Alfresco, SugarCRM launch mobile app for iPad, iPhone

Alfresco, SugarCRM launch mobile app for iPad, iPhone

Summary: Alfresco and SugarCRM are among the growing list of open source enterprise application vendors porting their software to the tablet, namely Apple iPad and Google Android


Add Alfresco to the growing list of open source applications being ported to the iPhone and iPad.

As Alfresco DevCon nears next month, the content management company announced the free iOS application for Apple's leading mobile platforms.

Alfresco Mobile "extend the Alfresco experience to iOS devices and give corporate users direct access to all of their critical business content on the go," the company press release stated. "Alfresco Mobile works seamlessly across the entire Alfresco portfolio, including the latest versions of Alfresco Team, Enterprise and Community."

Other top open source enterprise applications providers -- SugarCRM, for instance - also recently launched mobile versions of their software for the iPad and support for Android is planned.

As tablet computing rises in the enterprise, more applications are being tailored for that form factor.

This summer, SugarCRM announced availability of a mobile version of its CRM application for the iPad, iPhone and Blackberry. A version for Android is planned this fall.

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