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Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, aka sjvn, has been writing about technology and the business of technology since CP/M-80 was the cutting edge PC operating system. SJVN covers networking, Linux, open source, and operating systems.

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Paula Rooney is a Boston-based writer who has followed the tech industry for more than two decades.

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Let the mergers begin

Today MandrakeSoft announced that it was acquiring Conectiva, which was hailed as a merger of second-tier Linux sellers. A bit uncharitable, perhaps, but an apt description.

February 24, 2005 by Joe Brockmeier


The great divide: open or free?

One of the great themes I've seen emerge in TalkBack has been a great divide on what should be the chief priority of open source.As we saw with Peter Brown, free is one priority.

February 23, 2005 by Dana Blankenhorn


Midnight at the OASIS

Boycott OASIS? Paul Festa has the story. The leading e-business standards body faces a boycott based on its new intellectual property policy, which endorses the inclusion of technology requiring payment of royalties to its standards.

February 22, 2005 by Dana Blankenhorn


Crunch time

We have a fascinating story today, from CNet's Ed Frauenheim, saying software developers are suffering less "crunch time," and are volunteering open time to open source.Now I get the contradiction.

February 21, 2005 by Dana Blankenhorn


DRM and open source

There's an interesting discussion going on between KDE developers about putting DRM in open source applications -- in this case, KPDF, a PDF reader for KDE. On the one hand, KDE developers may not have a choice -- Adobe claims copyright over the PDF spec, and grants permission to implement it only if there are "reasonable efforts" to implement restrictions in PDF.

February 21, 2005 by Joe Brockmeier


What can Brown do for you?

The remarks of new Free Software Foundation executive director Peter Brown on free vs. open source software last week certainly struck a nerve in TalkBack.

February 21, 2005 by Dana Blankenhorn


Don't call this blog open source

Peter Brown is the new executive director of the Free Software Foundation. In the first of what I hope will be many interviews with ZDNet, he asks that we change the name of this blog:Open Source is a term that was created to mask the ideals of Software Freedom established by Richard Stallman and incorporated into the terms of the GPL.

February 18, 2005 by Dana Blankenhorn


SCO may be delisted from Nasdaq

It doesn't look like 2005 is going to be a good year for SCO. The Salt Lake Tribune's Bob Mims reports that SCO may be delisted from the Nasdaq for missing filing deadlines.

February 17, 2005 by Joe Brockmeier