Linux Foundation's t-shirt competition

Linux Foundation's t-shirt competition

Summary: Linux is twenty years old and you can help decide on its official t-shirt.


Normally, I look at serious subjects, but what the heck, Linux is turning 20 this year--although as its creator Linus Torvalds is the first to say deciding exactly when Linux turns 20 is a matter of debate--so why not tell you about the Linux Foundation's "20th anniversary of Linux" t-shirt contest.

Gallery: Linux designs for t-shirt contest

The Linux Foundation has narrowed it down to six finalists. The lovely Jennifer Cloer, the Linux Foundation's director of communication and community, explains, "Voting will be open for two weeks: today, June 8, 2011, through midnight PT on June 22, 2011. The winner will be announced shortly thereafter. The winning design will be used as the basis for this year's LinuxCon attendee T-shirt and will be available on T-shirts for purchase at the Store later this summer."

LinuxCon, by the by, will be in Vancouver, Canada from August 17th to 19th. There will be a lot of Linux luminaries there, including some guy who looks a lot like me. And, if you vote on the winning design, you can see the vast majority of us wearing the design you helped pick! Who could say no to a deal like that!?

So, go forth, and vote-but no more often than once a day-for your favorite design and I hope to see you in Vancouver. For more 20th anniversary of Linux goodness see the Linux birthday site (

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    Maybe by the year 2031 Linux will have 1% market share?
    • Microsoft IIS and Windows phone is on the decline, ROFLMFAO

      @SonofaSailor <br><br>In What? IIS has fallen to its pre <a href="" target="_blank">1998 marketshare</a>. Not sure what you are <a href="" target="_blank">referring to</a>.<br><br>Don't follow trend much, eh?
      • And?


        You [i]are[/i] aware that Apache runs on Windows, right? Just because someone's not running IIS, doesn't mean they aren't running Windows.

        Don't follow software much, eh?
      • And ...

        @SonofaSailor <br><br>You are spinning like a washing machine on spin cycle.
    • RE: Linux Foundation's t-shirt competition

      @SonofaSailor <br><br>That t-shirt Needs a better graphic and text.<br><br>How about<br><br>I wanted an OS to challenge Windows, but all I got was this damned T-shirt<br><br>or<br><br>An arrow pointing upwards with "I'm with stupid"<br><br>or<br><br>"No. It's not a hobby dammit!"<br><br>or<br><br>20 years = 1%<br><br>The OS for the millenium - 4000 AD here we come!<br><br>or<br><br>Happy Feet 2<br><br>or<br><br>Drivers? I don't need no stinking drivers!<br><br>or<br><br>Games? I don't need no stinking games!<br><br>or<br><br>Well the benchmarks are great, now I just need applications.<br><br>or<br><br>My distro is better than your distro<br><br><br>Did I win? <img border="0" src="" alt="wink">
      • I vote for the classic -

        My distro is better than your distro!

        How classic can you get?
      • RE: Linux Foundation's t-shirt competition


        [b]I wanted an OS to challenge Windows, but all I got was this damned T-shirt[/b]

    • RE: Linux Foundation's t-shirt competition

      It is just only your prediction.
      Spammers Killer
  • What's the Point?

    Only Linux die hards could care. I have been waiting for many years to see something interesting come out the Linux community as a Windows replacement - and it just has not happened - and probably never will. Sad.
    • re:What's the Point?


      See post above.
    • RE: Linux Foundation's t-shirt competition


      I have been waiting for many years to see if Microsoft can come up with something interesting to compete with Linux - and it just has not happened - and probably never will. What a shame.
  • You cover Linux, Mr. Vaughn-Nichols

    so what are these "serious subjects" that you are refering to?

    Tim Cook
  • The only serious subject

    Is that the desktop is beyond its prime, and if the pundits are right, will be replaced by something like a tablet in the coming years.

    Linux missed its chance long ago on the desktop. The amount of time wasted in that arena was always amazing.

    The labor of love could have better been spent on projects for the back room like Apache and other geek driven platforms. Users like Windows, no amount of arguing will ever change that fact of history.

    The future is in the new platforms like tablets and smart phones and so far, Linux (Android) shines there.

    One thing to notice though, Linux (Android) shines because it has a large company behind it willing to waste a couple hundred million bucks giving away Android for some ill conceived marketing model for the search engine. I wonder how long that support will last when Google finally realizes how much money they are losing!
    • Karma, baby

      <ul><i>giving away Android for some ill conceived marketing model</i></ul><p>
      I take it you didn't like the way Microsoft gave away IE to "cut off the Oxygen" to Netscape either. You know what they say:
      while (goesAround)
      Robert Hahn
  • The Year of Linux

    It has gotta be this year, oh wait maybe next year...
    • re:The Year of Linux

      @hopp64 <br>Did you just wake up from the 90's? You obviously missed the <a href="" target="_blank">smartphone marketshare report</a>.<br><br>Well maybe next year you'll understand it.
  • I see the ...

    ... the M$ circus clowns are out in full force.<br><br>These clowns are stuck in stage two. <br>"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win".<br><br>PS. Hello clowns, it's now at stage three
    • RE: Linux Foundation's t-shirt competition


      Nope, I think it's stage 2 forever ;-)
    • RE: Linux Foundation's t-shirt competition


      I know, I always enjoy reading a Linux article as I get a good laugh out of all the M$ fanboy comments, but it only shows you just how threatened they are by Linux, and how insecure they are about Windows.
  • RE: Linux Foundation's t-shirt competition

    Somehow my mind inserted the word "wet" in this headline...