Video infographic: History of the iPhone

Video infographic: History of the iPhone

Summary: This video infographic from CNET UK shows the history of the iPhone in a great animated style. You don't want to miss this.


The smart folks at CNET UK took the best of infographics and video and smashed them together to produce this outstanding look at the history of the iPhone. It's entertaining and educational at the same time, so watch it already!

History of the iPhone | CNET UK

Topics: Hardware, iPhone, Mobility, Smartphones

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  • RE: Video infographic: History of the iPhone

    A few observations:

    That video would have to be a blast to watch when you're high.

    I do like the way it imples that the World Wide Web is a network of NeXT cubes.

    I also like how everyone involved in the design of the iPhone looks like they just walked off the set of the SNL skit "Sprockets." There's even a guy named Dieter. Touch my MONKEY!!!
  • Corrections 1) Jobs did not buy the Pixar, he founded the company

    "Pixar" did not exist, not even this name. There was only a department in Lucas Film.<br><br>2) 1973' "first mobile call" was not really the first: in USSR, it was done in the early 1960s. However, as usual, this had nothing to do with consumer technology, only military systems testing/use, so this had no actual influence on worldwide development of communications technology.

    3) Main designer of iMac, iMac G4, Powerbook Titanium (now Macbook Pro) was not Ive, but Jobs himself. Patent records are very accurate about this matter.