There will never be an IE 9 for XP

There will never be an IE 9 for XP

Summary: IE 9? On XP!? Forget about it. It will never happen. Get over it. Here's why.


When it comes to Web browsers, I'm a Google Chrome fan. Before that I was a Firefox aficionado. I also thought though that Internet Explorer 8 was a real step forward. I'm also willing to believe that IE 9 will turn out pretty darn good too.

Based on my early play with it, I won't go as far as Ed Bott does with his praise for IE 9, but I do think Windows 7 users will get a lot out of it. Mind you, I think they should also look at Chrome as well, and Firefox 4 as well. And, if you're not running Windows 7--say you're running XP, Vista 64-bit, Mac OS X, or any Linux--you're not going to have any choice in the matter. IE 9 isn't available on any of them. No, there won't even be an IE 9 for Android.

In particular, it's not now, never has been, and never will be available on XP. For some reason though I keep hearing from XP fans who are up in arms that Microsoft isn't going to give them IE 9. Get over it already. Or, as Adrian Kingsley-Hughes put it so succinctly, "XP is dead people, time to get used to that."

Yes, yes, we all know that most people are still running XP. Microsoft knows that too. Why do you think they're using the IE 9 carrot to try to get people to upgrade to Windows 7?

I happen to like Windows 7, and yes I'm well known for preferring desktop Linux over any version of Windows, but this isn't about what I want, or what you want, or that XP SP3 still works just fine. This is all about Microsoft what wants and Microsoft wants you to get off the stick and spend your money on Windows 7.

Do you really think that Microsoft released a brand-new, still shiny public beta of IE 9 just before the doors shut forever on the Windows XP shop? I think not.

Mind you, there's a lot to like about how Windows 7 handles networking besides just being able to enjoy IE 9. HomeGroups, Easy Connect, Location-Aware Printing, and URL-based Quality of Service (QoS) are all great additions. If you're using Windows 7 Enterprise Edition and Windows Server 2008 R2, you'll get the even more enterprise helpful DirectAccess, which combines virtual private network (VPN) and IPv6 tunneling over IPv4 and BranchCache.

All these improvements have one thing in common: Unless you're a network administrator, you're not likely to notice them. A spiffy new Web browser, perhaps even in beta the Microsoft has ever delivered, that, now that, people will notice.

Still not enough reason to move to Windows 7? Well, may I re-recommend Chrome? Because, I'll tell you right now, the only way Microsoft will deliver IE 9 on XP is over Ballmer's dead stock options.

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  • IE9 on Vista

    IE9 is certainly available on Vista x86-32 and -64, in fact I'm using it right now.
    • It never installed for em :(


      Works fine on 7, but it didn't install on Vista x86. I'll have to give it another shot.
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
      • RE: There will never be an IE 9 for XP

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    • RE: There will never be an IE 9 for XP

      @HalfAKilo The last I checked--two minutes ago--IE 9 was failing big time on Vista 64 and I know I'm not the only one. Oh well, it's beta, these things happen.
    • RE: There will never be an IE 9 for XP

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    • RE: There will never be an IE 9 for XP

      @HalfAKilo On a more serious note, at some point you would think the shareholders would step in and say; "Give me the money, I can invest it much better than you can. Milk your existing profitable businesses for all it they are worth for as long as you can, give the profits to me, and let me re-invest."<br><br>If the shareholders do not assert their rights and protect their investments, management is free to squander it, which they often do. <a href=""><b>friv oyunu</b></a>
      • RE: There will never be an IE 9 for XP

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  • XP fans: The world is moving on.

    Just because you are in love with the OS doesn't mean it needs to be supported forever. The world needs to move on. Have fun running XP, but the rest of us are looking towards the future, not the past.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • Not supported forever

      Just supported as long as the OS is supported. And considering that Microsoft kept selling XP on netbooks (because Vista wouldn't run on a netbook worth a damn) until the first half of this year, I don't think it is reasonable for owners to get screwed over a mere 6 months after buying a netbook.
      • RE: There will never be an IE 9 for XP

        First, Windows XP is in the extended support which mean security fixes only. It has already past its main stream support.

        Second, it's OEM choice to pre-loaded Windows XP on netbook. I have a netbook and it runs Windows Vista just fine.
    • RE: There will never be an IE 9 for XP

      @NStalnecker Yup, the rest of us are moving on to Mac OS X. No need for XP or IE9.
      • RE: There will never be an IE 9 for XP

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    • You're right, I don't need Windows.

      Thanks for the suggestion. Think I'll choose Ubuntu since a lot of my software is open source, anyway. :)
  • RE: There will never be an IE 9 for XP

    No IE9 outside of Win 7 & Vista? Who cares. I used Firefox for a long time. Now I run a variant of Chrome. I keep Windoze around cause I have to, not cause I love it. No IE9 for Linux guys like me, no loss!
    • RE: There will never be an IE 9 for XP


      There is plenty of loss for regular people, seeing as how Linux has no programs to match or exceed the capabilities of several Windows programs.
      • run IE9 on XP


        If users on linux or XP need to run IE9, they can use ThinServer Win7 to provide that
      • RE: There will never be an IE 9 for XP

        @Lerianis10 Now if you'd said "games", I'd give you a free pass. If you said simple (especially if you'd said familiar) I'd give you a free pass. But...

        Exactly which Windows programs don't have their capabilities matched or exceeded by Linux programs? Gone on, name any five...
      • RE: There will never be an IE 9 for XP

        @Jeremy-UK ,
        Here are some example, at least in my case,
        1. MS Office 2010 - Outlook and OneNote are excellent applications.
        2. Revit / AutoCAD - Haven't found a Linux replacement as powerful
        3. Adobe Creative Suite 5 - There is no Linux replacement, if you consider the integration between the applications included.
        4. MS Visio 2010 - The best diagram application. The integration with Sharepoint is excellent and is very good for technical diagrams.
        5. iTunes - Is not the best, but is the most reliable application for sync to an iPhone.
  • RE: There will never be an IE 9 for XP

    No reason for Microsoft to port IE9 to XP anyway. It would be a waste of resources considering XP's EOL coming up soon.
    Loverock Davidson