ZAGGfolio keyboard for iPad 2: Form and function refined (review)

ZAGGfolio keyboard for iPad 2: Form and function refined (review)

Summary: The ZAGGfolio case for the iPad 2 combines a stylish case with a wireless keyboard for maximum versatility on the go.

TOPICS: Hardware, iPad, Mobility

My iPad 2 sees heavy duty as a work machine due to some good wireless keyboard options that turn it into a little laptop when needed. I have been using several of the best keyboards for the iPad 2, and today am using the ZAGGfolio. This case adds little bulk to the iPad 2, while adding a good Bluetooth keyboard that is versatile for multiple usage scenarios.

The ZAGGfolio comes in several colors and is available in either a polyurethane or leather cover starting at $99.99. The case consists of a single piece, and the keyboard a second piece. There is a mini USB cable for charging the keyboard, which only needs to be done infrequently.

The keyboard can be removed from the case and used by itself, or left at home entirely if you just want to use the case with the iPad 2. The tablet slides into the other side of the case, an easy process. It is just as easy to remove the iPad from the case when desired.

Once the keyboard is paired with the iPad 2, it will auto-connect for use when the power slider is turned on. The keyboard goes into standby mode to save battery after a few minutes without use, and the power slider turned off for extended periods of no use. Tapping any key wakes the keyboard from standby mode.

The keyboard is basically the same as that of the Logitech Keyboard Case I reviewed, as that is also made in partnership with ZAGG. It is slightly smaller than full size, but allows comfortable typing without compromises. The top row of keys consists of special keys for controlling common iPad functions, including copy and paste. There are volume control keys and a handy lock/unlock key that I use quite often.

The iPad 2 is used in landscape orientation while in the case, but can also be used in portrait by sliding the tablet out of the case. It is also possible to use the keyboard outside the case by sliding it out in the same way the iPad 2 is removed. This permits using the keyboard with the tablet without the case when that makes more sense. This versatility is quite nice in actual usage.

The case clips securely closed for transport, and the iPad 2 is well protected at such times. The whole kit is only slightly thicker and heavier than the iPad 2 alone, which makes it a great case for those on the move.

I am able to type at full speed on this keyboard, as I can on the Logitech Keyboard Case I have covered in the past. The keys are well-spaced and contoured just enough on the key tops to make for a great typing experience. This is rapidly becoming my favorite keyboard for the iPad 2, but I will continue to try the other two models I have. I will do a comparison of the three soon.

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Topics: Hardware, iPad, Mobility

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  • RE: ZAGGfolio keyboard for iPad 2: Form and function refined (review)

    Nice job James. Glad you like this approach, even though I strongly believe a netbook is far superior.
    • It depends on what you do with it

      Is an SUV superior than a sedan, or a sports car? How about a tractor?

      I considered a netbook as it would allow me to write, surf the Web, watch Hulu (even connected to my TV), and many other things (but not all) that I can do with my MacBook Pro. In the end I opted for an iPad. With it I can write, do some artwork, compose some music, do some basic photography, control the DAW on my Mac, carry a library, and a whole lot of other things that I couldn't do with a netbook. I can't watch Hulu (I dislike Hulu+), but that is the least of my concerns.

      If you want to farm, get a tractor, if you want zip around mountain roads, get a sports car, and if you can afford it, get both. There's no such a thing as "one type fits all".
  • RE: ZAGGfolio keyboard for iPad 2: Form and function refined (review)

    ZAGG got good reputation in many forums and I also like the fashion design, yet a little grudge on the price close to $100. so I took one from with the price $29.99 of the same fashion design as ZAGG, yet now on the way and will release more reviews after the test...
  • RE: ZAGGfolio keyboard for iPad 2: Form and function refined (review)

    I hear/see lots of people who say "why not just get a laptop/netbook"...well, what laptop/netbook out there has a touch screen with as awesomely smooth and responsive of an interface as this setup?...and, what laptop/netbook can you pull the screen off and use quite powerfully by itself? @IgpOnTheMove: how is the netbook "far superior"? I have been building/using PCs for 20+ years...I am a PC/Windows expert, and I love PCs...however, I have come to love the ipad just as much as the PC, now. I use my PC for different things than I use my ipad for, but for my mobile computing needs, my ipad is awesome!! I never thought I'd say that about an Apple product, but it is true for the ipad. And, this Zaggfolio keyboard makes the ipad a little more PC-like, but I can still use it as a plain old ipad, if I want.
  • Can't have the keyboard all the time

    I you're going to get a case for your iPad and it has a keyboard, you need to make sure it is one where you can remove the keyboard if you want to and still use the case as just that, a case. Like this leather one: . The keyboard just comes right out and you still have a very nice leather folio for your iPad. Totally practical