Want to learn how to program on Android?

Want to learn how to program on Android?

Summary: The Linux Foundation has programming classes for you in Android and MeeGo.


Tomorrow, February 1st, the Linux Foundation, the non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, will be announcing six new training courses dedicated to the development of Linux-based mobile operating systems Android and MeeGo.

What with Android seeing 2,000 percent growth in tablets according to Strategy Analytics, there's a lot of Android programming work coming. This growth, I might add, came before most Android tablets were even out. The real rush of Android tablets to the market won't happen until later this year.

On top of that, IDC estimates that 17 million tablets were shipped worldwide in 2010, and that in 2011 there will be 44.6 million tablets shipped. Sure a lot of those will be iPads but many of them are also going to be powered by Android.

Let me also point out that Strategy Analytics wasn't even looking at the smartphone market. Both in homes and in businesses, Android phones is making a real war of it with Apple's iPhone.

If you want to be a programmer-solider on the in that war on the Android side, you need to know Android. That's why the Linux Foundation will be offering three new Android classes: LF329: Introduction to Android; LF315: Android Internals; and LF295: Android Bootcamp.

The Linux Foundation is doing this because, as Jennifer Closer, Director of Communications & Community for the Linux Foundation told me, "More and more companies are coming to us looking for developer talent specific to Android and MeeGo. These new courses will help train developers on two of the most popular Linux-based OSes, advancing developers' careers, aiding companies in finding talent and accelerating Linux in the mobile space."

She has a point. After all, even Google is looking for a few thousand or so good Android developers.

MeeGo though? Seriously? I like MeeGo, but MeeGo looks like a case of "too-little, too-late" to the smartphone and tablet operating systems wars. Closer informed me though that Nokia has posted 19 MeeGo-related jobs in the last 30 days." While that's not on the same ballpark as Android, there does seem to be some life there. In addition, MeeGo is easier for traditional Linux desktop developers to get up to speed on than Android.

For MeeGo, the classes will be LF363: Portable Application Development for MeeGo Devices; LF273: MeeGo Training for Non-Developers; and LF361: Hands-on Approach to MeeGo Internals and OBS Build System.

All of these classes are part of the Linux Foundation's Training Program. This is made up of corporate, custom, compliance, virtual and in-person courses. It also includes a free training Webinar series. The Training Program provides vendor-neutral, technically advanced learning opportunities.

"We continue to see unprecedented demand for Linux expertise from our members and the industry at large. The Linux Foundation Training Program gives professionals a unique learning opportunity to build their resume with the most sought-after skills," said Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation in a statement. "We're happy to be able to offer Android and MeeGo developer training to equip professionals with the best skills to further their careers and to accelerate development efforts of Linux in the mobile computing market."

To help kick off the new series of classes, the Linux Foundation will be offering the Hands-on Approach to MeeGo Internals and OBS Build System course at its Linux Foundation Annual Collaboration Summit. The first 20 people to register for the following class by March 1, 2011 will receive a special invitation to also attend all three days of the Collaboration Summit, which is an invitation-only event usually reserved for Linux  Foundation members and the Linux development community.

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  • Thank you

    for this important news flash. I've been thinking seriously of doing just this, and these classes will be invaluable.
  • Woohoo!

    I go, you go, we all go, for Meego!
  • Uh...

  • RE: Want to learn how to program on Android?

    I hope this produces a flood of applications to compete with the deathgrip Apple maintains over its iPhone/iPad platforms.

    Like anything else, 90%+ of Android apps might be crap, but if the overall number new apps is high enough, the remaining 10% of good stuff could lure many out of Apple's "walled garden." (Provided they can evade the guard dogs and make it over the razorwire, that is.)
    • RE: Want to learn how to program on Android?

      Erm... no. If an application is good enough to be on the Android platform, any sane development house would also make a version for iOS- there's no point in locking yourself out of a market, unless you're a sadist. Open source principles are one thing (and important at that), but good business is another, and good development is good business.
      • RE: Want to learn how to program on Android?

        Erm ... there will be plenty of enterprises that adopt Android but not iOS (and are quite sane).

        Bloggers and much of the blogosphere (and i include people who reply to blogs in that) tend to forget what a huge percentage of development activity occurs inside the enterprise walls, never seeing the public internet/AppMarket light of day.
      • RE: Want to learn how to program on Android?

        @dzdrazil Wouldn't not wanted to comply with ridiculously stringent and unevenly applied rules be a viable business reason to not want to develop for iOS?
  • RE: Want to learn how to program on Android?

    What's the point of these courses from LinuxFoundation when they are going to be so heavily priced ? All the courses are in the $2K price range. FAIL !!!
    • RE: Want to learn how to program on Android?

      @raseelbhagat@... I know! No linux advocate can afford those prices!
  • RE: Want to learn how to program on Android?

  • What about RIM and QNX?

    Is RIM following suit?
    Can we expect a QNX bootcamp, or at least some way to develop Blackberry apps?
    • RE: Want to learn how to program on Android?



      i've had the BlackBerry developer kit, including complete platform simulators for testing, for free, for a couple years now... if that isn't a way to develop BlackBerry apps, i don't know what is...
  • How about $39 for Basic4Android and save $4511.00?

    A few weeks ago I stumbled across www.Basic4Android.com and paid $39 for their app development. The program is great. The documentation is weak, but the support forum makes up for it.
  • why do that. iOs is the way to go.

    android is nice but a waste of friggen time as iphone and ipad is where the moneys at not android!
    Ron Bergundy
    • RE: Want to learn how to program on Android?

      @Ron Bergundy

      prove it: write a single app for both platforms, and sell it in both markets
  • Great article...

    thanks for the heads up!
  • Editing

    "If you want to be a programmer-solider on the in that war on the Android side."

    "solider on the in that" could certainly use some editing.
  • RE: Want to learn how to program on Android?

    Maybe one of the other reasons for Android is that folks can program on Windows, Ios requires a Mac (not everyone can afford a Mac) but most folks have a windows box somewhere.
  • I love Android

    Why I hate programming for IOS? Because I had to purchase a Mac, use the Apple tools and program in Object C.

    With Android I can choose my OS, program in Java and use standard tools like Eclipse. Programming is about liberty and Android give me that freedom.
  • The best and I love it!

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