Top Android Twitter App Plume Reviewed

Top Android Twitter App Plume Reviewed

Summary: I am addicted to Twitter apps on every platform I use, and can't resist trying them all out. There are a lot of Twitter apps on the Android platform, and my favorite is Plume.


I confess I am addicted to Twitter, and I am in and out of it all day long. I am equally addicted to Twitter apps on every platform I use, and can't resist trying them all out. There are no shortage of Twitter apps on the Android platform, and by far my favorite is Plume.

You may know Plume better under its original name, Touiteur. This strange name was "Twitter pronounced with a French accent" according to LevelUp Studio, the developer. The real Twitter folks demanded that the Touiteur app be renamed to avoid confusion with Twitter, and thus the name was changed to Plume. I like Plume better as it's much easier to type.

Plume is optimized for the Android platform, and works equally well on my EVO 4G smartphone and the Galaxy Tab. It looks similar to many other Twitter apps but its attention to detail make it work better. The app presents the basic timeline when started, and has three columns to the right of this timeline: Mentions, Direct Messages and Search/List. Moving among these columns is as easy as swiping left and right on the screen, causing the next column to move into view. There is an indicator in the upper right of the screen indicating which column is being viewed. It would be wonderful if this indicator would also indicate (by color) when unviewed updates exist in each column, like in Tweetdeck.

Where Plume shines is in the way it handles common Twitter tasks, especially interaction with individual tweets. Tap a tweet in any column and a menu drops down below it offering common tasks (reply, retweet, etc.). Even better, long-press a tweet and it will instantly open up a link in the tweet, such as a web page, in the default browser. If there are more than one link in the tweet the long-press pops up a dialog with all of the links for selecting one with a tap. This handles web links, embedded images and other links.

When a tweet is selected, in addition to the drop-down task bar, if the tweet is part of an ongoing conversation the last few tweets in the conversation are displayed beneath the tweet, in black to indicate it's a conversation. There is a bar that will "view full conversation" when pressed, opening it in a separate window for interaction.

Creating a tweet shows how well Plume is designed. The editor window opens up for entering the tweet, and there are buttons to trigger common tasks. The # button enters the hashtag in the tweet, and when you start typing the tag a window pops up with hashtags that fit what you are currently typing. Even complicated hashtags can be entered by simply selecting it in the window after typing only a letter or two. The @ button works the same way; start entering a Twitter ID to include in the tweet and the popup shows you all the tweeps you've messaged previously.

Plume is available in both free and paid versions. The paid version eliminates ads (which aren't intrusive) and more importantly lets you open links in an integrated browser. This ends opening web links in the default Android browser, and opens them within Plume. The paid version is reasonably priced at $2.73.

When Plume is installed it includes several widgets for the home screen of various sizes. The widgets are attractive, and provide a great deal of utility from the home screen. I don't use them personally as I do not like Twitter running all the time in the background, preferring to update the Twitter timeline only when using the program.

Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • Gotta agree. Plume is by far the best

    Thanks James for putting me onto it.
    Dietrich T. Schmitz, ~ Your Linux Advocate
  • I gotta disagree

    I have tried Plume (actually, because you mentioned in an article one time I believe) and while it does have some great features, I still can't find anything that is better than Hootsuite. I manage multiple Twitter accounts and several Facebook accounts. So Hootsuite shines at doing that. Plume mixes all my Twitter feed items into one big stream on my Android phone. Yes, the tweets are color coded, but I don't like mixing them because some of my Twitter accounts are personal and some for business. Plume is good, but I think Hootsuite is better. And the Hootsuite interface is consistent across my iPad, my Android phone, and my pc web browser.
  • What about the [Twitter, Inc.] app they called, "Twitter"?

    I'm just curious what shortcomings exist in THE twitter app, by Twitter,Inc., that force people to stray elsewhere to get their Tweet on (i guess that's right)? I'm thinking maybe it's crippled with a few features lacking or routine tasks that it can't preform or you can't get to efficiently enough or something? I am new to this expanding Twitterverse that's been growing and going real strong all around me now for over a year or so now; and for the first time today I dove in and really tried to participate and see what was really going on over here and maybe quell some curiosities I've had arise from watching this war over the best application/platform (or "bird"?) to tweet from that obviously, even to tWirgins like me, exists with the lines still being drawn and tweeple still choosing sides - as is evident from the first two posts and this article.

    Wow that took me a long time to write lol! Anyways, I realize Twitter, Inc. has said before that they expect the best birds (places you tweet from!) to be hatched from somewhere outside their nest (Twitter, Inc.)...But really, Tweeting seems so simple (note word choice->'seems' lol) that the birds used to tweet i'd think seem way complicated comparatively. Like Tweetdeck I couldn't figure out for the life of me, granted however that attempt was made before today when I hatched in to a baby twick and took my first steps.

    Really it's just where Twitter, the original birdie used to tweet, falls short and the other birds are able to come through that I'm hung up on...That conversation mode seems like it would be good for some of the people I follow because reading their tweets it seems like they're having full on conversations using mentions over twitter which just seems so odd to me as I wonder why they don't just go to a chatroom maybe? or gee how about Instant Messaging or ham radio even because that's what those people remind me of. And then you got the popular tweeps that seem to be answering their voicemail or something and have a bunch of shorter tweets mentioning someone different in all of them. Conversation mode I could see being real good for them...Wow you know what, i don't expect replies to this post anymore because it's so long and newbie and that's not how these comments should be, but I will finish because it may be helping me to comprehend...

    Anyways I should have just asked like this: "Why doesn't the original Twitter app (by Twitter, Inc.) work for how you people make use of Twitter?" if you wanna see what a clueless baby twick looks like as he's newly hatched and tries to find himself in the world - by all means check me out! @GBleezy is the name! Maybe you can give me a mention? Because I figured that's the cool part isn't it? Trying to get on that crazy trends list often populated with some real bizzare things...

    [PS I originally registered here at ZDNet after I saw @steveholt68 representing Hootsuite so I could just comment on the fact that I have definitely noticed that app being used a lot recently on facebook, mostly by the more commercial accounts posting seemingly important least that's how I got the impression that's stayed with me. Also the fact that I had never heard of it before I had noticed it being used a few times probably helped, as opposed to Tweetdeck which I've always heard about for the longest time, but NEVER noticed anyone posting stuff with it...anyways yea! I been typing this for over an hour...Time to see what I've been missing over at!! lol]

    [PPS If you read this whole thing, I'm sorry! It's terrible netiquet to type stuff this long I know, but I just had to get this out of my head and perhaps casting a bit of light upon what exactly I don't know about around here and need to catch up on...blah blawhdgfo;iahth0touioergbae3333a4ethbae45tgh] lol
  • Can't see Direct Messages....

    I've got a question....I LOVE Plume but can't seem to get my Direct Messages to load. Is there any special way to see them? I go to that screen and it stays blank. Any help would be great!
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