Frugal Tech Show: iPad 2, Android Tablets, Buying Macs, Ubuntu Natty Narwhal (Podcast)

Frugal Tech Show: iPad 2, Android Tablets, Buying Macs, Ubuntu Natty Narwhal (Podcast)

Summary: Ken Hess and Jason Perlow discuss The iPad 2, Android Tablets, Making a Mac purchase, Ubuntu Linux 11.04 Natty Narwhal.


Topics: Ubuntu, Hardware, iPad, Linux, Operating Systems, Tablets


Jason Perlow, Sr. Technology Editor at ZDNet, is a technologist with over two decades of experience integrating large heterogeneous multi-vendor computing environments in Fortune 500 companies. Jason is currently a Partner Technology Strategist with Microsoft Corp. His expressed views do not necessarily represent those of his employer.

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  • RE: Frugal Tech Show: iPad 2, Android Tablets, Buying Macs, Ubuntu Natty Narwhal (Podcast)

    The Digital Content Creation as far as Photography goes is every bit as good on Windows and anyone who is serious about photo editing does not use a laptop.

    As for getting worked up, you claimed to jump for two of the lamest apps (not that they're bad just that there is comparable or better on Windows) to switch for!

    Do you really get paid for this stuff?
    • Desktop vs Laptop mac, no difference if CPU is the same

      @Peter Perry first of all, I've since decided to buy a different Mac, but only because I didn't need the laptop and wanted something a bit smaller to fit on my desk (a Mac Mini). I spent virtually the same amount of money, and it's roughly equivalent in processing power. So desktop versus laptop, it's a total wash.

      You're entitled to your opinion, certainly. As I said, I could run Windows versions of CS5 and other programs, but I would prefer to use the Mac version.
  • RE: Frugal Tech Show: iPad 2, Android Tablets, Buying Macs, Ubuntu Natty Narwhal (Podcast)

    Enjoyed the pod cast between you and Ken, trying to understand what is a hazer/hosier/wrong spelling? (Eating bandwidth?). <br><br>I have read in other blogs/web sites a lot of what you and Ken talked about, Pogoplug, Jolicloud (Jol-OS), Dropbox, etc. I believe I have run Jolicloud once before in VM, looking at, again. Thanks.<br><br>Jason, I believe you had tribute from you to a chief/master awhile back that past away.<br>Please correct me if I am wrong, (RIP).<br><br>Jason, Thanks for the article.
    • Chazzer

      @daikon The word is "Chazzer", it's Yiddish for "pig"
      • RE: Frugal Tech Show: iPad 2, Android Tablets, Buying Macs, Ubuntu Natty Narwhal (Podcast)

        Jason, Thanks for the correction on Chazzer. (It fits)

        As chmod 777, posted it would be nice to have more podcasts when the news week is done and it?s quiet. Downloading, Joil-OS as I write.

        Thanks again.
  • Jason, very nice.

    It was really nice to hear you guys talk on a # of subjects, without having to click thru to different articles, and deal with the flame wars that ensue every time a specific product is mentioned.

    What about doing a podcast like that every 2 weeks or monthly or something? I, for one, would love to see something like that.

    Very interesting remarks about the QNX o/s... I guess I wasn't aware it was going to be that capable. (of course, all anyone hears about it is "it requires tethering to pull corp. email")

    But DUde... i just knew you were going to spill the beans on the store you bought you're MBP from ;) (as an employee of a Fort 500 company, i'm curious if i can pull the same kind of discount)

    Seriously though, consider doing the podcast thing more often? also, nice take on the 4G/LTE platform up ahead. I hope for my wallet's sake, some kind of rational medium is reached.
    • We'll do it more often

      @chmod 777 We're going to try to do the podcast more frequently.
  • RE: Frugal Tech Show: iPad 2, Android Tablets, Buying Macs, Ubuntu Natty Narwhal (Podcast)

    I can help with this one: natty means well-dressed.
  • A &quot;most excellent&quot; pod cast! My hats off to Ken and Jason

    One of the unexpected pleasures I will take away from this pod cast was the mention of "pogoplug". I read up on this product on their web site after listening to both of your endorsements and I will be purchasing it shortly. One question on this product, though. Would you recommend the "pro" version with WiFi capability or stick with the standard model? As far as I can foresee, my future pogoplug will remain tethered to my home airport extreme base station.

    Since both of you "clued me in" on this product, may I share this product info with you -- which can be viewed on the following link:

    Since you will be into photo editing and perhaps using your camera and iPad together in the field, this CF Card Reader iPad adapter might prove of use.

    If you are going to transfer photos "to and from" your home system to an iPad, I've found that using this wireless photo file transfer app called, appropriately enough, "Photo Transfer App", to be quite reliable and efficient.

    Once again, thank you both for a most enjoyable 45 minutes of light listening.

    Oh .. one more passing razzing could be in order, however. I tend to recall a guest Tech Broiler author whom you "might be" familiar with that indicated Windows based professional video editing and graphic manipulation software were in use by the vast majority of professionals out west in "Hollywood" land. I was just curious if he is aware of your preference towards an Apple based solution for your current needs. Grin.
    • Windows and Mac at the extemely high end

      @kenosha7777 I'd go with the regular version for home use rather than the Biz version for the Pogoplug.<br><br>CF reader -- thanks.<br><br>Even Brandon admits that for certain types of video editing and for photography, the Mac is better. He had his friend do his own demo video reel on a Mac, if that means anything.<br><br>However, there are other very high end packages such as ZBrush and Maya which have more Windows users than Mac users now, simply because the platform costs are much lower on Windows for that -type- of software where there's no advantage to using Mac at all. <br><br>When you start looking at needing multiple Core i7/Nehalem chips, 16GB+ of RAM, and high capacity, high speed hard disks with large storage subsystems to run 2 or 3 very esoteric CGI apps that cost thousands of dollars each, there's no advantage to a Mac. At that point the Macs get much more expensive than a comparable PC at the VERY high end. I'm not even sure you can get a Mac to max out that much hardware at the high end, frankly.<br><br>The very high end graphics cards $1000+ have much better drivers for Windows, certainly when you start doing 3D modelling CGI-type stuff, it's no longer about the Mac experience, the software itself is its own environment practically.<br><br>That's -not- the type of software I am going to be using though.
      • RE: Frugal Tech Show: iPad 2, Android Tablets, Buying Macs, Ubuntu Natty Narwhal (Podcast)


        Understood, Jason. That type of high end gear will, unless the "Blue Bird of Paradise" drops the winning lottery ticket on my door step, will forever be beyond my reach!

        However, as I am fond of saying, if you wake up with your health, family and friends still intact, you just won the lottery!
  • RE: Frugal Tech Show: iPad 2, Android Tablets, Buying Macs, Ubuntu Natty Narwhal (Podcast)

    Message has been deleted.