Dilbert on IT / business alignment

Dilbert on IT / business alignment

Summary: Dilbert shows us a great example of poor alignment between IT and the lines of business.


So-called "alignment gaps" between IT and lines of business explain many problems associated with troubled IT projects. Typically, these problems arise because IT and the business have different goals.

For example, business managers may seek certain software features or capabilities that are just unrealistic from a technical standpoint. Equally likely, IT doesn't pay sufficient attention to time frames and requirements essential to strategic business operations. Readers of this blog know what I'm talking about.

This Dilbert cartoon captures some of the conflict:

Now it's your turn.... Please comment and share your wackiest IT / business alignment stories.

Topic: CXO

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  • Shirley you jest?

    Taking pot shots at pointy haired "managers" while they are on vacation?
    They might take you seriously (instead of taking offense)!
  • RE: Dilbert on IT / business alignment

    Well, this is classic Suits versus Geeks. The solution? The Business Analyst, the bridge between the two sides of the divide.
    • Good in principle, but...

      In order to effectively bridge both sides the BA (or person in that role
      with another title) has to actually have a working understanding of both
      sides. That happens sometimes, but I think it's rare. Too often a person
      goes the BA route (or PM route, for that matter) in their career not
      because of a talent for it, but because of a lack of talent for technical
      disciplines. The reverse can happen as well, where someone someone on
      the "business side" isn't quite up-to-snuff but can learn to tech jargon
      and thus serve as a group's supposed bridge with IT.
      Erik Engbrecht
  • RE: Dilbert on IT / business alignment

    That exact Dilbert strip is on the fridge in my breakroom at work and the boss still hasn't noticed (or figured out that he's the one that can be replaced with a bird)
  • RE: Dilbert on IT / business alignment

    That is why they got rid of all the experience IT people (cost factor) and hired 2 Trainees and a chimpanzee.
    Oh BTW, is it a Rooster or a Hen...?