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Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, aka sjvn, has been writing about technology and the business of technology since CP/M-80 was the cutting edge PC operating system. SJVN covers networking, Linux, open source, and operating systems.

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Paula Rooney is a Boston-based writer who has followed the tech industry for more than two decades.

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The new Metasploit is out

Along with news of new nasty virii comes word that Metasploit, an open source tool for creating exploits and testing them against your system (to make sure that it is secure) has been released. Get your copy here.

January 12, 2005 by Dana Blankenhorn


Fighting the antibodies

Jon Udell has an interesting post about groups resisting change much the same way that antibodies take on an infection. He addresses some of the rather acerbic comments to my post about his Monad/MSH columns.

January 11, 2005 by Joe Brockmeier


IBM's patent move

As part of its effort to reduce open source Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD), IBM has released 500 of its patents for use without payment. A complete list is available here.

January 11, 2005 by Dana Blankenhorn


SCO skipping the tough questions

Groklaw has a link and writeup about a report from Chris Preimesberger about SCO's bad numbers for the fourth quarter of 2004, but a puzzling "optimistic" outlook. Preimesberger notes something that I've long been aware of, namely that SCO is very picky about who gets to ask questions during their quarterly conference calls:Something I want to mention about this conference call: No hardball questions were asked.

January 10, 2005 by Joe Brockmeier


Open source kant

One advantage I enjoy here at ZDNet is your diversity.All kinds of solutions are represented.

January 6, 2005 by Dana Blankenhorn


Apples and office suites

Is Apple prepping a new and improved office suite? The rumors that abound before Apple's Macword Expo are in full force, and one of the rumors gathering steam is that Apple might be ready to unveil a suite called iWork, with its Keynote presentation software and a new word processing program called Pages or perhaps Notes.

January 5, 2005 by Joe Brockmeier


Live Linux or die

Robin (Roblimo) Miller's latest book is Point and Click Linux, which he is selling with his usual flair and understatement."Learn about Linux or get left behind," is the way he put it to Enterprise Linux News recently.

January 4, 2005 by Dana Blankenhorn