Steve Ballmer then and now?

Steve Ballmer then and now?

Summary: That was then ...This is now?  Ok, maybe it was 6 years ago?

TOPICS: Microsoft

That was then ...

This is now?  Ok, maybe it was 6 years ago?

Alright, I'll try to stop laughing now while I finish this post.  I saw the first video a few months ago and the second video I got from Fake Steve Ballmer.  I think the first video was true and it was obviously from the late 80s.  The second video could be a gag Microsoft posted for laughs or someone did a really good edit job. I don't know who the man pushing him out of the way is. I don't know who the CEO talking about fewer helpdesk calls is but he sure sounded like Mike Cox (our favorite talkback CIO).

Topic: Microsoft

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  • Steve Ballmer - Monkey CEO

    I can't think of a time when I could take Steve seriously as the CEO of Microsoft. He would rattle some rant about how .net was a platform and Java was a language. He would also rattle on about how Open Source was a cancer and more recently about how the opensource crowd was violating copyrights and that he had proof. No Proof came.

    Who can forget his tirades of jumping around on the stage to Gloria Estefan or chanting "Developers" over and over again?

    Oh Steve, how when you retire, I might actually miss thee. That crazy goof ball that would attack open source while the rest of his company would be talking about embracing it. I personally think he has the leadership skills of a lemming headed over the cliff while the rest of the bunch actually stand back to watch and laugh as he plunges into the sea.

    You go Steve. Be the best Microsoft CEO that you can be. We know you drink you own Kool-aid and that your own Reality Distortion field is ten times denser than that of Steve Jobs. Fortunately I don't know of anyone else who can swim in that muck.
    • But you gotta love the enthusiasm

      But you gotta love the enthusiasm. Yeah he's an eccentric guy, but nothing wrong with that. You should have seen the video of Jobs making fun of himself at CES. You can never criticize someone for making fun of themselves.

      I can see a problem with this if Microsoft was doing badly like how McNealy was when he ran Sun, but that clearly isn't the case.
      • The humor impaired will never ...

        ... appreciate the video.
        P. Douglas
        • Yeah, these were gags like the last Bill Gates video

          Yeah, these were gags like the last Bill Gates video with Mobi, Obama, Mrs. Clinton, etc poking fun of Gates himself. You don't laugh AT people who make fun of themselves, you laugh WITH them.
          • I will laugh with them at times

            I feel that when a company goes left, and Steve talks of going right, jumps, does a twist and goes into song. I lose my sense of humor.

            I admit, I love to be enthusiastic. I remember a college friend of mine who was "Kittens and Puppy Dogs" happy every day. She was happy to the point everyone was sick of it. She became an elementary teacher and I hope she never loses that momentum.

            I think it is great that Bill and Steve can poke fun at themselves. However, I feel Steve's leadership skills are seriously called into question.
          • These are for internal company parties

            These are for internal company parties. It's there to lift the spririts of the company and it shows they don't take themselves so seriesly. They're not jumping up/down making fun of their competitors, they're making fun of themselves for a gag.

            Like I said, it's not like McNealy obsessing over his competitors while Sun was bleeding.
          • Yes, but McNealy was funny.

            I am not saying that attacking other companies products is exactly the proper behavior for CEOs. I don't agree with that at all.

            I just don't see this as funny. And where are they getting Windows XP Home for $99. Retail was $199 while OEMs cost $99.

            Sure he is trying to make fun of himself, but he does it so poorly. Like a running gag with no punch line.

            Sorry I haven't commented on the videos earlier, I just was able to watch them and quite frankly I have to say, they both are pretty devoid of anything funny.

            I am sorry I don't share your sense of humor.
          • The whole thing was an internal gag, don't take the prices seriously

  • Brilliant!

    Simply brilliant! Steve Ballmer should consider leaving MS and becoming an actor! Move over Tom Cruise!
    P. Douglas
  • Developers! Developers! Developers!

    The speech:

    The music video:

    This guy almost makes Tom Cruise look sane.
    I wonder if everybody from his planet is as enthusiastic?
    • I tend to wonder

      if they all sweat as enthusiastically as Stevie...

      Maybe he should invest in some Manpons:

      I'm sure MS could make a cheap knock-off.
      Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
  • The other man...

    in the second video was Brian Valentine, Senior VP of the Windows Core Operating System Division at the time...
  • It's not from the '80

    The first video, if I'm not mistaken, was done when Windows 95 was released, and clearly it's a joke.
    Ballmer, Gates and some other senior VPs have been acting in videos like that for years, for the company meeting or when a major product was released.
    • It's from the 1985 MSFT Company Meeting

      IIRC, it's from the 1985 Fall (or Winter, I'm not 100% sure which). The meeting was held at Meany Hall at the University of Washington.
      Larry Osterman
      • Ah, that explains it

        Ah, that explains it. It's like the last Bill Gates video at CES, lol.

        When and where was the second video made?
        • Btw, I was wrong

          After looking at the Video again, I don't think it was Windows 1.0, I think it was 2.0 - the video appears to show overlapping windows, and Windows 1.0 only did tiled windows.

          There was an almost identical video made for Windows 1.0, which is why I am confused.

          OTOH, it might be the Windows 1.0 video after all - my memory isn't what it used to be.
      • Who played the president?

        Who played the president in second video?
      • Was it Brian Valentine, co-hosting? (NT)

    • Windows 2.x

      MS-DOS Executive? Reversi? Those weren't in Windows 95. They weren't in Windows 3.0. You gotta go back to Windows 2 in the, yes, '80s.
      • Reversi was in 3.0, but not 3.1 (NT)