Mozilla pushes out Firefox 3.5 Preview

Mozilla pushes out Firefox 3.5 Preview

Summary: The Mozilla team will hand over a preview of Firefox3.5 to keep the peace.

TOPICS: Browser

The Mozilla team will hand over a preview of Firefox3.5 to keep the peace.

The preview is expected to be made available today in advance of the official release candidate 1, which has been delayed as developers work out some final bugs and glitches.

The announcement hit the wires last night.

Mozilla said last night more than 800,000 users of Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 will get the Firefox 3.5 Preview automatic update within 24 hours. "Users can also select "Check for Updates” from the "Help" menu to get an immediate update, Mozilla stated in its bulletin.

Topic: Browser

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  • Anal retentive?

    Come on! Get the product out! No more prepreRCprepre.

    Just do it Mozilla!
    • I agree..

      I've just about become dependent on this beta because of the improvements. I'm ready to see all of the plugins go ahead and catch up....though I guess there will never be a new version of the Google notebook plugin.
      • I am sick off all this talk myself

        release it or cancel it I don't care just wish every one would shut up about it.

        Mozilla needs to take their time don't rush it for the shake of releasing it. FX 3.0 crashed a lot on me when it was release and I really don't want a repeat of that.

        • Agreed.

          Mozilla should take it's time. Maybe a breather or two for a while, then come back and put a lot of work on the Gecko Layout, also the memory consumption.

          They should allow time for the plug-ins to be compatible, too. I can't use "Tabs Mix Plus" and "Open Download." They usually are ready for Full Releases, not Betas, but I love using those. XD
  • Basic Browser + Extensions = SuperBrowser.

    Its very stable and most of my extensions work (with a little help from Mr Tech Toolbox).

    FF3.0 was a little rough on Linux and so FF3.5B4 was a must have.

    Oh and "Tree Style Tabs", GreaseMonkey(plus friends Platypus and Greasefire) change the whole web experience thing ;)

    Honourable mention for "Shelve" as well.

    Basic Browser + Extensions = SuperBrowser.
  • The preview (3.5b99), on which I am now typing this message,

    works well for me on 64-bit [b]Jaunty[/b]. The only limitations I've seen so far are incompatible [b]FF[/b] add-ons, but since the ones I consider essential, like [b]ABP[/b], [b]NoScript[/b], the [b]Google Toolbar[/b], and [b]Delicious Bookmarks[/b] are causing no problems, I can easily wait for the rest to be updated. Thanks for this one, [b]Mozilla[/b] !...