance in productivity against my Windows laptop.
  • RE: ThinkPad Tablet on sale, shipping in days

    Deja vu anyone? It hasn't even dropped and it's already priced itself out of the market. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it - and this history lesson was less than a week ago.
    • RE: ThinkPad Tablet on sale, shipping in days

      I can get the same from ASUS for $100+ cheaper....

      Needs a price drop to bring it in line with ASUS
    • Right!

      I was thinking the same thing! Why don't people get this? Even if a device is, in ten different ways, "better" than an iPad, if it's priced the same or higher, it just won't sell very well. Period.
      That may change in the future, but not this week! Lenovo has done nothing here but proven itself to be only slightly less stupid than Motorola was with the Xoom.
      The Mokoda
  • DOA. This business model has failed and failed and failed

    for the past 10 years.
    • Yawn......

      Same ol' rhetoric.....
      How are you coming up with that premise?
      • It's a tablet PC.

        Look at the history of Tablet PCs.