Top 7 Android Twitter apps

Top 7 Android Twitter apps

Summary: There are a lot of Twitter apps for every mobile platform, and the Android Market is full of them. These are my picks for the top Twitter apps for the Android platform.


Twitter is changing the way we get breaking news, as many smartphone owners prefer using the social network on the mobile device. There are a lot of Twitter apps for every mobile platform, and the Android Market is full of them. I regularly try new Twitter apps in the search for the perfect tweeter, and these are my picks for the top Twitter apps for the Android platform. These all work equally well on my smartphone and the Galaxy Tab with the larger screen.

Plume. This app began life as Touiteur, but was changed to Plume when Twitter complained about the original name. Plume handles all Twitter functions very well, and concentrates on making tweeting as easy as possible. A number of home screen widgets are included. There is a free ad-supported version, and a paid version ($3.33). This is my favorite Twitter app.

TweetDeck. This app has one of the most attractive interfaces that is designed for the Android touchscreen. Multiple columns show just the information desired, while indicating at a glance if new information exists in each column. It has integrated Facebook support for tracking those updates. Free, including home screen widgets.

TweetCaster. This app is a full featured Twitter app that also has Facebook integration. The interface is designed for easy access to all of the standard Twitter functions; there are a number of widgets included with TweetCaster. There is a unique way to hide annoying tweets without the need for unfollowing the tweeter. Free.

Twitter. This official app from the Twitter folks is a significant improvement over the app as originally released. The timeline is presented in a straightforward manner, with advanced search capability for finding the people and tweets that you want. Free.

Twidroyd Pro. This app has a feature that no other Twitter app includes, the Live Preview display. When the Android device is turned to the landscape orientation, the timeline remains on the left of the screen with a preview of the selected tweet occupying most of the display on the right. This is particularly useful on tablets with larger displays. The Live Preview automatically shows linked web pages without opening the browser. Free and paid versions ($3.99).

Twicca. This app is designed to display as much of the Twitter timeline on the screen as possible. It allows customizing the display to fit user preference, and is lightning fast in operation. It is easy to use while having sophisticated features for the advanced Twitter user. Free.

Seesmic. This mobile version of the desktop Twitter app can handle multiple Twitter accounts. It has an attractive interface and is a good complement to the desktop version for those who prefer Seesmic. Free.

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  • you left off the best one

    I can't believe you left off Hootsuite. I dropped both Seesmic and Tweetdeck for Hootsuite... best Twitter decision I ever made!
    • RE: Top 7 Android Twitter apps

      @steveholt68 Unfortunately there are too many to get them all. These are the best I've tried, but certainly not all of them. Glad to hear Hootsuite is good for you, I'll give it a try.
    • RE: Top 7 Android Twitter apps


      Steve Holt!
    • RE: Top 7 Android Twitter apps

      @steveholt68 I like Hootsuite but it's not #1 for me yet due to the lack of a widget. Widget support is the most requested item for Hootsuite on Android.
      General Chat
    • RE: Top 7 Android Twitter apps

      @steveholt68 <br><br>You are not the first I have heard recommend Hootsuite. But I find its UI counterintuitive and poorly documented. My guess is that they are assuming that the Android user is familiar with the Desktop version, and that having learend the Hootsuite user paradigm there, is in a better position (better than mine) to pick up the Andorid version's UI.<br><br>Just to give you one example of the illogical arrangement of the Hootsuite Android UI: under Settings>Manage Social Networks, I have one one social network, followed by "Add Social Network". But that one network is identified by the prominent display of my Twitter login name and picture.<br><br>This is an illogical mistake: I am not the Social Network, Twitter is. Yet Twitter is displayed only in a smaller, fainter font below my login name (for Twitter).<br><br>Worse yet, the only option I have to 'manage' this Social Network is to delete it!<br><br>There is a similar problem under "Manage Tabs and Streams": again, the only 'management' offered is to delete. But there is something worse: delete WHAT? I tapped on the menu item for "Manage Tabs and Streams", I got dumped into an Activity for managing Tabs alone.<br><br>This too is illogical.<br><br>Worse yet, when I navigate down here and realize I don't know what Hootsuite thinks the difference is between a 'Tab' and a 'Stream', I naturally look for a Help function. But the Menu key is not even used here, so I can't GET to a Help screen!<br><br>In fact, as I revisit the UI to write this, I find myself hating Hootsuite more and more.<br><br>So I can understand why he left off Hootsuite.
  • RE: Top 7 Android Twitter apps

    I thought Twidroyd had been removed from the marketplace, or is that just the free version?
    • RE: Top 7 Android Twitter apps

      @wordsmith_z It was suspended by Twitter for a day or two but reinstated right away.
  • RE: Top 7 Android Twitter apps

    One annoying thing about TweetCaster is when I bought the pro version, there were actual functionality differences between pro and lite. And now it's just the ads. Oh well, I've thrown more money away on less important things.
  • Plume is a keeper. I am addicted to it.

    Somebody please help me. ;)
    Dietrich T. Schmitz, ~ Your Linux Advocate
  • RE: Top 7 Android Twitter apps

    I keep coming back to Twicca after trying others and been left wanting. It is fast and reliable with great features.... and all for free.
  • RE: Top 7 Android Twitter apps

    Wow...Nice applications list.
    But still one app is missing that i have used and enjoyed with and it is here on Market: ,

    This application is mainly for the Twitter fan and want to shout for their best buddy or anything they like/dislike.
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