Fedora 14 with SPICE, MeeGo support due in November

Fedora 14 with SPICE, MeeGo support due in November

Summary: The Fedora project has announced the release of the Fedora 14 beta, code named "Laughlin."Wander MuleGeneral availability is expected in November, the open source project also announced.


The Fedora project has announced the release of the Fedora 14 beta, code named "Laughlin."

Wander Mule

Wander Mule

General availability is expected in November, the open source project also announced.

The Fedora 14 beta incorporates support for the Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments (SPICE) framework, which was developed by Qumranet for the virtual desktop infrastructure. SPICE is an open source solution for integrating with virtual desktops.

Red Hat, sponsor of Fedora, acquired Qumranet two years ago.

The Fedora 14 beta also supports a number of other emerging technologies, including the Intelligent Platform Management (IPMI) interface for remote or powered-off server management, as well as D programming language support and Rakudo Star, an implementation of Perl 6, the project announced on Tuesday,

It also offers, the press release states:

  • Improved debugging and integration with existing tools to enhance Fedora as a RAD platform
  • Alternative environments like Sugar, and software from the MeeGo project
  • The next-generation systemd management for faster startup and on-demand loading and unloading of services is expected to be offered as a technology preview in Fedora 14, and is likely to become the default initialization system in Fedora 15

Topics: Virtualization, Hardware, Open Source

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  • RE: Fedora 14 with SPICE, MeeGo support due in November

    Looking at the desktop side by side for Fedora 13 and 14 no real difference.

    I believe the background is different. I changed the background when Fedora 13 was installed.

    Quick look at some of the applications are different. I would guess that the things you don't see have changed or are being tested.

    Overall looks the same as Fedora 13

    The only problems that have had from Fedora 10 untill now
    were my wifi card ran slower than 54Mb/s, unless you were to check Network applet you most likely would not have noticed.
    The wifi activity indicator light on top of laptop didnt show blue for activity. I could turn off/on the using the button just fine.
    I could connect to wifi no problem so I didnt worry about.
    Works just fine in Fedora 13

    I think maybe one or two updates didnt go though correctly.
    A fix went out quickly.

    Right now Fedora 13 is stable for me and the equipment I have running it.
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  • RE: Fedora 14 with SPICE, MeeGo support due in November

    I second daikon's post. Its very similar to 13 with only minor changes. Fedora 15 is out but havent invested in it yet. Any words?
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