Ubuntu Karmic Koala launches

Ubuntu Karmic Koala launches

Summary: Reviews on the desktop version are negative, due to the fact you can't run multiple drives with the current code base.


Ubuntu 9:10, known as Karmic Koala, has officially been launched at Ubuntu.

Correction The original story incorrectly identified reviews for the release candidate of Ubuntu 9.10 as being for the final version of Ubuntu 9.10.

It comes in desktop and server editions, which have been getting wildly different reviews.

Reviews on the release candidate of the desktop version are negative, due to the fact you can't run multiple drives with the current code base. This means a netbook user may be happy but a desktop user (my desktop has three hard drives) will not be satisfied at all.

The server version is getting stronger reviews thanks to its support for clouds. By using Eucalyptus the company has a decent cloud implementation that should make it more competitive with Red Hat, at least in Europe. (Canonical offices are close to the European mainland.)

Drop your own experiences with the new Ubuntu into the talkback thread below. We'll be waiting.

Topics: Open Source, Hardware, Servers

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  • Not released yet

    Karmic koala hasn't been officially released yet and the bug that this article was talking about has been fixed for the official release
    • Wawood is Correct

      Ubuntu site showing coming soon! and the download section still lists 9.04. Everyone is waiting.. ... ..
      • wow

        wow, that was a quick reply :)
        Also, these 'reviews' the article talks about is actually only one review from one person complaining about a bug in a pre-release version of karmic
        • Thanks for the info...ZDNET is slipping today

          That cleared things up considerably. Just goes
          to show that you can't always rely on the data
          that you get on some of these web sites. There
          isn't even a single bit of correct information
          in the article - Karmic is NOT released; the bug
          is already corrected and won't be in the final
          release. I never though I'd be reading fictional
          tales on this website.

          • You're new here, aren't you?

            More and more, a visit to ZDnet is like walking into a Microsoft advertising copy showcase. Even when an 'article' isn't about how wonderful Windows is, it's about how dreadful and lame and inferior Microsoft's competitors are.
          • That is so wrong.

            This is more of the Linux advertising arm of CBS. They host a few "anti-Micriosoft" sites, so no, it is more like walking into a Linux advertising showcase, if it is anything.
          • Nope

            They stongly subscribe to your religion.

            Agnostics just read with amusement.
          • Everything lies in the eye of the beholder

            I'm a Microsoft user and happy with it. However, I find here as much praise for some Microsoft products as criticism for some others, or some implementations or modifications of their products.

            And I can see the same for Mac and Linux.

            If you read this, or everything in this web, objectively and take the info with a little grain of salt, you'll find this website could be really informative, no matter your personal preferences. Now, if you don't like when they bash your software of choice nor when they give kudos to some other software... my friends, that's your problem with criticism, not theirs.

            As for the mistake, I was wondering how in Earth Ubuntu would let such a bug to slip in their final release. I'm glad to know it was just a "bug" in the original article and that Ubuntu keeps true to their user base, giving them what they need for their systems to "just work".
          • ZDNet must be doing it right.

            Getting attacked from both of the waring
            OSs, means it must be doing a good balancing act.

            Full marks to ZDNet.
          • Many tech sites support Microsoft

            So many tech sites support Microsoft. Microsoft
            has a gigantic volunteer army willingly doing the
            PR for them.
          • Well........

            If MS is such a big bad wolf and you claim everyone hates them cause of there licensing yet you turn around and say they are advertising MS PR. Which is it? Oh its whatever is Anti-Microsoft and only whats pro-linux is the correct answer. I use Ubuntu and MS and whatever else i want to use but the more I see this Linux zealots I dont care how free something is the more it makes me sick and want no part of such community. Linux is what it will always be a Nerds OS for Desktop and a decent reliable UNIX based Server GUI.
          • Microsoft advertising showcase?

            I disagree with this. I am an equal opportunity offender, and I have seen all three sides complain about bias in the other direction. I think that some writers [i]do[/i] have the propensity to favor different operating systems, though. Ed Bot is definitely a M$ guy, while Adrian K tends to be rather neutral and sometimes favorable towards Linux.

            But I think for the most part the reviews are fair.

            I have owned a Mac and I currently work on Windows and Ubuntu. I am certain that the competition between the three has produced a better Windows 7. And I look forward to the premiere release of Chrome - which could possibly signal Microsofts slow decent into the abyss.
          • .... a Microsoft advertising copy showcase.

            Oh praise be whisperycat! Never were a truer word spoken. I once respected this site but over the past year I have visited less and less often.

            If one does visit and dare to voice a negative response over Microsoft, one is promptly leapt on by the M$ zeolots who sneeringly put down those who are intelligent enough not to fall for the "must have the latest shiny version cos mine's got full ashtrays" brigade.

            The quality of editorial is pathetic and 'objective' is not in their vocabulary.

            You tell it like it is whisperycat!
          • You are new here, aren't you.

            More and more zdnet has turned into an ABMer's dream. With the staff brimming with anti MS bloggers - 2 Danas, Paul M., Robin H., John M., Larry D., and more recently AKH has been taking shots at Windows 7 along with Chris, what you say is almost 180 degrees incorrect.
            There are almost no "glowing" reviews for Windows and every single last security update gets headline status and negative press, meanwhile OS X and Linux based systems are given a free pass from real scrutiny 99% of the time.
            Talk about someone who sees things the way they want to, you take the cake.
            I guess one blog that exposes how crippled Unbutu is, is one too many eh? They should ALL be anti MS, else you'll get on here and spread untruths saying it's a windows lovefest.
            nauseating considering the truth.
          • Ve haff vays

            There is little to no advertising revenue to be gained by promoting open source products. In these times of economic hardship, Steve Ballmer's enemies' enemies are his friends. When times are good, Steve Ballmer's enemies' enemies are his friends.
            Robert Hahn
          • Much shaken by ZDNET's biased approach

            I am very shocked to hear a negative headline and emphasis on a defect which is not there in the actual released version.
            I expect from ZDNET an unbiased approach, and I have absolutely no doubt that Ubuntu and the latest version are excellent OS.
          • If you have absolutely no doubt about Ubuntu

            you're then looking for biased approaches that match your own.
      • Then why am I downloading it?

        I just followed the link off of the story and it was there.
        • Certainly it's there!

          You're either downloading 9.04 or 9.10 RC...that's the point. Not being able to tell the difference seems to be a PEBCAK.

          • Yea I'm stupid that's it

            so the big banner that says "9.10 is here" is just my imagination.
            Ya, got better things to do with my time!