Google and Intel Android pairing spells trouble for Microsoft

Google and Intel Android pairing spells trouble for Microsoft

Summary: Google and Intel's Android alliance means trouble for three different groups: Anti-Android patent parties, MeeGo, and Microsoft. Yes, Microsoft.


While all the attention was on Windows 8's preview this week I wonder whether the real end-user operating news wasn't happening elsewhere. To be exact, I think Google and Intel's announcement that Android was coming to the Intel chip family will end up being the bigger news.

My fellow ZDNet writer James Kendrick touches on this when he says that, besides Intel and Google themselves, the winners of this deal include "OEMs already fluently speaking Intel yet not already on the Android team." You know, those companies like Dell that have been speaking fluent Windows for the last couple of decades.

I'm not suggesting that Android will challenge Windows on the desktop. No, I think Google's Chrome OS can spell trouble for desktop Windows, but not Android. Not yet anyway.

But, look at Metro, Microsoft's preferred Windows 8 interface. Is that really a desktop interface? I don't think so. I see a smartphone and tablet interface. And, I don't think Microsoft's tablets, whenever they show up will be competitive with 2012/13's Android tablets. I'm not even going to mention the iPad 4, which will be out by that time.

I look into my crystal ball and I see Microsoft frozen out of the low-end of the smartphone and tablet market by Android on both Intel and ARM processors. At the high-end, I see Apple continuing to the dominant player.

The desktop? Yes, that will still be Windows, but just how important will the desktop be in the next few years? It's a matter of great debate, but I think that the simple fact that Microsoft is boosting Metro as its interface on everything from Windows Phones to the desktop tells you they think they have to be a player on smartphones and tablets to keep the stockholders happy.

You can tell by the above that I'm presuming that Android is going to beat its patent enemies. You're right I do.

Patent wars really have nothing to do with who copied what these days. Software patents are so broadly constructed that everyone who develops anything violates them. No,  who wins and loses s all about being able to outlast your opponents in court, which isn't a problem for Google, and having your own patent ammo dump to threaten your enemies with. That last has been a problem for Google.

Now that Google is on its way to owning Motorola Mobility though, albeit a pretty price, I think Google has far fewer patents problems. When you add in Intel, with its rich patent portfolio, to Google's side I no longer have any worries about Google fending off all the IP (intellectual property) attacks its enemies can bring to bear.

That's also bad news for Microsoft. Their best bet in getting a chunk of the mobile market was to get it to stagnate in pointless patent wars. We're still going to be stuck with patent lawsuits for the next few years, but I don't see any OEMs holding back from joining forces with the powerful one-two punch of Google and Intel.

Last, and I'm sorry to say, least, yet another Linux-based mobile operating system, MeeGo seems destined to join HP's WebOS in the operating system junkyard. With Intel, MeeGo's remaining major supporter, putting its energy into Android I don't see any way that MeeGo will survive. Yes, I know Doug Fisher, general manager of Intel's Systems Software Division, said just the other week that Intel was "fully committed" to MeeGo, but that's life in technology. Here today, gone tomorrow.

That's a pity. I liked both MeeGo, but mobile operating system consolation was inevitable. With this Google/Intel move I see the consolidation coming even faster and, at the end of it all, I suspect we're only going to see Android and iOS standing in the mobile space. Sorry Windows. Too little, too late.

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  • RE: Google and Intel Android pairing spells trouble for Microsoft

    Great job on the troll article
    • But MS makes money from Android!

      @Knix96 Their profits do not come solely from desktop OS's!
    • LOL! I agree. And sadly thats all he has.

      The excitement's over Windows 8 on desktops and tablets, (even Itel said that), so this is just trying to make nothing into something.

      His usuall blog.
      William Farrell
    • RE: Google and Intel Android pairing spells trouble for Microsoft

      @Knix96 -100000000000000000000000......................0000000000000000000000000000000000<br><br>its you who is a troll. how the hell is anything written the article is troll? yes it could have been well written. but that doesn't make any of the arguments written in it fake. the writer believes that if intel is paring with android, android has huge advantage. intel has a track record of failures in mobile arena. they need a credible partner. m$ cheated, deserted them. and nokia jackasses back-stabbed them. but atleast now intel gets a credible partner. i hope intel's upcoming single core atom processor+android rule the mobile world. if intel could provide consumers its raw computing power with higher performance/watts and they are on google's side, android will have advantage from day one of intel's chip releases. it also gives heavy weights like dell, asus, lenovo, acer, etc easier way to access mobile market. huh why am i explaining all these things to a m$ fan. i don't hate m$, i just want its monopoly ended.
      • RE: Google and Intel Android pairing spells trouble for Microsoft

        @tejainece Me too, and Balmer to hell out of there. MS what a joke, a Clingon for a CEO?
      • What monopoly?

        Find another company that offers what the customer wants.

        Linux on the Desktop was a joke.

        Server space, Linux does well, no MS monopoly there.

        Android on mobile devices is king, except for iPhone, MS not even in the market

        Tablets, Apple is King, MS not even there.

        For all the whining about a monopoly, I really don't see one any more. Technology moved on and MS is relying on the 20 year old stuff on the desktop while people move away.

        Good luck in your land of denial. You'll need it.
      • RE: Google and Intel Android pairing spells trouble for Microsoft

        @tejainece well Intel fails hard at making real low power chips that perform well. They failed with their ARM division and they are failing with atom. A 1.5 watt TDP with a north bridge costing another few watts is not acceptable for the mobile phone/tablet world.
    • RE: Google and Intel Android pairing spells trouble for Microsoft

      @Knix96 <br>I'd give your comment a "+1" but I'm afraid Google owns that, so how about- you're 100% deadon! (Or you nailed it, etc). This excuse for an 'article' is typical SJVN tripe. He says look at "Metro, Ms's preferred desktop" then links to a 4 year old article that has absolutely nothing to do with Windows 8, and ignores the fact that Metro can instantly switch to as more classic Windows interface. Power consumption won't be a problem since only Metro loads, not the full Windows os, UNLESS you want it to. This faux 'article' is so flawed that it would be better suited for the National Enquirer than a supposed tech blog. Typical troll work- ignore facts, make up your own "facts", give it a compelling headline and hit "publish". Hackjob done!
      • Sow confusion, reap mistrust

        @xplorer1959 The W8 tablets on ARM cannot switch to a classic interface and you know it. They are stuck in metro, and your post is an attempt to mislead the naive into thinking such a thing is possible. It's a marketing disaster. Please - carry on!
    • RE: Google and Intel Android pairing spells trouble for Microsoft

      @Knix96 LMFAO :D
    • RE: Google and Intel Android pairing spells trouble for Microsoft

      @Knix96 wrote:
      "Great job on the troll article

      Very true. But, I am referring to MeeGO. I find it amazing that there is not a single comment on the future of this truly open-source OS. I have read from SJVN in past articles and elsewhere that MeeGo was making inroads in the In-vehicle-Infotainment space. Will this all be undone now? Or will it simply be replaced with Android.

      Absolutely amazing that the open-source zealots have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by Google.
      Rabid Howler Monkey
  • RE: Google and Intel Android pairing spells trouble for Microsoft

    What nonsense, you have failed to provided anything to disprove what has been written. Blind hatred, LOL

    • RE: Google and Intel Android pairing spells trouble for Microsoft

      @daikon LOL! What did Linux sycophant SJVN provide to prove his laughable assertions? None! It's a troll article written by a Microsoft hating Linux loving idiot.
    • RE: Google and Intel Android pairing spells trouble for Microsoft

      @jhammackHTH <br><br>Once again you haven't disproved what's been written and have added nothing to this discussion besides calling the previous poster a bunch of names. <br><br>If that's the best you can come up with, then that also tells me there might be <b><i>some</i></b> truth as to what SJVN says.
    • RE: Google and Intel Android pairing spells trouble for Microsoft

      and how have u proved anything that has been written....
      android on tablets is plain flop....look at all the launches....
      author is talking about low end market..most of the android tabs are costlier than ipad....but os quality is plain retarded....
      if android pairing vth what even microsoft has paired vth ARM....

      and intel has what patents...????lik duh!!!!!...
    • RE: Google and Intel Android pairing spells trouble for Microsoft

      and as for metro ui in desktop os.....
      please go through the reviews of windows 8....thers a button..whcih can switch between traditional os and metro ui...

      its better thn kid designed ui and icons of android
    • RE: Google and Intel Android pairing spells trouble for Microsoft


      how in the world does your brain work? you've just been told that no proof was offered, and you countered that with the fact that he hadn't disproved what was written.

      Shouldn't you have enough brain cells to tell you that he is just spewing his own opinion and this should be his own personal blog, not open to the public?
    • That's been said about you

      the blind hatred part.

      William Farrell
    • I agree, ScorpioBlue, ther is some truth to what SJVN said

      Google and Intel have an Android alliance.

      beyond that, more SJVN nonsense that never comes to be, and he never talks about again.
      William Farrell
    • RE: Google and Intel Android pairing spells trouble for Microsoft

      @jhammakhth the one who loves linux and hates microsoft can never be an idiot. they are called geeks, programmers, the people who create ideal world. on the contrary micro$uckz fans like you are disgrace to fair competition and innovation. because you guys fuel micro$uckz to do evil