Will OpenSolaris survive Oracle?

Will OpenSolaris survive Oracle?

Summary: It's pretty clear that the programming of a few little features don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy software world.

TOPICS: Open Source, Oracle

With Apple having followed through on its promise to dump the  ZFS file system, and Oracle still preparing to take over Sun any time now, we should consider the future of the technology, and perhaps the OpenSolaris operating system it rides on.

OpenSolaris was Sun's attempt to secure a future for what had been its proprietary Unix. It has some advantages over Linux, on which its advocates will gladly bend your ear over a couple of beers.

But there's a curious thing about technical advantages in the age of open source. They don't matter as much as they once did. After all, if open source can compete with proprietary products that have decades' head start and armies of programmers behind them, how big is an open source program's technical details?

Open source has taught some hard lessons.

It's pretty clear that the programming of a few little features don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy software world. Oracle has its Unbreakable Linux program in which it has invested heavily. Does it really make sense for Oracle to keep carrying OpenSolaris, or is it time for Larry Ellison to tell it, "Here's looking at you, kid" and just walk away?

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Topics: Open Source, Oracle

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  • Will OpenSolaris survive Oracle?

    We can only hope so! It would make a much better back end than what linux has to offer. Solaris has always been a solid performer and is a real UNIX, not some hacked up clone like linux. The best option for Oracle would be to ditch linux completely and start migrating to opensolaris. It just makes sense given how much better opensolaris is.
    Loverock Davidson
    • Damn it ill hate myself for that may even

      have to purify myself with a cocktail of
      drano,bleach,rocket fuel,and 99.9% alcohol :)

      damn it for this once only DL your right about
      most of this ....

      i will not go as far as you on the linux
      comment ...

      i would say that OpenSolaris is a excellent
      product and zfs is a monster of performance as
      a files system.

      and yes Oracle should even keep both os
      Solaris and Open solaris you make on paying
      and one free.

      Solaris Stable with a few extra you have to
      payfor something :)

      Open solaris free with a few thing less

      Solaris community edition bleeding edge for development ( which exist anyways ).

      well if you excuse me i have to go and wash
      myself with peracetic acid and rocket fuel :)

      • Don't feel too badly

        Even a stopped clock is right 2 times a day. That may be more frequent than LD but he is bound to be right once in a while.
        Viva la crank dodo
      • RE: Will OpenSolaris survive Oracle?

        Oracle has its Unbreakable Linux program in which it has invested heavily. Does it really make sense for Oracle to keep carrying OpenSolaris, or is it time for Larry Ellison to tell it, Heres looking at you, kid and just walk away?<a href="http://ipadbagblog.com/"><font color="LightGrey"> k</font></a>
    • Linux is hacked up in that there is no central development of the OS

      Linus and his friends hack at the kernel while distros downstream take it and patch together an OS. Conservative distros like CENT have to be wary of the changes the kernel team makes since they will sometimes break working hardware.

      Though associated with servers Linux isn't engineered for a specific purpose. Even Linus calls it "software evolution".

      OpenSolaris however is designed for serving and developed by a single team. Unlike Linux it has a stable abi and the Solaris developers don't take a hostile attitude towards binary drivers.

      I doubt that Oracle likes how Linus & co can make destructive changes without regard for downstream distros. OpenSolaris on the other hand is under their complete control so I doubt they will ditch it.
      • Steady on! Linus no regard?

        I always thought Linus has A LOT of regard for downstream distros, and ensures that changes are real and worthwhile progress and that the compatibilty impact will be as minor as possible. What makes you think this is not the case?
        • Breaking VMServer for one

          Or the long list of hardware that has been broken from kernel updates.
  • RE: Will OpenSolaris survive Oracle?

    Personally if Ellison let Open solaris go ... His

    He go a platform that is stable , that would permit a complete all in one services sun hardware ,oracle
    database and Solaris /open solaris with star office

    This is both a added value to oracle and a bane for
    MS. because now Oracle is self sustaining. Linux was
    not oracle property Solaris is.....

    Will Ellison is at it he should push Solaris as
    hard as possible check the reception we could have
    some surprise. From there Ellison could get Corel and
    its suite not you have a monster .

    Word perfect suite
    graphic suite

    With this in a very small time you have a potential
    new player that could cause a real shock in the
    industry .

    You can offer at reasonable price anything much or
    less equal to apple or MS ..... A killer
    • sorry i have forgot

      Sun and Sun os /solaris/open solaris is the propriety of oracle now if linux get under attack
      by MS or anybody Oracle his completely covert .

      its a match made in heaven ....
      • Oracle is a for profit

        And it something does not generate a real bottom line profit then it has no use to a for profit company. Open Source did not add a dollar to Sun's bottom line and contributed to Suns eventual failure in the market.
        • hello no axe hello (NT)

        • Sun bet the farm on open source

          And flat out lost.

          Ironically a proprietary database company bought them with pocket change.

          Funny I haven't seen a ZDNet blogger do a post on how Jonathan Schwartz was a total disaster for Sun with his zealous belief in open source.

          There were however plenty of ZDNet posts on how Sun was a leading example for other companies to follow.

          Yea give away all your work for free and figure out how to make money later. What a genius business strategy.
          • oracle give its linux for free

            last time a check they where making money
          • Oracle makes money from its proprietary database

            If they gave that away for free then ironically they wouldn't have been able to buy Sun.

            This idea that open sourcing your intellectual property is a good idea is incredibly deluded. The proprietary model has a much better business history.
          • Sun was not an open source company

            Sun was circling the drain long before it started going open source, and the open source move took many years.

            Sun's business plan was selling high-end hardware for Unix servers and workstations, and it was decimated by Linux's lower cost and "good enough" performance. sun was trying to reinvent itself, but it failed to do that.

            Sun's failure had _nothing_ to do with the move to open source. They started shopping around for a buyer only months after the changeover.
          • They spent a billion on mysql

            When they could have forked it for free.

            They were in financial trouble but they had no chance when they started making acquisitions of open source companies, all with Schwartz claiming that a business plan isn't needed because the future is open source.

            They would be in much better shape if they took those billions and invested them in profitable proprietary companies. Heck even investing in a spider fund would have been better.

            As I said before they bet the bank on open source and lost.
      • ok oracle is for profit ok then why ...

        i can go and get oracle linux for free ,they
        the developed it they keep it update and the
        rest ...


        So what where you saying about profit just to
        be sure .... what was it again ....

        Open source and free os is also about profit
        if ibm could understand that and push linux for

        Its about profit support can be profit ,free
        testing is profit ... take all the man hour
        need to test a OS put it at 10$ hour ...????
        if you have 1 million man hour of testing
        bling bling .

        How many people would help trouble shoot and
        expend solaris .... a lots.

        Because you see Oracle could become the leader
        of open source that is so badly needed.
        They have the money ,they have the rights ,they
        have they os hardware...... they have
        everything .

        By this i dont mean that everything should be
        free you keep a paying version with extra add
        on and support and everything .......

        you also have a open version less always one
        revision behind.

        You make a deal with other player adobe or /and
        corel make there product available under there
        license ... you can end up with a mix closed
        open source that could cause a lots a stir and
        give ulcer to MS and apple.

        Think ahead not just strict buck for buck
        profit ... That period is over new business
        model will be needed. one day someone will
        catch the ball and score with it big time.

        Oracle could produce a new licence that will permit them to play both side closed and open
        .... EVERYBODY win except MS and apple .

        think about it

        Solaris 100$ per licence you are the cheapest
        os on the market, you put a 200$ for 5 licences
        you include credit for sun/oracle appz.
        Star office is only 30$ (have you tried it)its

        you have open solaris for free with open office
        inless that 2 revision people will wanna try
        the full stuff at 130$ OS + Office suite
        compatible with .doc .... you have a killer .

        The good old buck for buck idea of profit is
        dead give some and collect some will become
        the next phase.

        You keep selling Oracle the same price and
        everything but you have visibility ,fan
        willing to help . More and more this could be
        a nice project .... How much is a 1% of oracle
        revenue is . 22.4 billion in revenue last years

        200 million a nice little put per years for
        you pet project what do you think .....

        Also go a bit further SUN computer ..... sun
        laptop sun hardware ...... keep thnking
        ahead .

        profit you say
        • sorry i made a truck load of typo thx you (nt)

  • Profound statement.

    "But there?s a curious thing about technical advantages in the age of open source. They don?t matter as much as they once did"

    One could imply that Linux is holding back technological advancement in order to advance the FOSS ideology.
    • RE:Profound statement

      "One could imply that Linux is holding back technological advancement in order to advance the FOSS ideology."

      How so? Linux is bleeding edge & distros upgrade every 6-9 months. If technological advancement were being held back(which I definitely don't believe it is) it would be more likely be from copyrights & patents than FOSS.If someone could take good code & improve upon it without having to worry about legal issues, innovation would be constant.