The future according to Big Blue

The future according to Big Blue

Summary: IBM unveils its annual list of five emerging technologies that will supposedly change our lives in the next five years.


As so many look back at where we’ve been in 2011, IBM is looking forward at where we’ll likely be in the not-so-distant future.

Today, the company releases the sixth annual “IBM 5 in 5” list of the five innovations “that have the potential to change the way people work, live, and interact during the next five years.”

According to IBM’s own research, “people power will come to life” as kinetic energy created by everything from human activity to heat from your computer is harnessed as renewable energy for homes, businesses, and even entire cities.

12345 may soon be out as the most popular password of all time because “you will never need a password again” but will instead rely on biometrics, or unique biological features such as eyes and fingerprints, to unlock doors, access computers, and even withdraw money.

Jokes about mainlining information or computer mind-melds may also become a thing of the past as IBM scientists in the field of bioinformatics look for new ways to link your brain to your devices so that “mind reading is no longer science fiction.”

Also, advances in mobile technology will lead to much more than an increase photo and status updates as better, faster, and cheaper mobile technologies lead to a brighter future where “the digital divide will cease to exist” for the planet’s 7 billion people.

And finally, turns out that “junk mail will become priority mail” when advertisements become so personalized and spam filters so effective that every offer is relevant to the individual user and no offer will ever really be unwanted.

True life will soon be at least as interesting as science fiction according to IBM which claims that some parts of each of these innovations already exist in its labs in some form of reality or another.

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  • IBM AIX dead?

    How about IBM AIX? IBM has officially said that later, in the future, IBM AIX will be replaced with Linux. IBM has not denied this official statement since then, which is a bad sign for IBM AIX.
    • RE: The future according to Big Blue

      A news article from 8 years ago... on what EVENTUALLY will happen is hardly 'official'.

      Here is IBM's 'official' statement on AIX from earlier this year:

      It appears from the link, that IBM will be releasing AIX 8 sometime next year and will support that until at least 2014.

      They appear to be adapting a 2+ year release cycle with 3 year support window.
      AIX 7 came out in 2010
      AIX 6 came out in 2007
      AIX 5 was released in 2004

      HP released hp ux 11i v3 in 2009... but appear to be supporting that until 2022
      hp released hp ux 11i v2 in 2005...

      Oracle has a 4 & 1/2 lifecycle and a 3 year 'retirement' phase.

      Oracle released Solaris 11, last month
      Sun released Solaris 10 in 2005...
      Solaris 9 came out in 2002...

      With the legacy UNIX market, as a whole, shrinking, I don't know if any of the legacy UNIX systems will be enjoying any significant market share, compared to the past, considering the phenomenal growth of Linux, by the end of the decade.

      I don't see any of them dropping support... but will instead probably make the OS operationally stabilized... with porting to Linux. Of course, anything that they post 'officially' is always subject to change without notice.
    • RE: The future according to Big Blue


      So the comment from 8 years ago by someone who isn't involved in hardware is seen as the official line, IBM will continue to sell AIX while there is a healthy profit to be made from it.

      For what its worth I don't think IBM cares what you put on their pSeries boxes, the margins in the hardware not the OS
  • RE: The future according to Big Blue

    "[i]According to IBM???s own research, ???people power will come to life??? as kinetic energy created by everything from human activity to heat from your computer is harnessed as renewable energy for homes, businesses, and even entire cities.[/i]"

    Matrix here we come. :)