Verizon offers buckets of data with the Share Everything plan

Verizon offers buckets of data with the Share Everything plan

Summary: Verizon wants to sell you a bucket of data to use on all of your family devices.

TOPICS: Big Data

Customers with multiple devices on a mobile carrier plan have long wanted a big bucket of data that can be shared among all the devices. Verizon has announced the Share Everything plan that lets customers share a bucket of data among up to 10 devices on the plan.

The way the new plan, effective June 28, works is first you add all of the devices to the plan for a fee which all get unlimited voice and messaging. This monthly fee depends on the type of device, with smartphones costing $40, laptops $20, and tablets $10. All devices then share a bucket of data which ranges from 1GB for $50 to 10GB for $100.

This is not cheap but is more economical than the individual plans required before the Share Everything plan. A family of four with smartphones and two tablets will run $160 for the phones and another $20 for the tablets. You would then likely need a lot of data to share so with the 10GB maximum plan you'd end up paying $280 per month.

Not cheap, but cheaper than the 6 different data plans currently required. Especially when you account for the free mobile hotspot that is included, meaning any of the smartphones can be used as a mobile hotspot for other devices.

Topic: Big Data

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  • Tethering?

    Woulnd't it be cheaper to buy 4 phones and then pay for tethering on two?
  • Horrible Plan

    Consider us:

    1 iPhone with 2GB and text messaging
    1 Droid X with unlimited and no text messaging
    1 Dumbphone with nothing

    Our total bill is around $150/mo with Verizon and we have no issues with going over minutes, text or data.

    This new thing would cost us $190/mo. [b] FAIL![/b]
    • Who has a smartphone with no texting?

      You are in the vast minority on that one, I promise.

      I'm a little disappointed but I'll keep my unlimited as long as I can. This would be about the same between my wife and I with the amount of data we use. My daughter wants an iPhone though so we may end up saving money in another year when she's ready for that.

      The only downside is in order to keep my unlimited data I have to pay full price for my next phone. Then again, I was planning on doing that anyway.
      • Why do I need to Text?

        You can always CALL me and talk to me.
        I use Text Plus for those that need to text me and when I get an iPhone 5 it will be iMessge.

        I really don't like text messaging at all and that's why I don't pay for it.
    • Yep,

      This is my situation almost exactly.

      swap iPhone for WP7 w/unlimited
      swap to smartphone with 150MB/month
      feature phone with unlimited messaging

      Just over $150/month

      Now, I can get out three phones, for $160 a month and share 1GB of data. Right now, I can switch my wife to 2GB for another $15, meaning a total of $165, or I can wait, and pay $170 to get 2GB to share.

      We have 700 minutes on our voice plan and never use it all. I am very tempted to switch to a tablet from Verizon and get a burner phone, that I won't use all that often. If they had any reasonably priced tablets I would.
  • @ITGUY10

    This is just an option! You do not need to go with this plan. It sounds like it will be more effective for users with more than two smartphones.
    • I thought Verizon said we will all be on these plans

      Wern't they saying for 4G upgraders (we all will be) that these plans will be mandatory?
      • Move to 4g does NOT require shared data plan

        ONLY if you get a subsidized phone. If you want to pay full retail, you can keep your current plan indefinately.
    • Not really

      I have 3 iPhones with AT&T, one of them on an unlimited data plan and I pay around $160/m. With VZW I'd be paying 10/m more for the same devices and LESS data - how is this [i]more[/i] effective for users with more than 2 smartphones?
    • Only if they need unlimited voice

      The problem with this plan is forcing you on to unlimited voice.

      I pay $70 or $80 for our two smartphones, but my son's feature phone is $10. I don't really want him using data, I liked having it without a data plan.

      My bill is $45 for data and $105 for the phones with 700 minutes, shared, and unlimited messaging for all three. We never use more than about 400 of those minutes. Now, the best I can do is $110 for phones and $50 for a measly 1GB of data. Right now, $50 will get you 5GB of data.

      Why does data cost 5 times as much, simply because it is shared. Even if I look at $30 for 2GB, why should it cost more than 3 times as much. And, I still want to see what overage charges are like. As long as they just bump you to the next level (go over your limit and pay $10 extra), then this is a big ripoff.
  • Ripoff...

    I have a family share plan: one smartphone with unlimited data and 250 texts, one dumbphone with no data/text, 750 minutes shared between. We never come close to using our voice minute or text allotments. $100/mth

    If I were to upgrade to one of these plans: one smartphone ($40), one dumbphone ($30) and I typically use ~4GB/mth ($70) = $140/mth. The new plan would cost $40 more per month, limit my ability to go over my typical data usage without additional charges, and give me more of something I use little of (talk/text).

    Sorry, no deal for me... I'll not be renewing my contracts with Verizon again (cannot renew unlimited data, have to move to a new plan) - I'll upgrade unsubsidized/off-contract or move to a different carrier (like Sprint).
    • Not for everyone

      This is for the average family. 3 people in a family, all with smartphones, with a combined average of 5GB per month, which is where my family would fall, would save a decent amount of money. 4 or 5 people would save substantially more.

      This isn't their only plan, it's one of their plan offerings. And for some people it's an awesome deal. Between me and my wife we average around 1500 texts/month. When my daughter gets a phone in the next year I'd see that easily skyrocket. But you're not me and I'm not you. This deal will likely make sense for me in another year or two.
  • Garbage

    Verizon offers 6 Gigs with Tethering for LTE Devices at $50 a month... Guess what, it is a better deal than this junk!
  • Works for me...for a savings of $3

    My current bill is (minus the taxes and other fees)

    2 Smartphones (Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Droid Razr MAXX)
    1400 Mins shared
    250 texts on 1 phone
    500 texts on the other phone
    Unlimited data on 1 phone (this is the only hangup....I'd hate to lose this plan)
    6 GB data with mobile hotspot on the other phone

    The new plan would cost $180 (going with 10GB data). Saving $3 is not worth me losing my unlimited plan. Though I don't think I've ever gone over 1.5GB on my phone, while my wife never goes over 500MB. Still, I like to have it.
  • "Recommend a Plan" is Utter dreck

    I have 3 feature phones and 2 smartphones on T-Mobile. I have unlimited messaging, and since we are often somewhere we can access the wifi, I rarely use a gig of data a month on my phone, and my wife rarely exceeds 100MB. I pay $165/Month. Verizon's Plan recommendation tool recommends the top end $270/month plan.

    What ARE they smoking?
  • Bubba keg vs. shot glass

    1GB = shot glass. 10GB = Bubba keg. You cannot (in all fairness) talk about offering "buckets" of data, because a real bucket of data would be north of 30GB. When companies start to offer 30GB plans at realistic prices (under triple digits), maybe then consumers will have hope against this "one step forward two steps back" carrier mentality. Verizon has done nothing more than come out with a new spin on making people THINK they're getting more.. and making you pay more for it.
  • VZ Blows

    Of course, this doesn't take into account the Verizon "Screw the Customer" business model that is so popular. Good luck with that whole concept of Customer Support.
  • What about rollover data?

    1 Gb would be ok if you could rollover the unused data, I don't watch a lot of netflix, but need more than 30 minutes a month.
  • BlackBerry is nice to compress data

    I have 5 BlackBerrys on my Verizon Account. Each one also has a BlackBerry Playbook using BlackBerry Bridge for Free internet via the BlackBerry Phone.

    BlackBerry is nice because it compresses data. BlackBerry Sips data, all the others gulp it.

    One person uses 1500 texts or more per month, so I had to already go with an unadvertised unlimited shared Texting plan.
    We use about 900 talk minutes, 2000-3000 text messages, total data of 2.5GB broken down:
    Unlimited Plan uses 24mb
    150mb Plan uses 1mb
    Unlimited Plan uses 210mb
    2GB Plan usage: 1GB
    2GB Plan usage: 1GB

    So, the new shared data plan would allow me to activate the Hotspot feature on the two Bold 9930s, which would normally be $40 more for both of them.
    And, I can choose a 4GB shared data plan, probably cost about $270 and $220 after 19% corporate discount.

    My current plan before taxes is $252 (with 19% corporate discount)

    I would look to save about $30.00 per month and as long as our usage doesn't double, we are okay. Even if we match the same price I'm paying now, we would have 10GB of shared data. We aren't watching movies via our phone, keep that for home internet WiFi as it should be.

    My only concern is two of the lines have unlimited data now, really worry down the road that I'll need it and it will be gone.
    John Hanks
  • Verizon Share Everything Plan

    I have 5 phone line with Verizon and a 19% corporate discount. I was grandfathered in with unlimited data for my smart phone. I had one grandson on my account that I allowed him to upgrade to smart phone also. He never went over his 2GB. I upgraded my granddaughter when she turned 16 to a smart phone. Big mistake..... She is always going over her 2 GB. So I went down to my Verizon store and asked how can I make my plan cheaper? Tell me how the Share Everything can benefit me.. So they sold me on it and now my phone bill last month (first partial month on the plan) is $50.00 more than the plan I had. Then I find out I could block my granddaughters iPhone when she starts to get close to her data plan usage but now it is too late for me to keep my unlimited data for my phone. So look before you buy with Verizon. iPhones can have parental controls set to lock usage at NO additional costs. I do have unlimited voice minutes now but we never used all of the 700 I had because I utilized the 10 family and friends and was sure to set that up and keep it updated. Also the 19% corporate discount they said I can only use on services over $50 so therefore they take each line individually and they are under $50 and the discount does not apply. I said wait I am buying the 10GB plan and that is $80 so that should be discounted 19%. What a mess. If I had known I could have used the parental controls to block the iPhone I would have just done that. Since my granddaughter does not live close by I have not had a chance to play with her phone and her Mom is not technical at all...... If you move your plan remember all the other fees that that carriers charge you and get a complete idea of what it will cost you. My Verizon store used to be my favorite store but this last sales person did not do me right. I should have insisted on waiting for my favorite sales person to help me that day! Most sales people at my store are honest and try to help you...
    Gail Reeves