Eric Everson: Founder of As a pioneer in mobile security, Eric Everson led MyMobiSafe, LLC from R&D through startup. Today, MyMobiSafe Verified has become the hallmark of quality throughout the app-driven wireless community. Everson is a graduate of the Harvard Business School MIT Program and holds a bachelors degree in Marketing Management and masters degrees in Software Engineering and Business Administration. Everson remains extremely close to the mobile security industry as an innovation leader. As a lw student with an entrepreneurial spirit Everson is driven both academically and professionally by a passion for innovative technologies.

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iPhone Hackers Fight To Claim Territory

iPhone Hackers Fight To Claim TerritoryBy: Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.comReminiscent of the historic days of claiming the land of the “new world” iPhone hackers are fighting for their fair share of territory.

October 30, 2007 by MobileTech


Cell Phone Car Alarms

Cell Phone Car AlarmsBy: Eric Everson, Founder of MyMobiSafe.comThe next time you pull your keyless entry keychain from your pocket, you may wonder how long it will be until technology changes everything about your automobile security.

October 18, 2007 by MobileTech

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Mobile Torrents A Cell Phone Security Nightmare

Mobile Torrents A Cell Phone Security NightmareBy: Eric Everson, Founder – MyMobiSafe.comIt was not too many years ago that torrents were an unheard of technology and today they have all but reinvented the way we file share.

August 26, 2007 by MobileTech


What Is the Threat: Truth About Cell Phone Security

What Is the Threat: Truth About Cell Phone SecurityBy: Eric Everson, Founder – MyMobiSafe.comPractically everyone these days has a cell phone, but with a rise in media attention towards “mobile security” what has happened to the security of cell phones?

August 6, 2007 by MobileTech