Yahoo, another list of open source projects

Yahoo, another list of open source projects

Summary: Mashable, which blogs about social networking, has launched what it calls Open Source God, a directory of over 480 downloadable open source projects, divided into categories.


Open Source God logo from Mashable.comMashable, which blogs about social networking, has launched what it calls Open Source God, a directory of over 480 downloadable open source projects, divided into categories.

It's far from exhaustive. The same blog previously produced similar lists for WordPress and Firefox add-ons. The headline above is a reference to the origins of Yahoo, which was originally a list of Web sites whose name was short for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.

Each entry includes a link to the code and a brief description. Each section is headed by a large graphic, generally a screen capture from one of the vendors.

In giving you some idea of the breadth and depth of consumable open source production the list is a good one. As a shopping center it needs work. There are no references to the operating systems these programs run on, nor the system requirements, nor much of anything else.

While the list tries to be exhaustive, it would be hard to call it authoritative. There are 11 RSS feeders listed, and 9 browsers, but it's hard to understand what's meant by "system utilities" -- seems like a bit box to me.

Sourceforge does a great job serving developers, and Slashdot does fine with kibbutzers, as we do with news, but it would be shocking to me if no one turned this basic idea into a full-fledged, full-time site with its own URL.

If this sounds like a business plan to you, please let me know.

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  • We need consolidation of these lists

    I strongly believe that the average user needs a resource they can use to learn about high-quality open source software.

    This resource should be presented with a functional website that allows them to search for applications by keyword or by the commercial equivalent. It should not list EVERY open source application, but only the top leaders in each category. The site will include information about the applications such as screenshots, reviews, supported operating systems, features, project website, etc.

    The best sites I have found that do this are:

    Linux App Finder

    Open Source Alternatives


    Please recommend these sites to your users, or let me know if there is something better.
  • Someone didn't click the last link

    It's to, a unit of CNet, the company which also owns ZDNet.

    They have lots of this stuff, and more, available for download right now.
  • RE: Yahoo, another list of open source projects

    Part of the problem with something like OpenSource God is that so far, I've not really seen compilers attempt to add much valuable information about the quality of the projects. OpenSource God hasn't been very careful with their list. It looks to me like they started with somebody else's compilation and haven't done much checking. Take the entry for Gnumeric; an interesting early project that seemed to get more publicity than usage; it's now part of Gnome Office, and probably doesn't deserve a place in a short list like this. In fact the link provided takes you to the Gnome website, which tells you zip about Gnumetric, and doesn't give you a straightforward link to Gnome Office.

    NVU is another project, that IMHO, shouldn't have been listed. The NVU project is pretty much dead and never lived up to it's potential. It has a successor project that making incremental improvements, but even that project, KompoZer, isn't ready for prime time yet.

    I've seen some attemps to do what you're suggesting, but either the info gets old very quickly, or the site allows self-service listing that too quickly get too self-serving for IMHO commercial and quasi-commercial projects.

    Just listing Open Source projects isn't a business model, someone's got to figure out a way to make some money off the effort it takes to keep the site current.

    Jerry Leeper
    • Ads is a business model

      In case you did not notice they are making money.
      With the amount of traffic the site is getting and the little boost from this post, no doubt they are make money ... from those ads.

      What better way to generate content then using available information and create additional page of ad space.
  • Good links