Microsoft claims Office OpenXML standard Czechmate

Microsoft claims Office OpenXML standard Czechmate

Summary: Microsoft thinks it has the votes to get Office OpenXML (OOXML), the format of Microsoft Office, approved as an ISO standard. The key, it says, was a decision by the Czech Standards Institute to approve the format.


Bill Gatus of Borg from Boardwatch Magazine 1999Microsoft thinks it has the votes to get Office OpenXML (OOXML), the format of Microsoft Office, approved as an ISO standard.

The key, it says, was a decision by the Czech Standards Institute to approve the format.

A Microsoft spokesperson wrote to ZDNet:

This represents a change in its original "NO" position last fall.

The CSI, a 'P-member', offer 75 comments to the original Ecma submission during the Fast Track balloting process. According to their press release after the BRM, "the standard proposal [DIS 29500] complies with all comments" originally proposed.

Microsoft noted that 75% of all qualifying votes must be positive, including two-thirds from so-called P-members. The Czech Republic is a P-member. The original vote had 74% positives and 51% from P-members.

The P in P-member stands for "participating" and Microsoft has been accused of pushing national bodies into the ISO process as P-members in order to rig the vote in its favor.

Some 87 countries participated in the ballot and they have until March 29 to move toward Microsoft's position or its effort will fail.

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  • M$ should withdraw OOXML fron ISO

    otherwise the OSS will speak out and M$ will have be embarased by the vote made by informed membbers.
    An eventual adoption of OOXML will cause backlash from FOSS loving countries and riots in Europe.
    Linux Geek
  • MS Buyed votes in my country

    First, sorry for my poor english.
    In my country - Portugal - MS had dominated the process of voting for the approval of the OOXML ISO. It had created the rules, selected the members (IBM and Sun had been left out of it without explanation), and the MS himself has became the president of that voting process has one of the voting parts. Also 2/3 of the members were direct MS partners. The results of that voting group still aren't public, but erevyone knows the result. If is that way they believe they have the votes needed for approving the OOXML as an ISO standard, them they really have.
    • No Apology Necessary

      Sorry for our anything goes, melting pot of a language (especially in the US). ;)
  • Microsoft runs its own version of

    the ISO-standard Olympic Games, in which anyone and everybody can be bought and sold. However, as far as I know, no one seems to be calling for a boycott. Why not ?...

    • You said it yourself Henri...

      ..."anyone and everybody can be bought and sold."
      • Luckily for the rest of the world

        His statement is only partially true
        without a slight qualification.

        It should have read "ALMOST anyone
        and everyone can be bought and sold".

        I say that with certainty, because I
        KNOW FOR SURE there is at least one
        who cannot be bought by Microsoft,
        and therefore could not be sold by
        them, either. I am quite intimate
        with him. I see him every time I look
        in a mirror.

        As to the reason no one seems to be
        calling for a boycott? Again, we need
        to qualify the question with "almost"
        (no one). Most people are like sheep.
        Even the Bible refers to people as
        sheep. Only those of us who will not
        blindly be led to slaughter are
        calling for a boycott, and we are a
        remarkably small minority.
        Ole Man
        • Small minority

          Don't underestimate us.

          Notice the flurry of "we love you" from Microsoft today?

          Microsoft are the living proof of American Capitalism eating it's own tail.

          It'll take years to repair. They say people's memories are short, but we're not ordinary "couldn't give a ****" people.

          I doubt there'll be riots, but the internet will show the truth. What will the administration do? Shut down the sites? They can't, else all the knowledge in "the age of the knowledge economy" can all go to China for fairer treatment.

          Rupert and Penelope : Buy gold, give us our houses back.
  • RE: Microsoft claims Office OpenXML standard Czechmate

    Anybody who thinks that FOSS != ABM should take a look at the OOXML fight. MS has brought forward a standard that they're willing to share with the world and are being turned away because they're MS. Of course, that's not what's *said* but that's the reality of the situation.

    Free/Open Source Software really is all about Anything But Microsoft.
    • Proprietary Standard, with Proprietary hooks...

      When it's truly an **OPEN** standard, I'd support it, regardless of who it came from...

      And of course, they've released the "compatibility package" for the Office 2003 Viewers/etc... and it's not 100% capable of reading their own standard properly. If THEY can't make something that is properly compatible, then how can anyone expect to make something which *IS*?

      I use windows, prefer not to, but I still use it. I don't care who makes what, I want quality products, that work as advertised. And I believe in OPEN standards, as a standard is to be able to be used by anyone, not just the creator of it, and it's not supposed to be unilaterally changeable...

      I'm a FOSS guy, but I'm not ABM... so, wake up, and smell the coffee... the world isn't black and white, right and wrong.
      • Sort of like............

        Renting a car from a shyster who has
        ripped off your family and friends
        for a long time, eh?

        Hey, what's wrong with that? He has
        some pretty nice cars for rent, so as
        long as one can save up the dough to
        pay for it, why not rent from him?
        Better than driving the jalopies that
        your family and friends will let you
        use for nothing! They're only a tad
        faster, and you don't get the chance
        to pay so much.
        Ole Man
  • I hope they don't win

    These standards aren't really open standards at all :(

    - John Musabch
    John Musbach