No surprise: Firefox 3.1 beta 3 planned for early January

No surprise: Firefox 3.1 beta 3 planned for early January

Summary: It's no big surprise that the Mozilla team decided for sure to release a third beta of Firefox 3.1 before moving to release candidate mode.

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It's no big surprise that the Mozilla team decided for sure to release a third beta of Firefox 3.1 before moving to release candidate mode.

That was all but voted on at last week's meeting (I thought) but Mozilla "corporate" PR folks informed me that no decision was made. The formal proposal for beta 3 was only issued today.

With that, beta 2 is now expected to be available in early December and beta 3 in early January, according to information available on the Mozilla web site. fflogo-only.png

"After that discussion, the decision was to propose that we add a third beta milestone for Firefox 3.1," lead developer Mike Beltzner wrote in his blog.

Aside from fixing the remaining "blockers," a third beta will give testers more time to test recently added features debuting in beta 2 such as Private Browsing Mode, Worker Threads, Speculative Parsing and TraceMonkey .... with wide-reaching changes like those listed above, it was felt that this was prudent, especially if it could be done without major impact to schedule," Belzner wrote.

Mozilla said the code is essentially frozen and no new features will be added to Firefox 3.1. "Beta 3 code freeze will be scheduled based on the results of the triage, but is expected to be in early January 2009," Beltzner summed up in the group's meeting notes.

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  • Quite right

    Hey Paula - I know our meeting notes can sometimes be confusing, but this is all correct. As of two weeks ago, Beta 3 was just being talked about and discussed as a possibility. Only this week did we come up with a plan for it. Part of the joy of working in open source is that you get to share your ideas before they become plans.

    We appreciate your understanding.
  • No surprise: Firefox ALWAYS has 3 betas ...

    ... before 2 RCs.

    Nothing to be concerned about. In the open source beta means REALLY STABLE and could probably match the quality of the majority of the close source applications in production state (ie: already in retail stores).

    What's wrong with the world!! GRR... just release stable versions every time WHEN THEY ARE READY.

    Gosh. Microsoft, everyone - it's always in Beta. No wonder everyone is stressed. I know you gotta test things somehow but do it internally and privately.

    Don't let anyone leak it out and then when it's done, give it away.

    Too easy I know. Perhaps even boring. But, that's America. Easy and boring. Greedy and impatient.

    Oh joy.
    • Are you serious?

      You've not a developer, are you? :-)
    • You have issues...!

      No one is forcing you to download the betas. OKAY! if
      you don't like it stop using a computer because you
      have no concept of technology, I love the betas shows
      me their working all year round harder and harder to
      make software and or anything better!!!!!!
    • Only test internally with 2 PAYE testers?

      Yeah that'll help ;-)
  • Wow Paula that PNG is 'spectacular'!

    As for Firefox 3.1 stability, I have been using Minefield for the past month and let me tell you, it's FAST and STABLE.

  • RE: No surprise: Firefox 3.1 beta 3 planned for early January

    Now that Firefox is in it's final beta for the new version, Microsoft can get busy copying the technology...
    • Microsoft don't copy, they "innovate". They told me.

      You can even ask them ;-)
  • Actually, it's already out

    I just went onto Firefox's website, and there was an update that said..... Minefield 3.1 Beta 3 pre! So, I think whoever ZDNet was talking to, they decided to push forward the schedule a little bit more than that.
    • Umm...

      The "pre" part means that it's before the actual beta 3.
  • Firefox 3.1 beta 3 not released in January

    Looks like Firefox 3.1 beta 3 is NOT being released in January. It's being delayed. What Pharaoh36706 failed to understand is why there are betas for Firefox 3.1 being released instead of just posting the final product of Firefox 3.1. The Windows Live Hotmail web site does not work with betas 1 and 2 of Firefox 3.1 and these betas freeze/lock up when attempting to read Hotmail email messages. Look up bug #462428 at the Bugzilla site about the Hotmail problem with Firefox 3.1/Minefield/Shiretoko. So I totally agree with what Rasheedalh had to say earlier.