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Charles has been in tech publishing since the late 1980s, starting with Reed's Practical Computing, then moving to Ziff-Davis to help launch the UK version of PC Magazine in 1992. ZDNet came looking for a Reviews Editor in 2000, and he's been here ever since.

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HP's Brobdingnagian printer

My colleague and fellow Dialogue Box presenter Rupert Goodwins draws my attention to a product we really must take a look at — if we can get it into the building.Observe the HP Scitex TJ8300 printer pictured below.

November 21, 2007 by


Guitar, tune thyself

Last year, Gibson released a digital version of its venerable Les Paul electric guitar (first produced in the 1950s) with an Ethernet connector as well as the standard quarter-inch jack plug. The digital electronics on the HD.

November 14, 2007 by


ThinkPad X60 rejuvenated!

My poor old 512MB ThinkPad X60, which had a happy early life running Windows XP but then suffered a crippling attack of Windows Vista, has now been restored — almost — to productive use thanks to a timely install of Ubuntu 7.10 (a.

October 30, 2007 by


HTC Touches base

Back in June I went to the launch of HTC's Touch, a Windows Mobile 6 smartphone that some touted as an "iPhone killer", thanks to its (somewhat) iPhone-like TouchFLO interface.

October 2, 2007 by


Adobe's Chinese torture

Adobe sent me a copy of Creative Suite 3 Production Premium to play with recently, which was nice. So this morning I thought I'd install it (or some of it anyway), which turned out to be a real time-waster.

September 14, 2007 by


Lenovo's World of Leather

Following the celebrations surrounding the ThinkPad's 15th birthday, news arrives of Lenovo's latest wheeze: the ThinkPad Reserve Edition. This is not a notebook likely to be rolled out to the motorway-pounding corporate sales team, one suspects, given that it costs £3,119 (inc.

September 6, 2007 by

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The joy of push email

We've been writing about push email for long enough, and now we ZDNet hacks have got shiny new Windows Mobile smartphones (in my case, the HTC S620, all hooked up to our corporate Exchange server.Legacy tech hack (left) gets to grips with push email on HTC S620 (right).

September 4, 2007 by


A tale of two Vista systems

I've upgraded two systems to Windows Vista over the past few months, with vastly different results. The first was a nice ultraportable ThinkPad X60, with 512MB of RAM and integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics.

August 22, 2007 by


The Vista future isn't Orange

I'm off on holiday tomorrow (hurrah!), and like a sad geek (sorry, technology journalist), I thought I'd take an ultraportable notebook and a 3G datacard along with me — just to keep in touch with news and current affairs, you understand.

August 8, 2007 by

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The ThinkPad at 15

Lenovo proudly informs us that the ThinkPad is now 15 years old, and is partying tonight in Soho to celebrate the fact. Unfortunately I can't be there, but the anniversary reminder does bring back a few memories...

July 19, 2007 by

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