Verizon HomeFusion: 4G LTE for the home

Verizon HomeFusion: 4G LTE for the home

Summary: Verizon wants to be your home internet provider with the HomeFusion service which brings its 4G LTE network to the homestead.


Verizon's 4G LTE network is as fast as any mobile network in the US, and now the carrier wants to be your home provider. The recently launched HomeFusion service includes an antenna on your house and a wireless router to serve up LTE broadband to your whole home.

Once your home is hooked up to the mobile broadband network, the router allows up to 4 wired and 20 wireless devices in the home to share the 4G connection. This is not without limits, however, as Verizon is offering a tier of data caps based on a monthly fee as follows:

While these data allowances may be enough, heavy users will have to watch out for the $10 per GB overage fees in place after the monthly cap is exceeded. Service requires a two-year commitment similar to Verizon's wireless data plans, and a $199 equipment charge which includes installation in the home.

The HomeFusion service has been tested in six markets since March, and will be available this week in all Verizon stores nationwide.

The 4G LTE network is as fast as the connectivity many folks currently use, and is particularly useful in areas that don't otherwise have high-speed connectivity available. I use a mobile hotspot from Verizon on the go, and it is almost as fast as my fixed home connectivity. I use this connection as a backup for those times when my home provider is down, but in a limited area close to the mobile hotspot. This service from Verizon takes that up a notch by enabling high-speed connectivity throughout the home with a single plan, albeit a pricey one.

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  • That's almost competitive

    Really, it is pricey, but not terrible. It is on par with what I currently pay for internet (Clear WiMax) service for my house. And it would meet my needs. Of course, the reception better be much stronger than what my Verizon Galaxy Nexus gets, because the 4G at my house for it is basically worthless (just close enough for the phone to sense it, but not close enough to be usable).
    • Special antenna is used

      Verizon told me the antenna they install on the home has multiple antenae inside and can get the strongest signal possible.
    • What a rip

      Unless you have no other realistic option (satellite not a real option) this is so overpriced.... ouch!
    • Not on a par with Clear

      While I am NOT a fan of ClearWire, to claim that Verizon's service is priced on par with Clear is absurd. Not only is Clear between $10 and $20 cheaper than Verizon's lowest tier, the Clear service provides unlimited bandwidth. To get the same data, you would need to, at the very least, get the $120 plan.
    • Better than I thought

      I have a G Nexus phone that cannot lock on to the 4g signal at my house. I have a MiFi card that locks on to decent 4g signal. My average download speed is about 5-6 mps and upload is about 1-2 mbps. I now have the Homefusion installed. First thing I noticed is that the more you have connected to the device, the slower it gets. With that said I have not dipped below 5mbs download. In fact, I am hitting speeds around 20-25mps down and 2-5 mps up. Definately better than I expected
  • What a Rip Off

    This might be good for people who have No other Internet access option beside a dial-up modem or satellite (so move!). Otherwise, just another cell phone company rip-off. 2 year contract, 200.00 install fee, low data caps, and for what -a couple of megs of bandwidth - when their network isn't saturated that is... yuck - NTY.
    • rip-off, Yes. Move, NO!

      I know that quite a few of the people posting here are from the big city, or a populated suburbia. But from some of us who live in less populated areas that provide clean-air, 25 acres of land, free-gas, gas-royalties, etc. but yet want a reliable connection and don't need to watch on-demand 24/7, this is a very nice option. Expensive yes, but internet connection over moving from my little corner paradise, not going to happen!
  • Shame on Verizon.

    These whole plans are seriously flawed. It would be stupid to pay $60 or more a month for home internet service which comes with limits. Seriously, Verizon cares about one thing. That is for you to give them all your disposible income. Don't forget they want to add that monster to your house and then they want to hog your cable line. (Most customers won't tell VZW to put a seperate line in). That $200 install fee + tax is even more dumb.
    • don't miss

      I'm for anything that brings competition to the cable internet monopoly.
      • For this to be competition

        The price needs to go south a fair bit.
    • be real

      verizon will run all new lines they can not share a cable with any other service the monster is 8 inch in diameder ahn 12 inch tall would not want to meet that in a dark alle this is not for people in the cities with many options
  • Yeah, No!

    That is not competitve, I don't care how fast it is... I can get FIOS for way less than that and I would settle for 1.5 mbps satellite over this price!
    • get a clue

      if you got something better only a retard would change
  • Shut Up And Take My Money!

    That's obviously what Verizon wants us to say with this offering.

    If the 4G isn't already 95+% reliable on overpriced and too-restricted plans, what makes us think we're going to hook our entire home to a similarly overpriced and too-restricted plan?

    Meanwhile, Comcast is increasing their monthly bandwidth quotas to 300GB.
  • do we really have stupid written in large letters across our foreheads?

    A. can do the same thing with a mobile hotspot device.
    B. for you folks in the henterland that think this is nice? You are not getting 4 G now! Look at the coverage maps
    C. remember when we used to battle the comm company's about cost? Long distance charges were oh my god a nickle a minute!
    D. what disposable income? the gas companies are getting that.
  • Verizon. MIFI 4G lite mobile hotspot for home

    We purchased this to power our two wirelesss capable laptops and use with our BB BOLD 9650 smartphones!! Firsy, I found I vould not get it connected to my laptop which is a Dekk i5 core Inspiron ! EVEN whenI put is directly in front of laptop! The othe computer with i3core would connect and disconnect spotadically?! Forgey tje BB BOLD 9650! I couldn't understand why I couldn't get browser to work?! Finally after running diagnostic repirts; I called Customer Support @ Verizon; They explaoned that I haf to uncheck VErizon MFI private WIFI connection! Browser on smartphones would not work. When connected to my home 4G lite MIfI box!!?? Why did they sell it for??,
  • holy cow batman, verizon home fusion broadband total fail & cost $$$ to end

    long time happy customer until this cantenna home fusion thing. to cancel it is costing me $320! each month they charged me for massive data that i did not use. hours and hours on the phone. during the 4 months of outrageous bills about. $230 instead of the $60 plan that it should have been (data there is NO WAY i used) this cantenna device still is listed on my bill as a non vzw device, and VERIZON installed it! hours wasted at local verizon store. and to top it off, the device disconnected all the time, and data upload and download speeds went so low that the speed test program stopped working! .014 meg upload speed! tonight when the phone person would not credit my bill to fix the craziness, i cancelled it. he seemed to suggest people on the web complaining are actually using this much data. i work in tech field, am college educated, do not watch tv or netflix with this device. VERIZON has screwed this very loyal phone customer. i am checking to see if i have any recourse using small claims court, as i should not have to pay $320 disconnect fee for a device that never worked as advertised. is there a class action i can join?