Top keyboard/cases for the iPad 3 (gallery)

Top keyboard/cases for the iPad 3 (gallery)

Summary: We tested many keyboard/ case combos for the iPad and present this selection of the best.

TOPICS: iPad, Hardware, Mobility

Not everyone needs a keyboard for their new iPad, but those who do need look no further. This selection of top keyboard/cases is the result of hands-on use of quite a few, resulting in these best in class. All of the cases have keyboards that can handle anything from light typing to banging out the next great novel.

All of the keyboards use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to the iPad. They range from super-thin and light models to full leather portfolios for the iPad. If you are thinking a keyboard might be useful, take a look at these and you should be able to make up your mind. Each keyboard is shown in a variety of views to clearly demonstrate what you get with each.

Best keyboard/case combos for the new iPad 3

Image Gallery: Top keyboard/ case combos for the iPad 3 Image Gallery: Charge Image Gallery: Charge

Topics: iPad, Hardware, Mobility

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  • What is the point?

    We pick these tablets up and use them for a lot of different things but, when we start trying to turn them into laptops, I think it is time to ditch the tablet and get a laptop, which is more powerful anyway.
  • You need a more powerful laptop to write an email, or a blog?

    Maybe the laptop is overkill.
  • Laptop more powerful to do what?

    So people should triple the weight of the device to do what exactly with that "more powerful anyway" statement. When I want to search the web, email, play a game, look at a calender, edit a document, remote into a computer, watch TV internet you really think a laptop is faster or more powerful to do that? In a meeting it is extremely nice to pull out an iPad to quickly take notes or share documents for others to see. Its even nicer because I can print out documents to the closest network printer, instead of some carrying some clunky laptop that takes up too much space, needs a power cord (and me to find an outlet), and is slow starting up most applications.
  • Super Techy

    It appeals to my geeky side that I can make an iPad multifunction as tablet AND laptop, but for the most part I'd rather use the on screen qwerty keyboard really, its less bulky. I have a case from the Snugg instead and its pretty good. :)
  • reply

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  • hi~

    This ipad case is really awesome~ It makes your ipad look like a laptop~~~
    The keyboard will be very useful~