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Is Airgo the uncrowned king of 802.11n MIMO?

In March of 2005, the war for the 802.11n MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out) high-speed wireless LAN standard seemed all but a foregone conclusion for the TGn Sync group since they had achieved a simple majority vote (57%) of attendees at the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers 802.

June 19, 2005 by George Ou


TinyPEAP stumbles over GPL problems

I've been covering the TinyPEAP project for about 7 months now and it appears that the project has run in to a bit of trouble with the open source GPL license and

June 16, 2005 by George Ou


Building the home network of your dreams

Last week, when Vice President Stephen Howard-Sarin asked me for some advice on setting up a network for his new home, it got me thinking about the future of home networking.

June 15, 2005 by George Ou


Apple sold to Intel to defeat Microsoft?

When I posted this blog on Wednesday about Mac disciples' reluctance to embrace Intel, I couldn't have imagined that Robert Cringely (of PBS) would have fallen in to the same trap the very next day.   Apparently, Cringely is speculating that Steve Jobs' ultimate goal is to sell Apple to Intel so that Microsoft can be defeated.

June 9, 2005 by George Ou


Mac disciples reluctant to embrace Intel

For some in the Mac community, it will take longer than others to undo a decade's worth of brainwashing by Steve Jobs and Company that the PowerPC is a superior CPU.  Had I dared to suggest, just one week ago, that their precious G4 and G5 was inferior to Intel's Pentium 4 and the current Pentium M technology, I would have had flame for weeks.

June 7, 2005 by George Ou


Why is no one suing the Wireless LAN industry?

In yesterday's news, two major victories for the consumers were handed down by the court system.  First, Apple was forced to settle with owners of iPods which only had 50% of the battery life in actual run time compared to what was advertised.

June 3, 2005 by George Ou


Understanding the updated WPA and WPA2 standards

If the challenge of securing a wireless LAN wasn't already confusing enough, things have just gotten worse.  The confusion started last month when the Wi-Fi Alliance changed the WPA and WPA2 standards from supporting a single EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) standard to five EAP standards.

June 1, 2005 by George Ou

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