Apple iPad: The Deed Is Done

Apple iPad: The Deed Is Done

Summary: Physical Evidence: Jason Perlow is about to own an Apple computer product.


Special Report: Apple iPad

Physical Evidence: Jason Perlow is about to own an Apple computer product.

Wow. I mean like, wow.

Without any assistance and any alarms, I woke up at 8am.  I walked downstairs to the kitchen, grabbed a mug, hit the "brew" button on my Keurig coffee machine, and tossed in some Splenda.

I descended into my dungeon office, as I do every morning. But today I did something different. I whipped out my American Express card, and looked at the clock. I typed in

8:05am. 8:15am. 8:20am. 8:25... 8:29... 8:30. CLICK.

Within a few minutes, the deed was done. After taxes and shipping, I was $713.69 poorer. But my life was about to become so much richer. In theory, at least.

Did you buy your iPad this morning? Talk Back and Let Me Know.

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Jason Perlow, Sr. Technology Editor at ZDNet, is a technologist with over two decades of experience integrating large heterogeneous multi-vendor computing environments in Fortune 500 companies. Jason is currently a Partner Technology Strategist with Microsoft Corp. His expressed views do not necessarily represent those of his employer.

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  • OMG

    Entering the world of one button are ya? I
    might buy one too, depending on your experiences
    with it. I've never owned anything Apple because
    their stuff is too expensive but I might have to
    spring for this one. I can't wait to hear how it
    works out for you.
    They are proud of their accessories aren't they?
    $40 for the case that should be free...ditto for
    the damn USB power adaptor. Damn you Apple, damn
    you to hell. Does Apple make the Prius? I think
    they do.
  • RE: Apple iPad: The Deed Is Done

    A 10W USB power dapter is already included, so you should have
    ordered a dock connector instead, as a dock connector to USB
    cable is also included but missing the dock.

    In my case, I got the 64 gb WiFi and added AppleCare. My iPod
    Touch 2g is a 16gb model and there simply isn't enough room on
    that thing for all the iTunes University courseware and podcasts I
    have (especially the video podcasts), so getting the high-end
    model was a must.

    Don't want the added expense of the 3gs model.
    • I needed an extra charger anyway

      As I travel a lot. I also don't expect to dock it very much.
  • exactly

    Jared Neale
  • @Linux Geek

    Just because you think it's a waste of money, doesn't make it so.

    How about this...

    I think you building your own computers to run Linux is a waste of time and money.
    • Thinking must not be your strong suite... :\ nt

      • @T1Oracle

        Apparently it's not yours. I only said that to make a point. Hence the reason why I put "How about this..." before.
  • @Jason Perlow

    Jason, are you feeling OK? :)
    • No.

      I feel dirty.
      • I don't think there is an iPad app for

        helping that condition just yet.

        But, Congratulations, Jason. Warp Speed ahead.

        May I suggest two options for you? Have you seen the proposed new
        iPad app called "PadNotes" yet?

        A YouTube video is available explaining this app still undergoing the
        approval process.

        The app claims to allow annotation of any PDF file, among other

        And, if you are interested, there are very inexpensive iPad/iPhone
        stylus accessories available that would make a perfect compliment to
        the above app. (Note ... I haven't any experience with either product
        but the potential to enhance your iPad experience is certainly present.)

        By the way ... I will need to wait a few more weeks for my iPad
        experience. I just pre-ordered my WiFi/3G enabled model. Hey ...
        what's a few hundred dollars more anyway? Grin. And, yes, I will
        check out the above two options for myself soon.
      • Mabye you need to change iPads

        you can't wear them too long during your "special" week...
  • This purchase will give you a lot to write about...

    I can't wait to see the string of "things I hate about iPad" articles. No Flash. Flawed Bluetooth. No video chat. Horrible file system. No USB. DRM ate my dog. blah blah blah

    I'll wait for version 2.
    • I can see a lot of positive bogs

      When you spend your own money on a product that can generate income
      for the next year or so you do tent to look towards the positive side.

      And the iPad is going to have a lot of positive things to write about,
      especially as more and more apps are moved to the iPad platform.

      Good buy in my opinion. It will be a tax write off and a lot of fun.
  • I ordered one at 8:30 also

    64GB WiFi with a variety of accessories.

    I am an IT pro and I want to kick the tires on this before "the masses" flock to my door asking about them. I prefer to have first hand experience with platforms so I can speak authoritatively about the pros and cons.
    • This might be a typical conversation

      "Say .. you have an iPad, right? What do you think about them?"

      "I think their great. You should get one."

      End of conversation.

      You see, that didn't take so long.
  • RE: Apple iPad: The Deed Is Done

    Too funny. I had the same morning, and "the deed is done" big gulp after I did it.

    Good luck to us all! We stride forward into a brave new world. (yeah, that's what I think. This isn't just another new device)
  • RE: Apple iPad: The Deed Is Done

    I went through the decision making process earlier this week and decided not to purchase. This is not a device I am looking to own right now. YMMV

  • I Am Half Human Captain

    Welcome to the Human race Jason. You have come as close
    as any man can to childbirth. This has happened in the
    midst of resentment for Apple's mercurial business model.
    You haven't allowed it to taint a simple value proposition.
    You know, the proposition that says: "Here is a thing... it
    does stuff... you might like it... pay us this much and it's

    This proposition did not come with promises of a career
    and job security within the womb of open architecture. It
    did not undo any past injustice, or preserve any freedoms.
    Not for $700. Sorry.

    What it does do is compete. Aggressively. It is a inarguably
    novel device. It has a pedigree. It consolidates dozens of
    technologies and meets dozens of needs. The vendor's
    customer satisfaction is consistently high. It's just a
    increment of improvement, but maybe an important one.
    Maybe the future creeps up on us. Maybe it blends in.

    That brings me to the illogical bit. despite the glowing
    track record, why isn't it better to wait for the device to
    ship and the reviews to come back?

    Well you know what? I think it's called enthusiasm. No,
    don't worry, it is legal in most states. Yes this is kinda Star
    Trek. These "promises" that the human race has made to
    itself, are being realized. As we swipe, pinch and flick our
    way through a couch browsing session, we will literally and
    figuratively, never have more connected to tech.

    Maybe this is even a bit historic? A "one-click" purchase
    from an Apple page is a mundane thing and yet it's been
    relayed (with screen shots) with great enthusiasm, and a
    tone of hope. It does make me think, that with that click,
    there is an understanding. This is you on the pad, you're
    putting your hand to your chest, and... click...

    "Beam me up mister Scott".
  • RE: Apple iPad: The Deed Is Done

    Bought Two 16GB Wifi and One 64GB Wifi at 6:40PST.
    Hoping to sell all on eBay and buy myself one for free. See
    one guy asking $750 for a 16GB Wifi..
  • RE: Apple iPad: The Deed Is Done

    Well I order 2 yesterday because one of my customers wanted one and when he calles me as he allways does I have to have one to "walk him through whatever" I was at the Dallas Apple office and was able to play with one for about 30 min a couple of weeks ago and personally would have waited for version 2. But since he's paid for it I have nothing to complain about.

    I wondeing if my 'pogo stick' will work and i use a motion tablet for years so we will see for what he got it for updating his twitter/facebook and to check on stuff while on the couch it should work just fine.