My kid hates Linux too! (so what?)

My kid hates Linux too! (so what?)

Summary: The best way to make certain a school system can only do homework is by making sure that's all it can do.


john-happy-on-christmas.jpgChristopher Dawson's admission that his 15 year old hates Linux has drawn quite a blogswarm.

My kid hates Linux too. He's 16, loves games, and finally stopped whining for a GameCube when he learned his Windows DVDs could also be played online.

Now you can't get him away from the thing.

If this were sending his grades down the PC would be gone. It's not.

But for a kid to say he "hates" Linux is simply mistaken, on the kid's part. If he uses Google, or thousands of other sites, he loves Linux.

What young Mr. Dawson hates is "desktop Linux" and he is right to do so. Most desktop Linux software is applications, serious stuff. Serious as homework.

Game makers have flocked to the Windows platform over the last few years, due to its ubiquity, and their patience has been rewarded.

Of course, being game makers they stress the system, trying to stuff a true game machine experience into a PC operating system. Typical Linux virtualizers won't run them. In my own son's case, we had to get him a 750 Gigabyte hard drive just to store his stuff.

Still, what Mr. Dawson is doing, as a high school computer administrator, makes perfect sense. The best way to make certain a school system can only do homework is by making sure that's all it can do.

Linux is good for that. Homework, that is. Do your homework. Is your homework done?

OK, now you can play.

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  • My kid hates Linux too! (so what?)

    My completely nonsensical 15 year-old daughter whines about the fact that all the machines in the house run Linux. I laugh....she'll get over it. Else, she can buy/build her own machine....learn to maintain it....alone....while I laugh mercilessly.

    Now who's calling child welfare on me? :)
    • Don't laugh

      When my youngest son was 12, I brought home a box of parts for him, telling him here was his new computer, now go put it together (I helped, of course). He became quite the geek, and now 10 years later is a server tech with HP. He still builds his own systems, though, and is an uber gamer.
  • RE: My kid hates Linux too! (so what?)

    Just like Chris Dawson's kid, your kid is smart too for hating linux.

    [i]But for a kid to say he ?hates? Linux is simply mistaken, on the kid?s part. If he uses Google, or thousands of other sites, he loves Linux.[/i]

    That is just a false statement. There is no mistake about it. Using Google (i don't know why anyone would) does not mean you love linux. In fact you aren't even using linux. Since the PC he still types on is windows there is no linux love at all there. We should all be happy for that.
    Loverock Davidson
    • A distinction without a difference

      If the server you're locating runs Linux you're using a Linux application. Maybe from a Windows machine. Maybe from a Mac.

      The client does not define the operating system experience by itself.
  • One more time

    Instead of the Linux folks screaming about "stupid kids" they would be much further ahead building the Desktop OS and applications into something people actually want. Or not, I hear there is a real demand out there for ranters. Oh, wait, no there isn't, never mind...
    • No argument there

      It's always best to cater to a users needs rather than tell them what their needs are.
      Michael Kelly
      • RE: No argument there

        >>>...It's always best to cater to a users needs rather than tell them what their needs are....<<<

        If your need is rock solid stability, worry free re: viruses, trojans, root kits, continuously upgraded system which does not necessitate installing time consuming upgrades which break software(install once and fuhgeddaboutit), plus the ability to do just about everything you can do in Windows and/or Apple, then Linux addresses your needs. Your wants are a different matter.
        • Why do you insist on spreading lies

          Linux and Apple ahve both had thier won sahre of problems, but by the grace of gawd so few people use them it hasn't mattered.
          • Spell check

            All this depth from one who can't even type or spell!
      • "Cater?" "Needs?" Neither!

        Come On!

        "Cater to my needs?" Is THAT what it is? I haven't NEEDed (nor used) ANY of the "new features" in MS-office since Office-97!

        But M$ marketing keeps telling me how much I "need" the new functionality included in the "new" Office-2xxx, and then the "new and improved" Office-2xxx, and ...

        And the software gets bigger, and slower, and functions that I use every day are moved to new places so I suddenly "need" to re-learn the UI, and I "need" to take more training to learn the "new" things I'll "need" to do...

        So tell me, how does one call that "catering to the user's needs" and not "telling them what their needs are?"

        Sure sounds and feels like the latter to me...

    • Re: One more time

      [i]Instead of the Linux folks screaming about "stupid kids"...[/i]

      Who else besides Linux Geek is talking about "stupid kids?" This is an error a lot of Linux-haters commit: they saddle all Linux-lovers with the words of the most nonsensical among us.

      Like you just did. You just took what Linux Geek said and turned it into something that comes from, in your own words, "the Linux folks."

      That was said by Linux Geek only.

      none none
    • Time on your hands

      Dear Dr. No,

      Are you retired like me? You seem to have lots of time to
      spare for giving your views about MS on these sites.

      It helps pass the time .

      Peace and Joy to you
    • One More Time

      Here! Here! or is it Hear! Hear! I have been asking that question for sometime. If Linux folks hate M$ SOOOOOOOOOOOO bad, then do something about it!!
  • they are kids

    They're kids. They also love brands like nike and lowlife rock stars. When they mature they will see that they are giving their money to people who don't deserve it and maybe form some new opinions. Linux is a pain, its easy to hate.
  • I actually don't know anyone who likes linux

    I can't count the number of distros I've tried over the
    years, and I finally gave up after Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon
    wouldn't support the hardware on either my Dell desktop
    or my IBM laptop. Not all of it, just the annoying bits, like
    the video card, the audio chipset, the wireless card, my
    printers, the scanner and various USB devices. If I just
    wanted to run a CPU, hard drive, memory, keyboard,
    mouse and monitor (at less than optimal resolution), I'd be
    fine, but I need a little more, as do most people. I'll be the
    first to grant that Vista is equally inept at supporting
    legacy hardware, and costs a hell of a lot, to boot. That's
    why I don't run it, either. I switched to the Mac platform
    less than a year ago, and have no intention of changing
    any time soon. As a desktop environment, for most users
    who simply want to accomplish some basic word
    processing, media processing, e-mail, and maybe some
    games, Linux just doesn't have any appeal, particularly
    when you factor in the amount of manual tweaking and
    editing of files and drivers that is usually required to get it
    working acceptably. Nobody in my entire family, or any of
    my friends or co-workers runs Linux. I don't see that
    changing any time soon, either.
    • Ignorance is no excuse

      Most folks do not understand airplane technology yet they still fly, some can never fathom the wonders of television yet they watch tv. Now because you cannot install/run/use Linux you stand and castigate it. There are so many people who cannot do without Linux in their everyday work, study , play or whatever they use it for. I use Windows XP SP2, with Fedora 7 on vmware. I used to dualboot but when I discovered vmware I saw less need for dualbooting. Linux is fun and it gives great joy and pleasure knowing you are in control of your operating system. Granted Windows supports a whole lot more programs, but give it a few years and Linux will eventually catch up; the server operating systems are mostly Linux already.
      So please do not give Linux a bad name just because you cannot install/run/use it.
    • Apple -Unix and Linux

      Dear Mr. thatwonkey,

      Apple's OS is based on Unix
      Linux OS is base on Unix.

      Seems that they are much the same really.
    • You don't?

      Hmmm...I've been using Linux for years; when I installed it, ALL my peripherals worked, and I didn't have to do ANYthing with config files or drivers or anything. When my video card died, I put in another one and it JUST WORKED, and at the resolution I use. Maybe I'm just lucky that SimplyMEPIS worked with my printer, scanner, CD drive, DVD drive, keyboard, mouse, hard drives, and so on...but I doubt it. And I've got an office suite, a few photo viewing programs, an image editor, VOIP phone, and a lot more...and it all was on the CD with the OS. Well, I added a couple of the photo viewers. Never was into games, so I can't comment on that. But still...
      • Oh yeah...

        I take that back...when I put in a new video card, I had to get the Nvidia legacy driver...which took 2 clicks of the mouse. 'Nuff said...
  • What kind of idiotic logic is that?

    [i]If he uses Google, or thousands of other sites, he loves Linux[/i].