toodleTasks HD for HP TouchPad: Best task manager (review)

toodleTasks HD for HP TouchPad: Best task manager (review)

Summary: The Toodledo online task management system is popular, and toodleTasks HD for the HP TouchPad works seamlessly with the service. It may be the best task manager on any platform.

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Task managers can serve as a simple to-list, but good ones can be used as simple project/time managers. There are online managers for those who prefer to work in a browser, and the better ones are accessible from mobile devices using third party apps. I have been using Toodledo online for years for its rich feature set that helps me keep on top of the things I need to do, primarily due to the availability of mobile apps that work with the service on every platform. Of all the apps I have used to work with my Toodledo tasks, toodleTasks HD for the HP TouchPad is the best of the breed.

A review of the Toodledo online service is beyond the scope of this app review, but rest assured it is a very good way to keep on top of things to do for anybody. It fully supports the GTD method for those who use that system. The toodleTasks HD app brings the entire feature set to the HP TouchPad, making it easy to add new tasks and keep track of a sophisticated list of existing tasks that need to get done. The app supports the wide range of views made possible by Toodledo, making it simple to focus on the important things of the moment.

This focus is made possible through the use of contexts, locations, due dates, folders (projects), goals, and tags. Users can use any or none of these categories as desired but they make the system incredibly powerful. I use the location tag for those tasks that can only be done in a certain place, and when I get there I can easily focus the view on all tasks for that particular location. These views are accessible via simple dropdown boxes where the desired category is just tapped on the screen. The entire task list instantly rearranges to reflect the desired sort order.

The toodleTasks HD app makes use of the TouchPad's sliding panes to display as much information as possible no matter how the tablet is being used. In landscape there are three panes displayed, but sliding the panes can take it down to two or even one pane which is a single task. The task entry form makes it easy to use any or none of the tags as desired via dropdown selectors.

The app syncs with the online Toodledo account so all changes are reflected in the cloud. Those who change devices will appreciate the ability to always have the information close at hand and up-to-date. The toodleTasks HD app is $4.99 in the App Catalog, and the latest version added full support for sub-tasks, turning it into a real project management system centered around the task list.

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Topic: Hewlett-Packard

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  • But does it print?

    Every so often you need to share tasks so the question I have is: does it print? Can I tap to share with another device if I bought a pallet of HP TouchPads for my small business? (I'm still waiting for a good touch to share app... something that uses that one unique capability the TouchPad has and no other tablet.)
  • RE: toodleTasks HD for HP TouchPad: Best task manager (review)

    James, I agree with you, but if you look at the negative reviews in the app catalog, you'll find my entry.

    The one negative is that there is no auto sync. I use toodleDo on my pre a lot and even on my computer.

    But most of the time, things are out of sync if i have ever done anything on the ToodleTasks. Mainly because I don't always remember to sync it.

    Please add this to your review! IMHO it is crucial!
    • RE: toodleTasks HD for HP TouchPad: Best task manager (review)

      Ram U
  • RE: toodleTasks HD for HP TouchPad: Best task manager (review)

    @Zane, I'm the developer of toodleTasks HD. I saw your review in the app-catalog and agree with you that auto sync is an important feature. It's on the top of my todo list but there is currently a bug in webos that I need to work around.
    • RE: toodleTasks HD for HP TouchPad: Best task manager (review)

      @yeye77 Very cool! I was worried that support for the app would cease because of all that's gone on. I'll update the review. Thanks for your hard work.
    • RE: toodleTasks HD for HP TouchPad: Best task manager (review)

      @yeye77 Thank you so very much for making this available on the HP Touchpad!!! I'm trying Toodledo for the very first time both online (my desktop) and on my Touchpad. I think it's exactly what I was looking for to manage my tasks. Please continue your webOS support for the Touchpad!!!
  • RE: toodleTasks HD for HP TouchPad: Best task manager (review)

    Why are we still wasting time on this thing?! (Honestly, I don't get it)
  • RE: toodleTasks HD for HP TouchPad: Best task manager (review)

    Hi, is this similar to This is the one that I am using to manage my team's task. It lets me organize all our tasks accordingly and I always receive a notification if someone from the team update the task. I will definitely check this one too. Thanks for sharing.