Brand You must be delivered in many media

Brand You must be delivered in many media

Summary: Brand You is going multimedia. Niall Kennedy provides an example of how individual workers can transform their presence in the market.

TOPICS: Tech Industry

Niall Kennedy writes:

Last weekend I decided to break free of the standard boring job résumé or CV and express my job history in the Atom syndication format complete with audio enclosures. Syndication geeks may appreciate the implementation details.

A while back, Tom Foremski, Neville Hobson and I (over at RatcliffeBlog) were trading some rules for 21st century workers. Niall takes the next step and turns himself into an experience, not just a document, that engages potential employers/customers. Note that he's adding sound, which could include discussions with former clients, for example, to make learning about his skills and experience more engaging. Imagine that instead of "call for references" on a resumé the prospective employer (really, it should be customer, because I don't think employment is the right relationship for most workers) could hear about your successes from the people who benefited from them. That's selling, that's Brand You in action.

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • This is supposed to be a GOOD thing?

    I can envision no useful aspect of this concept. The annoyance level, on the other hand, could approach the psychotic. Imagine bad suburbanwhiteboy 'rap' lyrics backed by a beat sampled from 70s porn flicks to show how hip the job applicant is. And of course, the digital divide just gets wider if one applicant has all the bells and whistles (and uses them well) and another is stuck with plain old paper.