Discovery Channel: Coolest. Promo. Kit. Ever.

Discovery Channel: Coolest. Promo. Kit. Ever.

Summary: "Life" Promo Package from Discovery Channel from Tech Broiler on Vimeo.This weekend I was sent a neat package from the cool folks over at Discovery Networks, my source for educational and science programming.

TOPICS: Mobility, Hardware

"Life" Promo Package from Discovery Channel from Tech Broiler on Vimeo.

This weekend I was sent a neat package from the cool folks over at Discovery Networks, my source for educational and science programming.

Like many of the care packages I get from Discovery, it was marketing material with DVDs to view in advance of an upcoming broadcast. In this case, this was a promo kit for Life, a new 11-part series narrated by Oprah Winfrey that premieres on March 21.

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I'm psyched to get an advance copy of some of the episodes, but I was particularly impressed with how this particular promo mailing was handled. It was a cool-looking black box, which contained what appeared to be a small black hardcover book in addition to the promo DVDs.

When you opened up the "book", it revealed itself to be a multimedia device with an LCD display, control buttons for playing selected video clips from the show and a built-in speaker and disposable integrated battery powering the whole thing. Discovery's intent was for me to get juiced on this program IMMEDIATELY, not for to me wait until I put the DVDs into my Blu-Ray player.

I'm not sure what this disposable player device costs to make -- I estimate probably around $30.00 or less in quantities of 10,000 -- but there's a lot of cool applications for this technology.

For example, this would be an ideal gift for like a "Videocard" or party favor you could give at special events such as anniversaries, high school/college graduations and weddings. You'd have to contract the production out to someone, like the folks at QOOP, who do special photo books from Flickr feeds, but I don't see why this couldn't be done with your own YouTube/Vimeo videos and stuff.

The new Discovery series website for Life can be viewed at

Do you think there's a market for custom "VideoCards" like the Discovery Life promo kit? Talk Back and Let Me Know.

Topics: Mobility, Hardware


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  • Discovery Channel: Coolest. Promo. Kit. Ever

    Nice article and video...

    We took this same concept and embed a 1.5" or a 2.4" photo viewer into a Greeting Card.. Via USB you connect the LCD to your computer to drag and drop your photos and or a video greeting then you can send to the recipient..

    The Recipient can enjoy the Greeting card and then when the novelty of the "Card" begins to fade, you can simply slide the "photo viewer" LCD out of the card and use it as a Keychain:-)

    Best wishes
    For the Ride of Your Life: in photos, videos and tweets
  • ...and how many of these things are gonna end up in landfills?

    Oy. This almost makes me want to agree with Harry
    Fuller. Almost.
    Ad Astra
  • Please recycle...

    I don't like the "disposable" part. Creepy, actually.

    Couldn't Oprah just buy you all cars? Um... that isn't environmental either...

    ( ... sensible answer to the "Segway".)
    Robert Carnegie 2009
  • Topic Content, Sustainable Use of Resources, & 3R's

    JP, it is novel and contemporary. But what about the
    content? Does the topic of Life interest you and does
    the kit encourage sharing with others?
    Also, how is the device powered and is there a battery
    available to ensure the longevity? Is the kit made of
    recycled materials and after production is it able to
    follow any of the 3R's?
    An important issue affecting Life is loss of
    biodiversity as resources are extracted and habitat is
    destroyed. Any endeavour that desires serious
    consideration on the issue of Life would have taken
    these matters and sustainability into consideration.
    Thanks for sharing this, peace.