Firefox 3.1 beta 3 now due Feb 2

Firefox 3.1 beta 3 now due Feb 2

Summary: The delivery of Firefox 3.1 beta 3 has slipped a week to Feb 2.


The delivery of Firefox 3.1 beta 3 has slipped a week to Feb 2.

The final beta for the .1 update was expected to ship Jan 26.

"Due to the large number of outstanding P1 blockers, we are declaring a code slip," the developers' meeting notes declared Wednesday after the weekly meeting.

The code freeze was expected on Jan 13. But Mozilla developers saw a delay coming. At last week's meeting, the crew decided that the nuber of P1 blockers was still substantial and one developer hinted that it coud be delayed by as much as three weeks.

In light of that, this week's  update -- a slip of only a week -- is optimistic.  Now, the code will freeze on January 25 and QA begins on January 27.

Guess it wa a good idea to do a beta 3 after all, huh?

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  • beta !!! how stupid for a "3.1" version

    When is firefox KRAP going to come out of "beta". what a joke.
    • When it (FF 3.1) gets released!! FF 3 is not a beta...

      Firefox 3 is not beta, its a full release...

      So you have the next version, which is FF 3.1 which is in Beta...

      Not really much to understand there...

      Also by your reasoning Windows 7 should not be a Beta at the moment, as it is Windows Kernel 6.1, just like XP was Windows Kernel 5.1...
    • How stupid a post...

      In an age where commercial vendors push products out that SHOULD be 'beta', it's good to see anyone take the time to test and verify before release.

      Troll, indeed.
    • Attn : Aussie_troll

      I am a Kiwi devoted lover of Firefox.
      Bugger the Unbeliever!

      My beloved Ubuntu will give it to me soon
  • Looking forward to downloading Firefox 3.1 beta 3

    when it's released. I hope that add-on developers will also be ready by 2 February - the greatest problem I'm having with the [b]Firefox 3.1[/b] betas, which, contrary to what our troll from Oz claims, are wonderful browsers, is that some of my favourite add-ons remain incompatible....

    • RE: Looking forward to downloading FF 3.1 beta 3

      So am I.

      I have worked with the beta version of 3.0 since it first became available in Nov 2007.

      At the same time, I have looked at FF 3.1 beta 2 and [b]Firefox 3.2 alpha 1 pre.[/b] Last year, I found a copy of Firefox 4 pre 1 alpha to "take a look at".

      You will never see me use IE again (unless required to by an employer).
      • posting by bfilipiak

        In regards to your opinion about not using internet explorer, in part I agree with you I have had so many inconveniences and hard times trying to figure out problems and I too decided not to used anymore. But do not quit completely one of these days you might try to bring it back and possibly there might be good cha nges
    • Override all Incompatibilities!

      Try with the Nightly Tester Tools add-on!!!
      It overrides all incompatibilities so all the extensions and themes work perfectly.
      Now and then you have to re click the Override all incompatibility button on the add on manager, but that`s all it takes. It's awesome!!!
      • Nightly Tester Tools Add-On

        I created an account just to share this with everyone -- that is, until I realized you beat me to it!

        Anyways, this tool is great, I highly recommend it. Firefox 3.1 is amazingly fast and Firefox itself is the best browser because, among other things, its add-ons.

        With this tool, you get the best of both worlds.
  • RE: Firefox 3.1 beta 3 now due Feb 2

    such a mess.....huh
    • RE: such a mess

      Blame Google and their stupid-a$$ chrome browser.
  • Spell checker works fine

    Dear Paula,

    I know the spell checker on FireFox 2.0 work great. How do you end up with 2 typo in a short article? Are you using IE? :)