TouchPad update coming in about 10 days

TouchPad update coming in about 10 days

Summary: Things may seem to be in disarray at HP these days, but TouchPad owners should at least be getting an update to address problems with the tablet soon.

TOPICS: Hewlett-Packard

HP has been bashed around for launching the TouchPad with so many things that need fixing. Yesterday's announcement that Jon Rubinstein was being moved to the Personal Systems Group out of the Palm group was a surprise coming so soon after the launch of the company's first webOS tablet. Things may seem to be in disarray at HP these days, but TouchPad owners should at least be getting an update to address performance problems with the tablet soon.

Buried in an article on is this little nugget:

[Todd] Bradley said in an interview that July 1 was a “soft launch’’ for the TouchPad and that more advertising will start on July 17. The company also plans to issue a software update for the tablet in about 10 days, he said.

This would put the first OTA update for the TouchPad around the end of the month, which is good news and fast for the giant HP.


Topic: Hewlett-Packard

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  • RE: TouchPad update coming in about 10 days

    HP needs a makeover. A new logo would help, even renaming the company would be good. They also need to retire names like Pavilion. I swear every laptop model they make is some sort of pavilion, amd, intel, atom etc... all the same name. Hate to mention Apple but they only carry few laptop models and you know you can name them all.
  • Total crap that this POS was released in the state it was.

    No reason to think that this update will be more than polishing a turd. You can bet this particular turd will require many updates and a year or two of polishing before it will evne reach the point it should have been before releasing to unwitting consumers. Now that webos dev has been deprioritized to offshore sustaining teams dont count on it...
    Johnny Vegas
    • RE: TouchPad update coming in about 10 days

      @Johnny Vegas Do you actually have a TouchPad? I bought one on launch day and have been using it extensively. It has some issues, but they are pretty minor and overall the tablet works quite well. I look forward to the better polish that should come from the OTA update, but this is hardly a seriously broken product.
  • RE: TouchPad update coming in about 10 days

    IMO, this first generation TouchPad was the "proof of engineering concept" which, if not totally successful in the open market place, would "fall back" to being an enterprise device while HP introduces it's second generation WebOS tablet.

    Apparently, HP is ready to institute this "fall back" plan since a second generation model has recently been announced by HP reps. This second, faster and 3G enabled TouchPad should arrive by September.

    I would imagine smart consumers (those that read ZDNet, GRIN) might wait a few months to purchase this second generation model instead of this first generation "proof of engineering concept" tablet. When the REAL TouchPad is introduced in a few short months, the WebOS app ecosystem should be well established and all the hardware and OS bugs should be corrected by then.
    • RE: TouchPad update coming in about 10 days

      @kenosha7777 I have to agree here. Most consumers should think first before buying into "bleeding edge" first-gen hardware. That was my experience with the Playbook and 7" Galaxy Tab. Given how quickly these devices are being made obsolete by newer hardware, you cannot plunk down cash on a device that has yet to mature, much less be proven to succeed.

      Of course, those who happily buy into bleeding edge tech or don't mind blowing cash will be happy - in reality they are the "beta testers" for the more smarter, frugal crowd.