Acquia seeks an Obama bounce

Acquia seeks an Obama bounce

Summary: I don't know whether this will make Drupal a standard for government Web sites, but it does steal a march on rivals like WordPress' Automattic.


Acquia, the commercial arm of Drupal, is looking to capitalize on one of the software's big "gets" of 2009 -- the Obama Administration.

The White House famously switched its site to Drupal last year, following its initial use at A Community Management Service package like Drupal makes great sense for any organization that updates its site a lot, and that wants to empower managers to do their own updating.

I wrote several years ago that Howard Dean might have become President had he switched to a scaled CMS. Instead he stayed with Movable Type and failed to scale the intimacy of his early run. I even offered detailed advice on this at my personal blog. Someone was listening because the Obama campaign made heavy use of scaled CMS tools, not just blog platforms.

So now Acquia is out with a press release, launching a jump start program for government customers, along with a seminar series and a white paper.

Even more important, I think, is the hiring of Tim Bertrand as a vice president of business development, and bringing in Carahsoft as a reseller. If you want to sell to government, get someone with government selling experience. This will even help in Gullyvornia.

I don't know whether this will make Drupal a standard for government Web sites, but it does steal a march on rivals like WordPress' Automattic. (Of course, Automattic still has cooler corporate titles. ZDNet runs on Wordpress.)

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  • Howard Dean?

    Are you serious? What a clown and an arrogant one at that.
    • Right...

      That man had all kinds of problems not related to content management...let me add idiot to your arrogant clown. I could add several more, but lets see what others come up with.

      And lets also face another fact: no content management system is going to ever get me to vote for Mr Obama...or most likely anyone else for that matter. Its the content, not the "content management" that wins.
      • Retail politics

        How do you learn the content? Do you just want
        to watch their commercials, and the TV shows, be

        Or do you want to talk with them one-on-one, or
        feel that you have talked to them that way, as
        you do with a scaled CMS?

        Take it out of politics a moment. Aren't you
        more comfortable on this medium than you would
        be if I were just doing top-down reporting with
        an inverted pyramid?
        • I want answers......nothing more

          The problem with your idea is that it still leaves the politician to frame the questions and answers all in one. I want to see our politicians answer the questions that are not being asked by our spoiled, priveleged media.

          When did it become bad journalism to ask tough questions or was it ideology? After all a truthful and forthcoming politicians will not have problems with these questions. It would benfit our society from the corrupt poltics of the day from both sides of the aisle. See I want truth and facts. Some just want feel goods and heart felts that really never get things done because the problem is either over blown or not viewed with the reality glasses on.

          Sorry I don't pick a side and hold on. I want the facts say like why do our inner city schools spend gobs of money over the suburban schools and they underperform big time. These kids should be Rhode Scholars if money was the answer. Howard Dean and others see broken society as just a money broken society. We do not see people challenge these issues and those that do just say "more money please".

          This is the problem with our society is its all about money to you people. Life is way more than money and many things are valued above those things in a society built with a true foundation. We have many problems in our society that can not be fixed by money and until we find politicians to take a stand our society will continue to errode. I think America has forgot that it takes true closer relationships with those around you to make a better society than it does looking to some figure of a savior in the form of government and making money number one idea. Breakdown of the family is just one example.

          Please speak truth to power.
      • doing good for an idiot

        I would bet his life has been way more successful
        then yours
    • Why Dean lost

      Dean lost Iowa because he sent out a crowd in
      orange hats who did not engage in the retail
      politics the voters there expect. Kerry did

      If Dean had been able to scale the intimacy of
      his early campaign, those volunteers would have
      gone in with a proper retail mindset, with the
      voters' names at hand. Maybe he would have had
      enough just inside Iowa to make a difference.

      As it is Kerry won Iowa and, with it, the

      I don't know how Dean would have done against
      Bush in 2004. What could the "swift boat
      veterans" have done with a guy whose fused neck
      vertebrae kept him out of the service?

      It's possible that your charge of "arrogant
      clown" could have worked, but we'll never know.

      And Dean did a marvelous job as chair of the
      DNC. Even Republicans admit that.
      • Yeah its all a show to you......

        It seems. I want substance politics nothing more nothing less. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

        You can take a gander over at my other post on here and see what I mean when I say substance. I'm tired of politicians from all sides acting like they know it all and are ready to save you from your own mistakes. Spend money wisely like we all have to do in our own lives. Stop the hypocrisy and stand by your statements. Politics unfortunantly is not associated with honesty and people with their blinders on make the problem even worse and open the door for even more corruption. Stop hiding behind smoke and mirrors and be honest about your politic ambitions and your ideas. Seems you must be sneaky to be in Washington D.C. and its a shame. Its like two big frat parties up there and its disgusting to many like myself.
  • You shouldn't point out ....

    ... your own stupid mistakes. Howard Dean lost the presidency when he started screaming like a lunatic! His content management company had nothing to do with it.
    • Why was he "screaming like a lunatic?"

      Dean "screamed" because he was trying to fire up
      his volunteers after the loss in Iowa. The loss in
      Iowa was caused by the fact that he didn't "scale
      the intimacy" of his early campaign. He was top-
      down, while Kerry worked the room in a bottom-up

      If Dean had won Iowa he wouldn't have been trying
      so hard to keep people excited. No scream.
    • RE: Acquia seeks an Obama bounce

      If you want to sell to government, get someone with government selling experience.<a href=""><font color="LightGrey"> a</font></a><a href=""><font color="LightGrey"> b</font></a><a href=""><font color="LightGrey"> c</font></a><a href=""><font color="LightGrey"> d</font></a><a href=""><font color="LightGrey"> e</font></a><a href=""><font color="LightGrey"> f</font></a><a href=""><font color="LightGrey"> g</font></a><a href=""><font color="LightGrey"> h</font></a><a href=""><font color="LightGrey"> i</font></a><a href=""><font color="LightGrey"> j</font></a>
  • RE: Acquia seeks an Obama bounce

    Get it right!

    "the commercial arm of Drupal"

    "a provider of commercial support for Drupal"

    "a Drupal focused company"
    • RE: Acquia seeks an Obama bounce


      Interesting article, as always. One clarification, though:

      gknaddison's comment ( is correct - Acquia is not the commercial arm of Drupal, we provide commercial support for Drupal. Drupal is an open source community project with hundreds of thousands of participants. Acquia, the company, and each of our 50 employees are participants in that community as well.

      The Drupal community is what makes Drupal unique and special both as an open source project and as a technical social publishing platform. Here at Acquia, we work closely with the community to promote Drupal adoption. To that end, we have partnerships with more than 130 Drupal companies, including gknaddison's, to help organizations of all types achieve success with Drupal.

      Please refer to Acquia as the company that provides commercial support for Drupal.

      Bryan House
      Sr. Director, Marketing
  • RE: Acquia seeks an Obama bounce

    more on getting it right. didn't Dean use Drupal: ?
  • Drupal as a Standard

    Having moved some time ago from working with many different programs to specializing in Drupal, I'm pleased to see government usage of Drupal. Drupal is extremely robust - along with other great adjectives - and I think that Drupal/Acquia has correctly identified good opportunities with its program for government clients.

    Whether or not Drupal does become a standard for government sites does remain to be seen, but I think there is strong reason and potential for that to happen. Drupal still suffers from being vastly misunderstood by the general public, so examples like this help to promote a tremendous resources that can be better utilized.

    - Matt with