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Paula Rooney is a Boston-based writer who has followed the tech industry for more than two decades.

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Linux lets your Linksys run applications

If you reset the router, or if there's a power surge that knocks out the power, you have to re-install. But it does give you a chance to start playing with medical, inventory, and home control programs that live independently of your PC set-up.

July 18, 2005 by Dana Blankenhorn


Yet another Firefox security update

The Mozilla folks have released another security update this week, though I noticed that there's a lot less media chatter about these security fixes than the last round. Perhaps there's something to this eWeek article that notes that a lot of updates were rolled out Tuesday (Firefox was one) in the same timeframe of Microsoft's "patch Tuesday.

July 15, 2005 by Joe Brockmeier


Would you buy MS Office for Linux?

Are there any Microsoft applications you would buy tomorrow if they came out on Linux? Or does having Linux mean you've divorced everything Microsoft for all time?

July 13, 2005 by Dana Blankenhorn


Google map API transforms the Web

We are getting a great demonstration right now of open source power, as applications using the Google Maps API begin to appear.Mapquest, owned by AOL, has been around for many years, but it's a proprietary offering.

July 12, 2005 by Dana Blankenhorn


The Ubuntu Foundation and Debian

As a happy Ubuntu user, I was pleased last week when I received a note announcing the Ubuntu Foundation. The Ubuntu Foundation was created to fund development of Ubuntu and to separate Ubuntu development from Canonical, which supports Ubuntu and open source software.

July 11, 2005 by Joe Brockmeier