We Got GMail Themes!

We Got GMail Themes!

Summary: Oh Joyous day! COLOR!!!!! Click on the photo to enlarge.



Oh Joyous day! COLOR!!!!! Click on the photo to enlarge.

Just a few hours ago, Google rolled out its Themes feature to my personal GMail account. I have to say, this is a really cool addition -- while GMail's spartan look and feel and clean interface design has always been its trademark, I've always thought it was a bit too generic. With Themes, the interface remains clean but adds a bit of nice color and graphics to the end-user experience.

Besides the obvious holiday and seasonal themes (Chanukah anyone? Rosh Hashanah?) I can certainly see the potential for Google to partner with a number of other brands to do some cool product placements. Say, Coca-Cola Zero theme? "Mac Theme"? Or how about a Sci-Fi Channel Battlestar Galactica theme? Star Trek: The Movie perhaps?

What GMail themes do you want? Talk Back and Let Me Know.

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  • Themes

    I like the themes as well. Weird how my 4 gmail accounts I use for my orders online, junk accounts, and travel expenses all got the theme option, but my main email account doesnt have the theme option yet.


    1. Star wars Theme
    2. Philadelphia Sports Teams Themes
    3. WaWa Coffee Theme
    4. US Flag Theme
    5. Military Theme
  • RE: We Got GMail Themes!

    It's about time! Now if only http://www.picmember.com themes my PicInbox.
  • Replace "Themes" with "Lipsticks"

    ... you'd get it right. It's the same dull web mail regardless.

    Not that GMail is the only dull one tho.
    • Wah wah...

      There is always someone who will try to ruin the fun for everyone else and find the downside. Thanks.
  • Oh Happy Days....

    most coOL!
  • RE: We Got GMail Themes!

    I really like the themes too.
    by the way, could you please teach me how to layout the
    Gmail like yours?(put contracts list at the right side)


    • Contacts on right

      Go into "Settings" and go into the Labs screen. They have a setting for changing the position of the chat contacts.
  • Appearance and reality, plus something about SSD's

    Nice looks, but stuff like that tends to interfere with productivity.... I'll stick to the default Gmail interface, thanks.

    Off topic: I have just bought an Acer Aspire One 110 with an 8 GB SSD, Linpus Linux preinstalled.

    I turned it into a dual boot with Xubuntu 8.10, and I applied the tips you gave in your earlier Geek Sheet about SSD's, to enhance performance and reduce wear. It works great! Thanks for the tips.

    This is how I did it:
    I shrunk the swap to 600 MB, reduced the size of the Linpus partition and created a third partition. On this I installed Xubuntu 8.10, thanks to the great unetbootin. Both Linpus and Xubuntu have 1 GB spare space left.

    Only one easily solvable issue: because the USB stick I used for installation of Xubuntu labeled itself sda and the SSD sdb, I had to reinstall Grub afterwards and tell it to find it's menu.lst on sda instead of sdb.

    The atheros wireless chipset works fine on the Madwifi driver, and the built-in webcam works straightaway in Cheese.

    Greeting, Pjotr.
    • Slick.

      Glad the SSD mods worked out for you.
    • Ummm...

      How is it that a page more pleasing to look at, interferes with productivity? I feel like it is easier for me to get things done if I don't have to stare at a white background.

      • RE: We Got GMail Themes!

        @drsparks@... Whatever can you think is the distinction between <a href="http://www.rxshop.md/products/haircare/propecia">generic Propecia</a> and <a href="http://www.rxshop.md/products/haircare/finpecia">Finpecia online</a>?
  • RE: We Got GMail Themes!

    2 needs: star icons w/custom-lable colors, more colortags w/rev.col. texts
  • Two neglected improvements needed in Gmail...

    . . . First, allow color star icons (used to mark important messages) with a user-customizable lable list defining each color. This could be multiplied by having a few more icon-shapes than stars (each with a custom color-definition list): a big bullet, a diamond, a triangle, a square. Already (with seven basic colors) you've got thirty-five potential icons; this is apart from the lable-tags that serve for archiving to "folders"! Those I deal with next...
    . . . Second, more message-lable colors (the current choice-list omits many colors) enabled by having bold-weighted texts in reversed colors for contrast within the lable-tags. The present list is limited because the texts within the color are all white (thus excluding light highlight colors like yellow or pink) and only the white highlight color has dark text (green characters). Having opposite colors for the background highlight color and foreground bold text color would enable a full range of lable color tags.
    . . . These two expansions of existing tags or lables would be much more useful to me than theme enhancements which are appearance-only! If you agree, let Google know (copy-paste and send them these suggestions), they'll respond to many repeated user demands.
    • Tell Gmail about my suggestions above...

      Here's where to send your suggestions (scroll down to the page's input-form box; copy-paste the suggestion - excepting the last sentence - in "Two neglected improvements needed in Gmail..." above):

  • RE: We Got GMail Themes!

    makes me wanna call it "My GMail".....
  • photo themes

    can you send me themes where i can upload my photo as my themes