Novell opens a gallery for SUSE builds

Novell opens a gallery for SUSE builds

Summary: The site will prove very useful to ISVs, who can now build client mirrors and then point customers to a one-click installation service.


Novell, hoping to ape the success of Apple's app store, has opened a gallery featuring builds of its SUSE Appliance Platform.

The SUSE Gallery will offer access to the work of 80,000 users and over 5,000 independent software vendors (ISVs), said Joanna Rosenberg, ISV marketing manager for SUSE Appliance, but the comparisons to the App store may be far-fetched.

Apps are often interfaces to a single Web site, or at the minimum programs that do one thing very well. As Google has proven they can be built with a point-and-click interface.

A build is something completely different. It's a software stack meant to emulate an entire system, an entire stack including the operating system. Rosenberg said she has already seen stacks with games and browsers, but it's a stretch to call the result an app store.

Still, the site will prove very useful to ISVs, who can now build client mirrors and then point customers to a one-click installation service. Corporations can also mirror Linux desktop builds on the system and have technical staff manage the process.

Novell plans a contest to publicize the gallery, with separate categories for community and commercial builds, and an independent panel of judges. The contest, in turn, will be publicized through banner ads and "traditional social media avenues," Rosenberg said, like Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Far Too Little Too Late

    I remember being invited to a Novell ?state of the company? address by then CEO Jack Messman where it was promised the lack of heterogeneous client support (read ?Apple?) in new Novell products would be addressed. This was apparently designed to be an olive branch to the millions of displaced Netware users who had traditionally used Novell products as a reliable Rosetta stone between Mac and PC worlds in medical, multimedia and education systems among others. Messman was asked directly if Novell planned to bring back Apple client support in its server, security and application products. He responded by asking ?Apple? are they still around?? then proceeded to belittle those who would dare ask such a visionary organization as Novell to waste time developing for a dead platform. As I review Novell?s long stock and product valuation slide from that date to today on my iPad I had to ask myself ?Novell? has anyone really cared what they?ve done from the days when customers mattered??. They are still a self-aggrandizing collective of has-beens trying to tell the market what it wants while struggling to remain relevant in a world that?s left them for dead long ago.